Holiday update – Re:Zero, Izetta, and other anime I watched this year

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Hi all, I’m finally back with a new post since I’m on vacation until after New Year’s and I wanted to say a few words on some of the recent anime I’ve watched…

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Yumeka’s top 10 (non-Pokemon) video games

Even though it’s not my main hobby, I do enjoy playing video games now and then. As some of you are aware of, I’m much more of a video game connoisseur than what you’d call a “gamer” – there’s a handful of games and game series I enjoy, but I only pick up a new one once in a while and I certainly don’t play all of the very popular games. Pokemon has been my main game of choice for years, and I play it so much more than other video games that I consider it its own separate hobby. But there have been many other games that have made an impression on me over the years, and surprisingly I never really thought about which ones have been my all time favorites. So now it’s time to do that!…

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A small history of drawings

For the past five to six years, my field of academic interest has been Japanese language and culture, which was brought about by my love for anime. However, that was not the case for most of the years of my life. In fact, for quite a long time I thought my career would follow not the language and culture of anime, but its visual medium – animation and cartooning…

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Nostalgia: remembering old school video games

Lately I’ve been indulging in the wonders of emulators – programs that allow you to play old video games from various consoles on your computer. Back in the 90s when I was a kid and before I knew about anime, I spent the majority of my free time engrossed in video games. And even to this day, thanks to emulators, I’ve discovered that I still love old school games, sometimes even more so than new games…

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Autobiography of How I Became an Anime Fan (2009 edition): chapter 1

Back in early 2005, I wrote a “condensed” autobiography of how I became an anime fan. It detailed all the stages I went through, starting from when I was a little kid watching cartoons, to creating my own anime web site and watching all kinds of series. I recently reread this old work of mine, and I have to say that not only is it outdated, my writing skills back then kind of sucked. Now, almost five years later, after watching much more anime and graduating college, I figured it’s finally time to rewrite my anime autobiography…

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Nostalgia: what anime did you used to watch on TV when you were little?

I used to love Samurai Pizz Cats! ^.^

It wasn’t until I became an anime fan around 1999/2000 did I find out what anime really is. However, unbeknown to myself at the time, I used to watch some anime and anime-related shows on TV back when I was a kid in elementary school, despite the fact that I didn’t have cable TV back then (and anime like Voltron, Robotech, and Kimba were before my time). Lately I’ve had a wave of nostalgia these past few days thinking about and missing some old cartoons I used to watch. So I felt like sharing four of the old anime TV shows I used to adore when I was a little kid…

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