Anime Expo 2007

Anime Expo 2007 was only the second AX I've been to besides AX 2005, but it was the first con in which I stayed the entire time (four days). I enjoyed the events and Exhibit Hall, but as many fans will agree, the disorganization and poor planning at AX '07 was appalling. Many will also agree that the Long Beach Convention Center was inferior to the usual Anaheim Convention Center in more ways than one. But in spite of some disappointments and shock at the con's disorganization, I had a pretty good time anyway. I really enjoyed the two concerts I attended, the goodies I bought at the Exhibit Hall, and hanging out with all the friends I met there. I didn't attend most of the events I said I would in my original "Plans for AX!" post but I was able to keep busy there anyway ^^ Well, hope you enjoy my coverage of AX '07!

Anime Expo '07 Coverage: Detailed coverage of all the events and other things I did at AX '07 as well as my thoughts and opinions about them.

Anime Expo '07 photos and video clips: Photos and video clips I took of cosplayers, the Exhibit Hall, and other AX stuff.

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