Major image update! (plus more site news)

Ichigo and Rukia in winter!
My first post of 2008! I hope the new year is off to a good start for you all ^_^ 2007 has been a great year for anime both in Japan and the US so hopefully 2008 will be too. Unfortunately, although I’ll still watch as many new 2008 series’ as I can, I’ll have to put my sites back on hiatus soon once my classes start. But I should have time in the summer to do some site work and you can still check the About the Blogger page to see what anime I’m currently watching. But for most of the year there won’t be much activity here on the blog or the main site. Sorry about that, but I’m sure those of you who are or have been swamped with work and/or school know how it is =/ More details about my sites’ return to hiatus later, onto what’s new on Anime Yume…

Like I promised on my Christmas post, here’s an update before my sites go back on hiatus. Today I’ve added a whopping 30 new images to the various anime Picture Galleries on Anime Yume – there’s new pictures for Bleach, Haruhi, Naruto, Pokemon, Wolf”s Rain, One Piece, and more so check out the main site here to see what all the new pictures are =) Oh, and’s 2nd Image Contest is still open (and will remain open until I get a sufficient amount of entries) so if you’re interested, check out the contest’s updated page of rules, prizes, and instructions.

I’m really gonna try and do at least one more update before my sites officially go on hiatus again. I’m still working on getting that big anime project I mentioned last time posted online but it’s taking longer than I thought. I promise it’ll get posted within a couple of weeks so you can look forward to that =) I’m also gonna go to Anime Los Angeles tomorrow so I’ll have coverage and photos of that posted soon as well. It’s only a short while longer before my winter break ends and I return to being a full-time university student with almost no free time, but I’m gonna do my best before then to get all this new site stuff posted! XD

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  1. Rishi says:

    Do your best! ^^ And thanks for the images!

  2. Vampt Vo says:

    Anime LA? Cool. I can’t wait to read your con report.

    Am I the only person who submitted anything for that image contest or what? Now I don’t know if I should encourage competition.. If it’s just me, I win by default, right? Muhahahah…

  3. Zm says:

    Aww less activites? Anyway thanks for the uploads of mp3s and songs to download. You really do rocks :) Good luck on whatever youre focusing on !

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