Anime Media Guidelines

If you wish to download any media files from (video clips or mp3s) please read through the following guidelines...

- All media files hosted on are for free/non-commercial sampling purposes only. I am not making any profit off of them. You are welcome to download them as long as you also do not intend to use them for profit.

- There are no full-episode/movie downloads on (don't get it mixed up with only hosts short anime opening/ending video clips and anime mp3s. It does not distribute or host any, illegal or otherwise, full anime episode/movie download files.

- Please only download one file at a time.

- In order to save bandwidth, I have compressed all the media files into ZIP files. After downloading each file, you will need another program to unzip it. Your computer may already have such a program installed, but if you're having problems, you can unzip them with WinZip or WinRAR. Both of these programs can be downloaded for free at

(About the opening/ending video clips) Most of the anime opening/ending video clips on are from various sites, but mostly from (the now defunct German site) and (the now defunct site) Anime Intro Archive (except for the Full Metal Alchemist clips, which are from Devil's Nest), so those sites deserve a good amount of credit. Other than those, most of the other opening videos were ripped by me.

(About the mp3s) Even though most anime music is not licensed in the US, all of the anime mp3s on are for sampling only. If you view the properties of each mp3, I've listed the name(s) of the artist(s) of each song. Please support them and the anime market in general by buying their CDs.

- NO DIRECT LINKING! If you end up using any media files on for your own site, PLEASE upload them to your own server. For those of you who don't know what direct linking is, it's when one web site copies the exact link of a file from another web site. That way, even when someone downloads the file on the web site that copied it, it costs the original web site bandwidth, and thus money. Direct linking is usually considered a violation of most web host's policies. Instead of direct linking a file that you want to use, simply download it to your computer first and then upload it to your own web site host. That's the fairest (and safest) way to use all files ^_^)

Alright, I think that's about it for the media guidelines. If you have any more questions or concerns, or if you experience any problems with the files themselves, please let me know. Happy downloading! ^_^

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