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Anime Expo 2005

Anime Expo '05 Photos

The Convention Center

The front of the convention center with its big AX banner!

The huge Viz Media banner inside the convention center

View of the two hotels from the 3rd floor terrace

Another view from the terrace

The Exhibit Hall

First few anime booths near the front of the Exhibit Hall

Moneca Stori autographing an Inuyasha poster for me! ^^

Inside the Exhibit Hall(it's kinda crowded but you can tell it's got a lot of stuff!)

Another shot inside the Exhibit Hall


Ryo-ohki, from Tenchi Muyo!

Full Metal Alchemist pair - Ed and Envy!

Kagura, from Inuyasha

Sophie, from Howl's Moving Castle

Fruits Basket pair - Yuki and Kyo!

Naruto pair - Naruto and Kakashi(Jennifer got herself in this pic ^^,,,)

Orochimaru, from Naruto

Full Metal Alchemist group(sorry it's a bit blurry)

Sailor Saturn, from Sailor Moon

Kiba, from Naruto(sorry, this one's also a bit blurry)

Inuyasha pair - Inuyasha and Miroku!

Al, from Full Metal Alchemist!

Sora, from Kingdom Hearts

Trigun group!

Naruto group!

An even bigger Naruto group! ^^

Sesshomaru, from Inuyasha

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