Anime Expo 2008

Anime Expo 2008, the 16th Anime Expo and the first one to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, was the third AX I've been to and the second in which I spent the entire four days. After the disorganization and hectic lines of last year's AX, I decided to play it safe for '08 so I went and got my badge on Day 0. I also didn't go to any of the main events in '08; I mostly spent my time at panels, the Exhibit Hall, and Artist Alley. After all the disappointments of AX '07 I was willing to give AX one more chance to redeem themselves in 2008. And I'm happy to report that they did indeed improve themselves and I had a very fun time at AX 2008! =D

Anime Expo '08 Coverage: Detailed coverage of all the events and other things I did at AX '08 as well as my thoughts and opinions about them.

Anime Expo '08 photos and video clips: Photos and video clips I took of cosplayers, the Exhibit Hall, and other AX stuff.

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