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Random funny pictures

I’ve been sick the past couple of days, so I’m not up to writing an extensive post today. Instead, I’m just gonna share random funny pictures (anime and non-anime related) I have sitting on my hard drive that I wanted to share at some point, but never had the opportunity. Hopefully they’ll bring some amusement to your day…

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The structure of anime episode titles

The structure that episode titles in particular anime series utilize can say a lot about the feel of the show. Although most of them are straight-forward, quite a few anime have noticeable ways of titling their episodes…

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Listing the generations of U.S. anime fandom (help would be appreciated!)

Sakura’s was the first Japanese voice I ever heard

Last updated: 07/27/10
As we’re heading into the latter half of 2010, I’ve been thinking about how anime, and my relationship with it, has changed over the past decade since I became a fan in 2000. Scamp’s post about the latest generation of anime fans also got me thinking further. I want to see if I can make a descriptive list of the different generations of anime fandom in the U.S…

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M.U.G.E.N – where anime characters can fight each other!

Only in M.U.G.E.N can Shin-chan fight Lelouch in The End of Evangelion

I’ve always dreamed of a fighting game where anime characters from many different titles can duke it out. Unfortunately, the licensing costs and coordination required for such a game would be astronomical. So in the meantime, a fan creation would be the next best thing…

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What’s in a tag?

When I first started this blog in late ’06, I didn’t even know about the concept of adding tags to posts. Did blogs even have that feature then? – perhaps they did, but I didn’t think it was important. I don’t recall seeing many tags on blogs back then (at least, not as much as now) so I figured organizing posts into dates and categories was enough. But only within the past couple of years, I’ve noticed an abundance of tags on nearly every post of every blog…

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The Anime Preference Survey (2010 edition)

The fourth installment of an anime survey I’ve been conducting since 2006…

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First impressions of the summer 2010 anime I’m watching

Not many summer shows looked particularly appealing to me this year. So far I’m watching four and may pick up another one or two if the desire arises. Here are my thoughts after watching the first two episodes of each…

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How do you decide which anime to watch?

I started following seasonal anime sometime in 2006. Since I don’t have the time or motivation to check out every series each season (or even half), and I also have an aversion to dropping anime and I don’t like to just “sample” the first episode or two, I’ve come to realize that there are many factors involved for deciding which series to watch…

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Belated Durarara!!, Working!!, and FMA post

I was planning to post sooner about these three shows that I recently completed, but attending and writing about Anime Expo got in the way. So now that that excitement’s over, I feel obligated to write a few words about each of these series…

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The ethos of self-sacrifice in anime

Nausicaa’s selflessness always makes me cry

A common trope that I’ve noticed in all genres of anime is the many scenes of dramatic self-sacrifice. Even if it’s a comedy series, even if it’s a character who’s not particularly noble, self-sacrifice is one of the most common forms of drama I’ve seen in anime…

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