Pokemon Wi-fi Battle/Trade

If you’re interested in battling and/or trading with me on Pokemon ORAS over Wi-fi, send me an e-mail or tweet on Twitter with your 3DS Friend Code (if we haven’t exchanged them already). My Friend Code is: 5000 2256 7814.

Once we’ve successfully exchanged Friend Codes, feel free to send me a battle or trade request on the PSS if you see me online (please read my battle and trade guidelines below first). If you want to battle or trade with me on a specific day or time, let me know in your message. I’m usually available around 7:00pm to 9:00pm PST on weekdays and random times on the weekend.

For battles, I’ll have either a Single Battle with Normal Rules set (6 vs 6) based on Smogon rules (though I’m not super-strict on those) or a Double Battle with either Normal Rules or Flat Rules based on whatever the current VGC official rules are.

For trading, between all my Pokemon DS games and the ability to transfer between them (I have two DS systems) I have access to pretty much every pokemon, most I can trade to you permanently and others for trading and trading back for the sake of the Poke-Dex. I also have access to many pokemon with their Hidden Abilities and some with good IVs you could use for breeding. I can try getting you the pokemon you want depending on what it is, though I may have to refuse if it’s too difficult or time consuming. Just ask and I’ll let you know if I have the pokemon you want or can get it for you.

Well, I think that’s all the immediate things I need to say about battling/trading with me. Looking forward to meeting you on Wi-fi~!