New anime OPs & EDs

The new anime openings and endings come all at once don’t they ^_^ I posted the newest openings and endings for Bleach, Naruto, Digimon Savers, and the new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series(some are AVI files, some are YouTube videos.) And I’ve gotta say, I’m pleased with all of them…

Bleach opening 5

First off, the 5th and newest Bleach opening, “Rolling Star” by YUI(she also sings the 5th ending song, “Life”), which started on episode 98. And I have to say, it is awesome! I still think D-techno Life is my favorite Bleach song, but this one is great as well. However, I’m still deciding whether I like this one the best as far as the images go…the animation in it is pretty sweet. And I think it’s signaling the end of the fillers. LOL, I don’t know why, but I really liked the Bounto arc, even if it is filler. But let’s hope the next arc is good too =)

Download the new Bleach opening here(zipped AVI file, with fansubs by Dattebayo)

Bleach ending 9

And a new Bleach ending, “Baby it’s You” by JUNE, also starting on episode 98. Pretty cool song with nice images. But I think some of the other endings are better.

Download the new Bleach ending here(zipped AVI file, with fansubs also by Dattebayo)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl opening

The opening for the new Pokemon Diamond and Peal anime series, “Together” by Fumie Akiyoshi. The song is really cute, as well as the images that accompany it. Lots of new pokemon goodness…great to see some of the new pokes in their “anime” forms =D

Download the new Pokemon D&P opening here(zipped AVI file.)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl ending

And here’s the ending for the D&P series, “By Your Side ~ Hikari’s Theme” by Grin. Very catchy song. And the new female trainer, Hikari, is a cute character too. This ending’s very similar to the last AG ending for May/Haruka, except it’s for Hikari of course.

Download the new Pokemon D&P ending here(zipped AVI file, with fansubs by DATS)

Naruto opening 9

The new Naruto opening, “Yura Yura” by HeartsGlow, which started on episode 203. Very nice song. I really get the feeling that it’s pointing towards a new(and better) direction for the Naruto series. I think that this one is finally leading to the end of over-a-year’s worth of filler episodes! LOL, I haven’t watched Naruto since around episode 150 something(I have manga volumes 28-34 sitting on my computer, but I haven’t had time to read very much of them though.) I’ve just been waiting patiently for the filler eps to end, and it looks like they finally might be. Let’s keep our fingers crossed ^^

Watch the new Naruto opening via YouTube here

Naruto ending 15

And a new Naruto ending as well, “Scenario” by SABOTEN, which also started on episode 203. Not too much for the animation, but great song!

Watch the new Naruto ending via YouTube here

Digimon Savers ending 2

And lastly, a new Digimon Savers ending, “Ryusei” by MiyuMiyu, which started on episode 25. This one’s very pretty and peaceful, both animation-wise and song-wise. I really like it…still thinking about whether I like the song better than the other ending, One Star =P

Download the new Digimon Savers ending here(zipped AVI file.)

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    nice pokemon pictures

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    Really nice pictures but if someone knows of some Naruto images please send me the link… thanks

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