Regrettably back on hiatus (but I will return soon…)

Mainichi Anime Yume, as well as my main site, are unfortunately going back on hiatus for the next couple of months…

I know I promised I would have more posts and updates before my classes started up again, but before I knew it my winter break had slipped away and even though it’s only been a week since the new school quarter started, I’m already swamped with work. I really wanted to get that big anime project I was talking about posted, but unfortunately that, as well as other updates, will have to wait. I thought I would have some time this weekend to work on the site one more time but I didn’t; I barely have the time to write this post here, and future weekends are looking pretty much booked with schoolwork for the next couple of months =(

BUT, as I’ve said before, even though they’re on hiatus both sites will remain open and once my spring break starts in late March I will update the sites once more with the things I wasn’t able to get to during my winter break. Updates you can look forward to are, most importantly, the big anime project I’ve been working on, my (very brief) coverage of Anime LA (due to lack of time and bad weather I was only at the con for a few hours =P), and also a review of the anime-related extension course I’ll be taking at my university called “Manga & Anime Explosion.” I already wrote a post about this extension course but it was canceled last quarter due to low enrollment. However this quarter it looks like it’s going to go through so hopefully I’ll enjoy it ^^

Once again, I’m really sorry I have to put my sites on hiatus. But I will be back soon and you can still e-mail me, comment on the blog, and check the About the Blogger page to see what anime I’m currently watching ^_^ I thank you all for your continued visiting and support and you can look forward to more site updates and blog posts during my upcoming spring and summer breaks =)

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  1. Rishi says:

    Aaah……Crap. I was waiting for you. :D But do your best, k? Rishi will be waiting~

  2. Vampt Vo says:

    Aw, I was hoping to see some more stuff on here. Good luck with your schoolwork, and I expect to see some great stuff from your “big project.”

  3. Kairi says:

    ^_^Hola!!…me gusta mucho tu sitio web…espero y entiendas lo que escribo=) gracias por crear tu pagina es muuuuuy buena!! una de mis favoritas att:una amiga “kairi”

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