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Happy Halloween from MAY!

ハロウィン2010 by きのこすけ

Even though it’s just another day for me, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween! I already used up all my good anime Halloween pictures on my post from last year, so this year I’ll be sharing some Halloween fan art images courtesy of pixiv. You can see them after the jump…

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The gems of my anime collection

After 10+ years of collecting anime goods, I feel it’s time for me to pick out the handful of products that are the pride and joy of my collection…

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The social experience of anime clubs and cons

For roughly my first three years of being an anime fan, I only had a couple of friends who shared my interest. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my interest in anime started with my Pokemon obsession in middle school, which unfortunately my peers did not share in the least. Thus, I thought myself odd for loving Pokemon/anime so much, and the idea of any large group of people gathering together to talk and share in their common anime interest, was something I never thought could exist…

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Rating anime

Attaching numbers to our opinions about anime is an easy way to stay organized amongst so many titles. After all, it’s not very plausible for most of us who have watched hundreds of anime titles to write full reviews of every single one, so giving it a number rating on sites like MyAnimeList (MAL) keeps things simple. However, as keikakudoori has recently pointed out, everyone not only has different opinions about the anime they watch, but different ways of rating them. A “10” rating given by one person could mean something different than a “10” rating given by another person. Thus, to remove the vagueness given by a standard number rating system for anime, I wanted to delve further into what my ratings means…

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The stages of my anime fandom

Inspired by a recent post from ghostlightning, I started thinking about how my anime fandom has changed over the years. Though I’ve been a fan for roughly eleven years now, my relationship to anime has certainly changed over time…

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2010 AMV roundup

I haven’t been feeling well lately so I’m just gonna do a simple post today – rounding up some of the best AMVs I’ve come across in recent months, since it’s been about a year since my last AMV post

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First impressions of the fall 2010 anime I’m watching

After finishing seven series from the spring/summer ’10 seasons, there weren’t too many fall ’10 anime that immediately grabbed my attention. As of now I’ve settled into five, but I may pick up one or two more…

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Dividing your favorite anime and characters into tiers

In previous posts over the past year, I’ve assembled lists of my favorite anime titles and characters, discussed the differences between how likable they are versus how good they are, whether to adore or to analyze anime, and many other aspects of the fandom. Today I’m going to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while – organize my favorites into “tiers”…

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Pokemon Black and White review (Japanese release)

イッシュ地方、新しい冒険へ by 蒼井

Pokemon Black and White mark the beginning of the 5th generation of the Pokemon franchise, introducing a new region and 156 new pokemon. They’re also the first games that are on the same console as the previous generation, the Nintendo DS, though they contain many advanced features that previous games do not have. Already B&W are top sellers, selling a record 2.6 million copies in just two days and having over a million preorders. The games have now sold 3,761,217 copies in sixteen days, ranking them the highest among Japanese game sales in the past two weeks.

I’ve finally played through enough of my copy of Pokemon Black to write a proper review of it…

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Belated reviews of spring and summer 2010 anime I watched

I finished watching seven seasonal anime over the past two weeks…more than I’ve done in quite a while actually. Since the fall ’10 season is already upon us, and I’ve only reviewed three of the seven shows so far (Ookami-san, Heroman, and Maid-sama!), I decided to finish things off with mini-reviews of the remaining four shows: Occult Academy, K-ON!!, Rainbow, and Seitokai Yakuindomo…

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