About MAY

The history of Mainichi Anime Yume

In 2002, during my sophomore year of high school when my anime fandom was really taking off, I purchased a domain name, AnimeYume.com. I used it to make an anime fan site called Anime Yume using simple HTML pages I created from scratch. In 2006, as old-school fan sites were becoming obsolete and blogs were flourishing, I created this WordPress blog called Mainichi Anime Yume, also hosted on AnimeYume.com. About a year later I moved away to college and was a full-time student, so my blogging was kind of inconsistent until I graduated in mid-2009. For the next 6 years after that I diligently kept up frequent blogging content and became somewhat well-known in the anime blogging community.

But alas, time brings changes and in mid-2015 I started my first full-time job. That, together with the fact that I had been slowly losing interest in anime and couldn’t find time to keep up with as many shows as I used to, caused me to make the decision to put Mainichi Anime Yume on a semi-hiatus; I still pop in with a new post now and then, but not nearly as often or consistently as before. I still have no intention of closing the blog though. And who knows, maybe somewhere down the line I’ll get a renewed interest in blogging about anime again. You never know.

What kind of blog is Mainichi Anime Yume?

MAY is a single-author blog that focuses on editorial posts about a variety of general anime topics. Though editorials are what I mostly like to write, I also write about seasonal anime, typically offering my first impressions at the beginning of each season and reviewing full series at the end of the season. Other posts I occasionally write are top 10 lists, posts about Japan and my study of Japanese, and other miscellaneous things like my experience at conventions and anime products I’ve bought.

I replied to comments very sporadically in my early years of blogging (not that I got many comments back then anyway). But in 2010, I realized how much I had grown to value feedback and interaction with my readers. Since then, I try to reply to all my readers’ comments, at least as much as I can without feeling like I’m repeating myself. I might not reply to comments on older posts, or posts that already have a lot of comments, but I read everyone’s comments and make an effort to reply as much as I can.

Mainichi Anime Yume’s content

Here’s a rundown of MAY’s post categories you can access on the right sidebar:

Anime English Dubs: anything involving English versions of anime

Anime First Impressions: I usually have these posts at the start of the season, when I’ve watched the first few episodes of new anime

Anime Lists: sometimes I like to make posts listing my favorites in certain anime categories such as favorite characters, series of the year, favorite studios, etc

Anime News: I don’t do news post that often, but if an anime or related news item interests me and I feel like writing about it, the post will be in this category

Anime Products: any interesting anime products on the market that I see or purchase and feel like writing about

Anime Reviews: I have little interest in episodic posts, so I instead write full series reviews, either the standard “this is how I felt about this anime” or I focus the review on a particular theme in the anime. Reviews of anime movies are here as well. Be warned, my reviews tend to be spoiler filled

Editorials and Ramblings: the majority of my posts fall into this category, sometimes more on the rambling side, other times on the more analytical side

Events and Holidays: anime-related events that I attend. Also, special holiday posts where I wish my visitors “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Halloween,” etc, will be here

Fundamentals of Japanese: a post series where I go through the fundamentals of the Japanese language for those interested in learning it

Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi has been my favorite series since mid-2007, so I tend to write a lot of posts about it

Images, Videos, and Mp3s: posts in which I discuss or give links to music, image, or other media files

Inuyasha: Inuyasha was my favorite manga series for many years, and although the manga is now over and I’m not as into it as I used to be, at one point I reviewed the individual manga chapters from chapters 482 to 520. Other Inuyasha-related posts can also be found here

Japan & Japanese: in addition to being a major anime fan, I’m also a dedicated Japanese language learner. Any posts involving Japanese or Japan will be here

Miscellaneous: posts that don’t fit into the other categories

Moments in Anime: my participation in the annual “Moments in Anime” project

My Anime Autobiography: a post series in which I chronicled exactly how I got into anime and the stages my fandom went through

Pokemon: Pokemon is what got me interested in anime and it’s been a very important franchise to me. All Pokemon-related posts will be here

Site News: news, updates, or other info about the blog

Video Games: I enjoy a good video game once in a while, usually Pokemon though. Any game reviews or news items about video games that interest me will be here