Interpreting the ending of Darker than Black 2

So ends the anticipated second season of Darker than Black, at 12 episodes. The series was really good, though it wasn’t what I had initially thought it would be (early promotional art/summaries made it seem like Hei and Yin would be the main protagonists). And like the first season, I’m having some trouble figuring out the ending…

I felt episode 12 ended very abruptly, but maybe that’s just because I didn’t understand everything. I’m really bad with following politics-heavy anime, where you have to keep track of different factions, who’s part of which faction, what the many acronyms stand for, what each faction’s goal is, etc,.

I think I at least understood the conflict involving the new characters, Shion and Suou. Shion’s main goal was to use his contractor copy ability to the fullest and, with the help of the Doll and ME Systems, create an artificial Earth. His father was helping him, and the reason they faked their deaths was in order for Suou to go off on her own and see if her artificial memories would last. In the end, when Izanami kills Suou and July, Shion uses the last of his powers to transport them to his artificial Earth, where they can live as normal human beings without any memory of their previous life.

The main thing I don’t understand in Darker than Black 2 is the conflict with Hei and Yin. In the first season, Yin was a Doll, but suddenly, in the second season, she’s dubbed “Izanami” and has this power to kill contractors. I’m not clear why/how she was killing contractors, what happened between her and Hei, whether she part of Shion’s plan, and who/what Izanagi was (Apparently there are upcoming DVD-only episodes that may explain some of these things).

I also don’t know what that Yin lookalike in the coffin was.

As far as a conclusion for the series, as I stated above, we know what happens to Suou and July, and Misaki’s group seems to be continuing their work (is Mao now their partner?) But in final scene, we see Hei, carrying Yin (I think), walking off into the distance. Seems Hei is still very much alive, but as for what he and Yin are going to do from here on is left up to our interpretation…or perhaps a third season?

Even though some of it left me a bit confused, I thoroughly enjoyed Darker than Black’s second season. Like the first season it had good animation, suspenseful action, solid characters, and an intricate, sci-fi-laden plot. If anybody can help me out with my above questions about the series, I’d appreciate it =)

Credit for screencaps goes to Random Curiosity.

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  1. Akura says:

    Awesome review Yumeka!!!
    I’ve watched the season finale too and I agree that it ended quite soon. Now we’re all left with more questions than answers. I mean, did Hei REALLY kill Yin? (Hopefully NO) Who’s the Yin-look-a-like? and What happened to Hazuki?
    =The first question really MUST be answered ‘coz a lot of fans are confused w/ HOW that can even happen. Did Hei get his powers back and used it against Yin?
    =The second question is quite the enigma since apparently Yin (boy version) has the ability to rip the spectre (souls) of normal human beings like Mr. Smith.
    =The third question is a personal one since I’m also a fan of Hazuki-kun… seeing as how Genma got what was coming to him, I can only assume that she might make an appearance on the next season…
    =As for Suou, her ending is bittersweet ‘coz she got the normal life she deserved but lost the man she loved. But at least July is happy (finally)…:)
    =Overall, the DTB 2 ending is begging for a Season 3… since the upcoming OVA would only show how Hei and Yin lived and got separated… HeiXYin forever!!!

    • danielsingh says:

      all i want is that yin live and hei and her can be together forever plese don’t make her die ppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kurai says:

        As far as I can tell Yin didn’t die. There are more things supporting her surviving than not. Don’t forget her ‘wish’. Hei also had one, I imagine. The Yin look-alike was the child of Izanami/Izanagi, the being that would continue strife on the earth for all time. So at the very least, Hei didn’t kill Yin. Unless, he did kill her and it didn’t matter, but the likelihood of that is next to none. Also, Bai’s star came back. It wouldn’t make much sense to wish for his sister and not Yin. Or maybe both. They never told us any of their wishes. Aside from Misaki’s and Shions’. So Izanami got what she wanted, and everyone else got what they wanted for helping her. But for a cost higher than the gain? Who knows. That’s kinda the theme of Darker than Black.

  2. Yumeka says:

    @ Akura

    Yeah, I’m wondering if Yin is really dead or not. The series was ambiguous about a lot of things, especially Yin. Hopefully the DVD episodes and/or a season 3 will clear things up.

  3. Paranoia675 says:

    I really thought it was a giant reset button that in many ways made it possible for them to possibly continue the series (thought it would be in a very strange fashion, imo). Oh and the doll that looks like Yin is suppose to be the new Izanami/whatever… all part of the reset :P

  4. Yumeka says:

    @ Paranoia675

    Well, it definitely was a reset ending for Suou and July (but in their case, their world gets reset for the better). For Hei, it ended the same as the first season – he has this big adventure, then runs off with Yin and no one knows where he is…until next season! So for him and perhaps the other characters, it was more of a return to the status quo.

    So that Doll is the next Izanami? I’m still trying to figure out what Izanami and Izanagi are.

    • John smithest says:

      Whether Yin is alive or dead is immaterial. Hei wanted to see her, when she masssacred contractors and otherwise was a problem; now, after having lost everything, Yin is out of comission;the killing stopped, when during exposition it begun, with Hei calling her name; Yin is incapictated, flaccid in Hei’s grasp, as opposed to her eluding him throughout the story; BK 201’s star shines again, when it didn’t without her; anything that ever required Hei to find himself is gone, leaving him and Yin traipsing onward. Hei’s character is complete, and so is Yin’s. This can’t be a return to status quo ; Hei no longer accompanies Yin as they presumably did. He may feel that way, but that’s not reality.

  5. Hidden says:

    i hope there will be a third season..i REALLY hope so…
    there are still plenty of questions left to be answered especially about Yin…
    if it ends like this,then it will make me hate Darker Than Black mangaka really much…

    ~ReaLLy LoVes YIN~

    • Kiraraprincess says:

      I’m being a bit of an ass here but I think it’s funny you will hate the mangaka because you don’t get the ending. You can dislike the manga for not understanding it, but you shouldn’t hate the mangaka.

  6. GG says:

    i also hope that Yin is still alive and the she will become the main character in season 3. Through out the series Yin does not has much screen time than other character, she deserves more than that.

    Despite being only a supporting character she still has awesome number of fans and that will be the main reason why BONES should focuses more on if there is S3 (which is likely to happen IMHO).

    I just want more of Yin x Hei..==

  7. BubblDee says:

    Hey there, I occasionally found this here and I really wanted to give my points of view to this fairly… interesting ending :P

    About the Izanagi/Izanami-theme:

    I think those were just code-names made up by Amber in those Memories of the Future; that if those two meet, the world will drastically change.
    Yin was said to be Izanami fairly early into the show, but until the final episode everyone thought that Hei was the Izanagi foretold by Amber. But yea, as it turned it, t’was Shion, in fact, which added to the “Oh noez!” effect :D
    Who wants to know what their meaning is, just need to ask Wikipedia.

    Mysteries about Yin:

    Well, those are quite complicated. First of all, we don’t know why and how exactly Yin is able to control the powers of the contractors, forcing them to kill themselves. But it was said to be the “evolution of dolls” in the series, so it might mean, that if a doll opens their heart to a person, their powers also dramatically increase (like how July was right in the middle of this evolution by beginning to make his very own decisions). Yin happened to change since the first season and this looks like the outcome of this metamorphosis. The first OVA at least hints into this direction, tho I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it^^

    How they got separated will be shown in the other OVA’s

    About the boy-girl-Yin-lookalike-thing:

    Who knows? Looks like a possibly new incarnation of Yin, after her (apparent) death.
    Since this ending begs for a third season, we might have to wait a long, long time, till we get to know more

    So long, just my two cents

    p.s.: Hei is such a womanizer :D

    • Mylo says:

      The Yin lookalike is Izanagi’s child, Kagutsuchi. Apparantly, it’s also Izanagi’s child.. ehem. Izanagi kills Izanami and Kagutsuchi.. I don’t know why.

      And by child, I meant son :)

  8. Yumeka says:

    @ BubblDee

    Thanks for the info. I think the OVA should answer my questions. Just have to wait until it finishes =)

  9. helium says:

    Just finished watching the second series (did it all in two days). They boy at the end from the coffin, is hei/yins son. Amber tells cop girl (rubish with names) that yins pregnancy is drawing near (or something along those lines).

    Havent watched the OVA’s yet so may be explained in there..

    fantastic series, feel a bit love sick now.

    my site :D

  10. Sempiternal says:

    I believe that Hei really was Izanagi, not Shion like everyone seemed to believe, and the boy version of Yin is their son.
    As far as the crazy “code names” that they gave to Yin and Hei/Shion are gods from Japanese mythology. Izanami (who dies in childbirth) is the goddess of creation and death, and Izanagi is her husband. Kagutsuchi is their son (who burns Izanami which is why she dies) and he is the boy version of Yin at the end. His birth signifies the end of creation and the beginning of death. So, it seems the DTB is following the mythology.
    Hopefully there is a season 3 or perhaps movie/more OVAs to explain what happened after the end of season 2.

  11. yinxhei says:

    i really looove darker than black, i dont quite get the whole 2nd season and some of the OVAs tho i REALLY! enjoyed watching it. I (and a lot of others im guessing) want a 3rd season to come out ASAP!! because it cant just end there with hei carring yin to who knows where, theirs still heeeeeeeps of explaning to be done about yin (especially), hei, amber, that yin lookalike along with Izanami and Izanagi!…
    all and all i thinks its the BEST!! anime i have ever watched!! hope to see more of it (a second season!! ^_^ ) HeixYin FOREVER!!!!! ^_^

  12. Kruncher says:

    How do we know that the boy version of Yin at the end is Hei and Yin’s son?
    What happened to Mao?

    I dont think Hei kills Yin but he probably did something with his power, something about being able to change molecules at a quantum level. I reckon he gets his powers back when Suou’s meteor fragment breaks coz when we see Hei get zapped in that technicolour ball thing stuff flows into Suou’s pendant. BK-201’s star starts shining once it breaks.
    I think July keeps his memory otherwise he wouldnt have recognised Suou in Shion’s world, and Suou has her memory reset because her memories were only being retained through her pendant.
    In terms of Yin suddenly becoming a contracter killer, Im not too sure on the whole izanagi izanami thing but a lot of characters keep mentioning Doll evolution. I think their evolution is finding emotions and thinking for themselves, but Yins transformation probably had something to do with Hei’s power, or at least something happened in the Gate first season, especially since Yin has a dream about something holding her hand in the 2nd OVA episode.
    I hope theres a 3rd season, although there’s not a lot they can work with really IMO. The events and things they said in the last ep sounded very final, and like everything had been dealt with. im not too sure >_>

  13. Pegasus says:

    I totally agree with Yumeka.I was left with the same opinion after i finished watching the anime….Thought,there are 4 episodes that you mustn’t have seen and that’s why you don’t understand what happened to Yin.The 4 episodes i am talking about can be found on What you’re looking for is Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden.After seeing it you’ll understand what happened to Yin.Basically those 4 episodes is the plot between Darker than Black 1 and Darker than Black:Gemini of the Meteor (2nd season).By the way,the anime continuous on manga series tho i haven’t read it yet xD

  14. lol says:

    WHAT ! is there a maga that countinus after the secound season ?

  15. MGD says:

    I have finished watching the 2 seasons and the OVA’s, and here is the conclusion I came up with:
    In the last episode of the OVA, I think that the one talking to her is Shion. He made a deal with her, saying he would grant her wish (I don’t think we are supposed to know what the wish is). In the last episode of the second season, when Shion is about to die and Suou is holding him, he says *I’ve made the deal.* and then dies. We still don’t know what that deal between Yin and Shion was, but I guess it has something to do with Hei and her (like staying with him forever?).
    Also, I do believe that Hei sealed his power into Suou’s meteor fragment when he was trapped in the anti-contractor weapon and regained them when Yin broke the meteor fragment at the end. This makes me believe that Izanagi is not Hei, but Hei’s powers, since we get told that Izanami and Izanagi met when Suon meets Yin. The boy who awakens in the coffin would be as the Mitaka Documents predicted, the beginning of the end for humanity. Imo that would make sense since Izanami and Izanagi actually met. The only thing that would still be unclear to me in this series is what Yin’s wish and her and Shion’s deal are, and how these would affect the future, or perhaps how they affected what happens within the gate.

    • Ang says:

      oh wow! i totally forgot about that last thing in the OVA. Yin says something along the lines of “when he comes” is when it’ll all happen or whatever (i can’t remember everything exactly, just you get the jist) and when Hei finds her inside the gate that’s when everything basically happens. i’m so glad you mentioned that because now things make a little more sense

    • AKSJDKJH says:

      I think that the deal that Shion made with Izanami was creating the Yin look alike for Izanami to inhabitat. I believe that the deal was for Izamani to send Suou and July to the fake earth that he created in return for creating a body that Izamani could inhabit. That would explain why the Yin lookalike was male because the same thing happened when Shion copied himself and created Suou, one detail must be different.

  16. movielovers says:

    Well after reading all these posts I still believe everyone loves DTB because of HEI and YIN. Yes all the rest is cool and nice but everyone wants to see HEI and YIN either become hot and heavy or kill them off ….. lol. We need a conclusion that we can yell or be happy about. That is what made the DTB series so great …. all of it. It was Hei evolution/growth in series 1 to see him grow and understand his emotions and feelings. And not only does his feelings grow so much they even influence Yin so much that she awakens as well. Then Hei inevitable crash as he loses Yin. We all watched season 2 hoping to get the answers from that. Yes season 2 was nice but we are still left with that unsatisfied what happened between Yin adn Hei. Come on guys I need to know………. :-p

    Was a great series but I agree if it ends like this …… I will be hella dissappointed.

  17. Alex Howard says:

    I kinda got this. I also watched the OVAs and heres what I think.

    Yin is the fastest evolving Doll by the end of DtB1. During the OVAs, she becomes Izanami (Shion is Izanagi). She has the power to use contractors powers against them. The black clad Yin is Yins spector in physical form and is the Izanami part of her. The white clad Yin is Yin, still with her feelings for Hei.

    Amber had predicted many years before (hence the flashbacks and the side plot with the police) that if Izanami and Izanagi ever met, it would be the end of contractors as Yin would end up possessing the ability to do stuff to do with matter replication combined with her ability to kill contractors (ie, recreate the anit-gate particles Hei made not exist in series 1). However, Shion knew this and created the fake world to give everyone that died a second chance as humans.

    This is the most complex part. Shions plan was not completed, becuse at the point that Yin was about to kill Hei, the point at which she was about to destroy the gate, her old self took over, and asked hei to kill her. Hei obviously did something (either killed her, or I think realtered her spectre using Pai’s abilities) and saved the gate. This imballence caused a 3rd gate to open in russia, which is where Hei is headed. The last glance of Hei you get is his star. This is the interesting part. Before it was red, the red star of a failed contractor (last seen with Havok =D ) but in the last episode, it is once again blue. His powers are back. The black reaper is back!! And he is going to russia, to do something with the gate. Mao is on his side obviously, and will rejoin him, probably in cat from again. He likes cats.

    So in short, yin was prophisied to destroy the contractors and dolls, and Shion to save them. Things went wrong and Shion was killed. But Hei saved the day with his feelings towards Yin, and hers towards him.

    Suou was just an angle. If you look closly at series 1, Hei is the main, but not the focus character. It was mainly the Chief and occasionaly the detective or another character. Rairly did the script follow Hei and Hei only. Sad about her, but leads to some new questions. Is there a market for human like Dolls? Ones with real memories and spirits? It appears there is…

    • thisguy says:

      excellent interpretation

    • Logs says:

      That’s what I was thinking…mostly. Still doesn’t answer the birth of the “new yin”. I like the mythology point of view when it comes to the meeting of Izanami and Izanagi. I believe Hei (or rather Pai) was Izanagi. Maybe the sealing of Hei’s power in Suou was all according to plan, and it was known that it would return when he met Yin? How do we explain the orange blob in the OVA’s? And I have a gut feeling Amber plays a much bigger role in all of this… The Ark, or new world (funny how the cross dresser dad talked about the ark) was created for the people to live another life–one more peaceful, but what will happen to the original? I believe the Orange Blob from OVA was Izanami within Yin, and Hei separated the two and took yin with him–killing off the orange blob.

      A 3rd season would be Hei vs the son of Izanami and Izanagi. Or of course, as rumored, a prequel that would clarify a few things. I still think Amber is stirring the pot a little, for a few reasons: She has the ability to foresee events, she can essentially change events to her will and she left a distinct message on the tape recorder that foresees an inevitable future. There’s a bigger plan is all I’m suggesting.

      You mention some cool things, but there are still some loose strings.

  18. Kestrel says:

    alright I believe I am the first to say that I somehow disliked this season… principally because Yin wasn’t there nearly the whole time… yeah and then this supercute Suou-girl.. whatever. The final episode left me behind with a bad feeling in my stomach and of course with lots of questions.
    Right here i want to thank you ,Alex Howard, because what you said seems to make sense, so I think I nearly got it now :)

    but seriously guys….I do not want a third season -__- it would only have another sad or confusing ending… or there would be different characters we all never saw before and Hei and Yin and Mao and the other important guys don’t appear and the only familiar face will be the one of Guy Kurasawa °_°…..OH NOES!!!!! ^^

    I really liked that Anime….but I can’t say that I liked the 2nd season.

  19. R3VOLV3R says:

    Well Its was a great series but comon doesnt it feel like….BAM! eat dis suckas
    ARE YOU DEPRESSED YET? good….Hei is alone…Yins possibly dead….we wont explain anything…..The 2 semi-main characters(July n Suou)that we made you get attached to and love are now gone forever on a cloned world where no one is original execpt july and suou…well in her own way shes original……….oh and they are never comin back………..happy? good cause we wouldnt want you to be…… ]:(

  20. R3VOLV3R says:

    Oh and im just sayin i hate it wen they get rid of old chacarters and replace em….it was bad enough wen mao(almost died but lived :D yay!)and huang died…..NOW WE WONT SEE THE CHARACTERS WE LOVED GO….AGAIN!! and yes she is in a perfect world for her but were her memories erased? seems kinda lame since she didnt want to forget hei……i kno july kept his memories though……even if they do make season 3 it will feel like your missing somthin……CHECK LIST:Hei,Yin(Dead or Alive),cute red headed girl and british doll……hm? i coulda sworn they were here somwhere……anyways….mao,huang…oh hes gone too….well…….None existent story….OH NO! hes gone too!! thats 4 things missing! well at least we have the Black Haired Lesbian Ninja Chick…….oh is she dead too?…….wow…um….this is depressing……………………See what i mean guys/girls?!?!?! its just not the same….

  21. Cake says:

    Hei and Yin met, if he didn’t kill her, where is this giant calamitous ending that they all were so scared about? I want a 3rd season to clear my confusion :<

  22. iknowall says:

    just to clear things up yin is dead. remember when it shows hei’s arm on yin, he was stabbing her and he was carring her most likely to bury her. and for the lookalike its her child, remember about those notes metioned about her being pregnet. also the reason hei lost his powers is because the machine is suppose to kill contracters, remember he got his powers when his sister fused with him. The machine did it was supposed to do, it killed his sister and that ended his powers.

  23. Tyler Durden says:

    I haven’t seen the OVAs yet… but is it possible the male Yin look-alike at the end of season 2 is a copy that was created by Shion?

  24. Immaculate says:

    A white Yin and a black Yin. Yin and Yang? …to hold the balance in this world…so much to interprate to…

  25. poff says:

    If everyone watched the 4 ovas after s1 you would understand what happened to yin and hei and how they got so close,maybe even why he had to kill her.

  26. kakudan says:

    In the last episode of Darker Than Black 2, Hei finds Yin’s “body” in that container. The man he is with tells him that her body is just a shell, because her “spirit” (or whatever) is elsewhere.

    When Hei finds Yin’s “spirit,” there are of course two of her (black and white clothes).

    When he is seen walking off with her, it is her “spirit” that he is carrying, because her body is still back in that room.

    What makes the most sense is that Hei somehow wished for the two Yins to be separated, and he is now carrying the spirit of the Yin he knows back to her body.

    (Essentially, he plans to place Yin’s spirit back into her body.)

    This makes the most sense because a Yin-look-a-like (in the coffin) steals the “souls” (or whatever they are) from the military men and then wakes up.

    This Yin-look-a-like has a body and has the “evil” powers of the black-clothed Yin (at the very least, this Yin-look-a-like has the evil intentions of the black-clothed Yin, since she steals those souls).

    I’m pretty confident this is what is occurring in the ending of Darker Than Black 2.

    If you agree, you should probably include this answer as part of your post above because otherwise it is unlikely to get seen at the bottom of these comments (and the overall goal should be to answer the question of what happens at the end of Darker Than Black 2 in order to satisfy your readers).

    I really hope this helps!

    • kakudan says:

      Oh, this of course would mean that Hei did not kill Yin. Instead, he is taking her “spirit” back to her “body.”

    • siiingkeeet says:

      i think that the boy Yin (reincarnation of some sort) is on the COPY WORLD (because of shions powers)

      Yin is not dead coz Hei did not kill her (regained his powers bcoz the neclace broke and change the particle waves of Yin or something)

      just a thought c;

  27. Golden Darkness says:

    I really don’t think Hei killed Yin since the bad part Yin is probably inside the male Yin look-alike: and the the end of the world thing is yet to come.

    if he did killed Yin then everything that amber predicted or said would have been an error. couse the boy woke up, possibly with the dark yin inside her.

    Hei will probably found another way to save Yin couse of the promise he made about being together, (“its true that he promise this to a lot of people and that he is not a man known to keep his word”) but also he is known to go against what everybody says and do what he things is right and find another way to finish the job.

    Only question i can get is who is that yellow spectrum in Yin dream and in the last episode of the OVA… And why is he inside yin… “i want to think he is the black yim but its hard to believe couse he looks like a good boy giving people wishies, to yin and
    to shion.”
    Reading all this made me no want to kill my self lol…

    and R3VOLV3R@ made me lough

  28. Vincent says:

    You see there’s a 4 episode OVA Answering your Questions on why Yin and Hei aren’t together after they ran away from syndicate after Season 1. And what “Izanami” is also included in the OVA. I think people had already mentioned but I felt the need to just say this. The Name of the OVA is: Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden.
    Here is also a link to where I had watched said OVA:

    ( Copy & Paste No Hyperlinks here :P )

  29. I think Hei did kill Yin. because at the end of season 2 It looked like he hade his hand around her neck. But there is a posabilaty that she’s still alive :/

    #1(he choked her)
    #2(he put his hand around her neck and shocked her till she died)

    Or he put his hand around her neck stuned her so she could not kill him while he caried her soul to her body.

    And July did still have his memeries of him and Suo being friends why else would he haved waved.

    And I love Darker than black I really do hope they make a third season. But I liked the first season better than the secend one. FIRST OF ALL!!!
    they made Hei look like a hobo and a pervert! (2 or 3 episode) he thouht Suo was a boy acidenty sqeized her boob while looking for the shared. And he takled her while she was naked. But any way I watched the first season on Netflix they totuly over rated it I mean serusly TVMA
    it’s more like TV14 They did the same thing with season two of Black butler. But I hade to watch season two of Darker than black on hulu because they did not have it on Netflix but they only have it in Japens with English sub tile’s witch suck’s I was used to Hei’s English voice. But any way they ended the last episode at a weird spot they didn’t expane to much at the end.

    But what I do know is Hei is still alive off of what the police girl said at the end witch is good of corse.
    But weater or not they make a third season they wont have much to go on because so much has already happend. But it will most likely have Hei in it.

    Now on to other stuff

    Q1 (Is over eating the price Hei has to pay for his powers)
    Ans (No Hei does not have to pay a price , when his sister died she fused with him durring the South American war that’s how he got his powers so his price has already been payed, And no over eating has nothing to do with it he was probley was eating for two peaple him and his sister)

    there are plenty of other Qustions that I can ANS just e mail me at (

  30. Ok so I just got done watching bolth season’s of Darker than black mostly the episodes that didn’t make sence.
    I’m going to make a list of what did make sence and what didn’t and things that I noticed. I’d like it if you guy’s / girls could ansure me thanks :D

    the things that I noticed

    #1. At the beggining of the series the (first song) at the end Amber was holding Hei, and as she got closer he didn’t look to happy to see her.
    #2 when the old lady at the abartment thought Hei was the T.V guy. He slapped the T.V a copple of times then a shock came from his hand but he had his eye’s closed to hide the glow from his eye’s.

    Ok so aparently there are 4 things called OVAS if you know what they are and how to find them PLEASE TELL ME!!!
    as far as I know they are like extra episodes of Darker than black or something I need to know what happends thanks. :D

    thanks Kimberly

  31. ohita says:

    :)… want to be simple at this part , onwards, .. what was the ending ? specially the hei carrying yin part .
    for me it actually showed tht yin and hei are living together place far away and yin is actually alive.
    well i sounded a lill confident as i told tht . bt i think , it is like tht .
    as to considering the last episode , it meant tht when hei found yin , in the container tht was just her shell (body), it would be funny to say tht hei took the body to the actuall place where thr was soul plays going on, where yin and izanami is there.. :P (cant be).

    so this part is a fact tht yin’s body was still in container, and hei was just dealing with yin’s and izanami’s soul . At the end, yin was touched by hei and was directly show to be carrying her.. but if u consider yin n izanami as soul , how can there be remains of her if hei killed her (soul), soul is just a form of aura, and if it is killed there are no remains and they just disappear ..

    As far to the part of yin’s play , yin was told by the aura that yin’s wish ll be granted when the time comes. till then they ll both wait for hei to come.
    and about to save yin’s soul , izanami just told to kill her coz they where one as a soul, talking the same thing. And firstly izanami didnt had any specific form from the very start , she took the look of yin as izanami , took over yin’s specter …(refer, to.. starting of episode2 gaiden ova) . it also can be seen in gaiden episode when hei is been told to spread romour’s about spreading the doll, to pull out the enemy , there is part , where yin is actually searching her own specter and says ” its not there” . and right after tht scene , yin’s specter was found around where hei’s battle is going on , so the specter her self actually tells hei tht ” tell her to come by my side”, means izanami took over the specter of yin . Till this episode we find yin’s last specter help for hei , we can’t see yin’s specter at all helping him in further episodes where tht shichi takes her away .

    Still tht shichi was weird as ever . :P
    Now about why izanami took over yin ?.. its what i feel too simple, yin had the human shaped specter , it was specified when hei was told to spread rumors about tht ….:)

    once izanami takes over yin’s specter part, . Its also says where amagiri explain’s to hei about the awaken women where , he said tht ” A women ll awaken and, gain the power to change the world” it meant tht the awaken women ll gain the power and i guess …. yin was evolving at the very fast pace (evolved specter) ………. at the end it was also told tht , ” the choosen one ll be become the flesh and blood of wat is called izanami “. so yin was the choosen one…:) For me yin was yin , and izanami was different .

    Hei knew he can save yin , jus because i find him so funny if he is not killing yin if she was suffering, she actually told to him , tht she wants to stay wid him.

    And more to it , i think Hei got lot of opportunities to kill her but he didn’t.. :)

    so i confidently feel tht hei , saved yin and taking back her soul in the end to her body .

    :D ….. But i consider , yin’s strength to hold her back so much for a long time after izanami takes over her , else , she would have distroyed everything, if yin had lost her self to izanami .
    specially how she kept her soul separate from tht black yin till hei came in the end .

    About at end yin telling to kill her …. I feel yin and izanami’s words were same tht time it was jus izanami’s words talking from yin’s mouth . she said” its not too late yet , and kill her “.. :) so it actually meant to kill izanami not yin.

    And ya , yin’s wish was also there, which was told to be granted … she actually wished to stay with hei ..

    Madly i can say jus to understand this …..i saw darker than black from start to end ( season 1 , ova’s and season 2) to very end more then 4 time ………… :P

    crazy coz i got so depressed as i felt yin died and hei lived on..

    m happy to say they lived happily ever after :D..( though along with running and fighting away from other to survive them self … :P :P.. like from gaiden part ) or might be not . :)

    LOVE hei and yin match …. and want more of them .. if it can be continued .. :)

    LOVE YOU DARKER THAN BLACK …:* (sorry turned out to be like ESSAY ) ..:P

  32. Asafe says:

    the thing is that Shion didn’t create a new world but a moon so that the end could begin like it was told and it isn’t that Shion sent his sister and July to a different world but actually used the last of his life to make a wish in hell gate to put the two kids in a normal life.

  33. Shikon says:

    I understand the majority of the the last episode but like most of the questions above im finding myself wondering what exactly happened to Hei and Yin, also if Hei killed Yin or what exactly transpired between the two. Im also trying to be optimistic and hope that Hei didn’t kill Yin and managed to find some other way to free her. The Yin lookalike is from the prophecy and at least to me seems to be born of both Hei and Yin (to me it looked like he was more of a contractor with Yin’s powers to destroy other contractors).

    P.S. Has anyone heard anything about a season 3? I adored this series and hope they make another installment so if anyone has any info or links i’d greatly appreciate it if you would share it with me. ty =)

  34. Raymond says:

    why did the bodies of july and suou disappear when hei was touching yin at the end of season 2, did they get used to make the new body of the yin lookalike boy?

    • Shikon says:

      No basically they were both sent to a copy of the real world where they could live “happily ever after” or so to speak. I suppose they were both already gone by the time that it happened.

  35. Reaver says:

    The only thing that is stupid is they introduce a bunch of new and interesting characters and then kill them all.Not to explain the loopholes they left no they go and make a prequel that happened 5 years ago in that big war.It just makes no sense to me.

  36. Chris says:

    Alright, so what I wanted really was a Hei/Suou ending and not a Yin ending.
    To me, the series ending would have made MUCH more sense if Yin had transformed into something that Hei had to destroy in order to prevent the destruction of the Earth.
    I wanted Hei to have to kill Yin and for Hei and Suou to be the ones walking off.

    Personally, I don’t even know why people liked Yin so much. In her “evolution” as far as emotions go, she only expressed anything for like 2-3 episodes and even those feelings weren’t really that prominent.

    Suou was by far a more viable character than Yin to me.

    Also, wtf? I am confused as to why the world was going to be destroyed if Izanagi and Izanami met in the first place? It didn’t even make sense. So what if he can copy stuff? She can destroy contractors. Somehow I’m just not seeing the connection between this.

    Maybe Shion copied Yin and that was the boy representation and he had the ability to make humans kill themselves? Whatever. That’s just some speculation. Yin having all these random unexplained powers didn’t make any sense to me. As far as Hei getting his powers back, they may have been drawing back on the first season when the girl who lost her contractor powers starts to regain them when she nears the gate. Perhaps the same happened for Hei in the 2nd season ending?

    It just seemed like a lot of this was jumbled mess, and I was really frustrated with it… Hei and Suou were much better than Hei and Yin though… just sayin..

    I think I decided that around the end of episode 10 in the Hei Suou moment there.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the show nonetheless and had to give it a 9/10 because of the wtf ending.

    • Shikon says:

      Ya i agree with you in the fact that alot of what happened in the second season really didn’t make any sense, season one also took a few watches for me to figure out also. I also think that Hei regained his powers as well, it makes sense considering that his star reappeared. I really enjoyed the second season but it seemed to me like things were blown a little out of proportion, like Yin evolving into Izunami and the prophecy.

  37. L says:

    I think that scene with the Yin boy person was a glimpse in the future, as the dialog during that scene was a question “What was it that was born anew, as recorded in the book of prophesy” Then that very person says the future is not too far away.
    But I really hope there is a season 3! Yin and Hei were not treated well, they both loved each other and we don’t even know if they are alive. I hope they are not in some imaginary dream land like July. We don’t know enough about the story in general. Plus there still is no peace between the contractors and humans. If i’m incorrect about the future scenario then that’s more of a reason to make a 3rd season. But it better have Yin and Hei in it! ALIVE!

  38. anon says:

    the yin lookalike is probably the out come of izanagi,izanami meeting nd a powerful entity that would merge frm them….as fortold,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  39. Lucy says:

    In all honesty, I believe Yin is alive. Remember, Hei’s star was shining very bright, brighter than it ever has shone in the entire series. Plus, his power is molecular manipulation. He could seperate Izamanami from Yin, killing Izanami in the process.
    I really hope there is a season 3, where Hei and Yin run off again and we get to see more off Mao and Misaki, too. In addition, Hei could tell Yin about everything in South America or something like that.

  40. Justin says:

    A couple of options that I think may have happened;

    —- First option; Hei is Izanagi, in which case he killed Yin/Izanami. Therefore, he would go on to kill their son, Kagutsuchi (the Yin-look-alike). It would make no sense for Shion to be Izanagi, because according to the mythology (if it is actually following it), Izanagi kills Izanami – whereas Shion dies before that happens.

    —- Second option; Hei killed Izanami /not/ Yin. Hei’s star was shining brighter than ever before, and (if I remember correctly) when a contractor is using their powers their stars light up. So he could have been separating Yin and Izanami, but who knows. I’m sure he found a way to save her, I mean, his power is molecular manipulation. Also, Yin stated that Hei just needed to know the right time. That, in my opinion, was when she showed herself asking him to kill her, when in actuality that isn’t what she wanted at all – she just wanted to be with him. I believe that was the “right time” she was counting on Hei to know, that way he could separate and/or kill Izanami, but save Yin.


    This is just a couple of mixed-and-mashed ideas of other comments that I’ve read, other sources, and some things that I believe happened.

    Personally, I believe that the second option is what actually happened.

    Though, I still think there should be a season three (or just a few more episodes) just to clear up all of the questions and confusion, and make it a clear ending answering all of the question (or at least most of them). I’m sure they are low on how much more they can add to the story, though. However, It would be nice to see some of these questions answered with certainty. E.G.: what happened to Yin, what/how everyone is doing after all of this has happened, who Izanagi really is, will Suou ever see Hei again, and all of that good stuff.

  41. udit sinha says:

    I’m don’t no hei and yin alive or die.but please season 3?yin and hei lived together.

  42. Clifton says:

    You really ought to redo this post. First of all, the OVA was made because they messed up.

    Well, kinda. The thing is, this series isn’t about Hei or Yin…it is about Suou.

    Second thing is, the whole alternate world thing is a bit kinda weird, but rest assured that such a world is in another dimension of sorts, so at least in terms of closure we get to see a happy ending for someone. It’s also the way the gate works….the way its always worked.

    Third thing is this: The prophesied one wasn’t destroyed. Clearly Yin’s alternate form came to being, and Yin? Well, chances are she isn’t dead. After all, who keeps a oxygen system on a dead woman? Plus, the only way for the destroyer to come to the earth is because Yin wasn’t slain.

    Anyways, hope the OVA at least made you understand where Yin falls in the mix. Just remember, it is NOT about Hei…..this is Suou’s story. We don’t need or want closure for him. :P

  43. kibidevil00 says:

    see the ova of the first season for understand the secon

  44. Andre says:

    Did you ever notice any of these moments in the anime? Hei and Yin sweet moments (Darker Than Black)
    MrSam371 76,105 views. Please let me know if you noticed or saw any of these moments in the anime because I don’t remember lol please

  45. Aaron says:

    The boy in the coffin that looked like yin was actually izanagi/izanami’s child. the cop that escorted hei to yin’s “shell” told him about izanami’s pregnancy and with that we can assume the child produced by the two would continue on after their lifetimes to restart the process for the end of the world. it ties in with misaki’s comment that izanami’s and izanagi’s end was only the beginning since this pattern will begin again. considering that the all knowing madam said that the end of the world is inevitable, we can guess that this cycle will not end until the end of the world genuinely occurs.

  46. Ciela says:

    I watched this season in 2014 and I’m still waiting for 3rd season lolol
    Well, I think that Yin is not dead. Probably Hei killed just Izanami or just separated her from Yin. Yin is still alive and stays with Hei. Then, Hei, Mao and the other characters will fight Izanami’s son.
    Hei x Yin HAVE TO BE CANON!!

    I did not like Suou, so I was happy that she went for another dimension lol

  47. Ben says:

    Thanks for writing this.
    Regarding Heis Power in this serie aswell as Suos I have asked myself something.

    We know Hei has his contractor powers in Episode 1 and partly episode 2.
    Then we know Suo transforms intro a contractor(or was she before?) exactly the time Hei is stripped from his powers.
    Question: Was Suo a contractor always since Shion created the copy of her?
    And also: Did she gain her powers because Hei aka BK-201 lost his? Remember Kirihara says BK-201s star is gone at the time it happens.
    Only to have his powers come back at the ending of episode 12, just immeadiately after Suo her necklace gets “destroyed” by Izanami.
    I mean we clearly know the necklace of Suo has something to do with the contractor powers. Others say its only storing her memories. But I think as its part of a meteor it does both.
    But how is it that Hei and Suo never have contractor powers at the same time?
    I just believe his powers were transfered to her when they used the portable anti-contractor shield/weapon against him and transfered back after suos necklace is destoryed(and his star is back some minutes later). Anybody thought about that?
    Or was that all just randomly?

  48. Joey Salads says:

    I hope I can clarify things up for you (if I can be trusted):

    1. In no way did Shion “send” Suou and July to the fake world, they are DEAD. He simply created copies of them in that world.

    2. The whole “Izanami/Izanagi” thing is pretty complicated. An ancient prophecy states that an evolved Doll will become Izanami and bring about the end of time. Izanagi is a Contractor that has the ability of creation, thus Shion. This is all very closely linked to traditional Shintoist mythology: Izanagi is the god of gods and the Creator. His undead wife Izanami represents death (Izanami is also essentially an anti-Contractor weapon in the show).
    In DTB, from the “union” of Izanagi and Izanami will spring forth a being that will destroy the world – that’s the Yin look-alike you see killing John Smith in the end.

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