The General Anime Preference Survey, ’07 version!

A little over a year ago I made a poll/survey on my site asking about the general anime preferences of my visitors, such as favorite series, genre, sub vs dub, first series ever watched, etc,. I got a lot of responses and it was interesting to see the results. But the survey’s been long overdue for an updated version, which I finally got around to finishing today ^^ I tweaked some of the older questions (obviously taking into account new anime that’s been released since last year) and added a whole bunch of new questions too. So if you’ve got a few minutes, take a look at my General Anime Preference Survey ’07 and answer as many questions as you like (you’re not required to answer all of them to complete the survey). And once I get the results posted, I’m sure you’ll find them quite interesting, especially compared to last year’s results ^_^

Code Geass – Graphics Ashford artbook scans

A little over a week ago, I had a small reunion with some of the people who were in the same Japanese extension program I attended last summer. We met up at Little Tokyo in downtown LA, went out to lunch, and shopped around the stores. It had been a while since I went to the good ‘ol Kinokuniya book store and Jungle Collectibles shop there (which is also where AnimeTV is frequently filmed), so I forgot about all the great anime goodies they have ^^ I’m trying to save up my money for Anime Expo, but I couldn’t resist this gorgeous Code Geass artbook I found…

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Happy Earth Day, from MAY! ^_^

Happy Earth Day, from Mainichi Anime Yume! I know Earth Day isn’t as big a day as, let’s say Thanksgiving or Easter, but me being a nature lover as well as an anime lover, I think it’s important ^.^ To me, everyday is Earth Day!

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more.”
– George Gordon

Romeo x Juliet eps 1 to 2 review

When I first heard the name of this series, I thought “Wow, an anime version of a Shakespeare play? This I gotta see!” But then after reading the synopsis and finding out that it wasn’t really a rendition of the play, rather, it just used the same general setting and characters, I still figured it sounded interesting enough to check out. And surprisingly, out of the three new spring ’07 series’ I’ve been watching so far, I think this one is my favorite ^^

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Inuyasha ch. 501 – 502 review

*images courtesy of MakiMaki*
Volume 51, chapter 501 Backflow, chapter 502 Proof

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El Cazador eps 1 to 2 review

And here’s the second of the new spring ’07 anime I’m managing to squeeze into my limited free time, El Cazadar (de la Bruja). After reading about the story, it sounded interesting, though nothing that special. But I decided to check it out anyway…and so far, I like it. I’m skeptic as to whether or not it’ll be able to keep up its coolness, or if it’ll eventually fall into a predictable formula. But I’m enjoying it in the meantime…I can tell it’s a very difficult series to judge based on just two episodes, but I’m gonna try anyway ^^

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Hayate the Combat Butler eps 1 to 2 review

So here it is, the first of the new spring ’07 series’ I started watching. ::sigh:: there’s just too much new anime to check out, and not enough free time! =P So as usual, I had to pick out only a handful of the new spring series’ that I feel I’ll have time to watch and keep up with. But after watching the first two episodes of Hayate the Combat Butler, I’m glad this was one of them ^^

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Inuyasha ch. 500 review + AMV

*image courtesy of MakiMaki*
Volume 51, chapter 500 Successor

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Code Geass season finale review

Well, I finally sat down and watched the last episode of Code Geass a few nights ago. Better late than never I guess. Obviously that wasn’t the actual ending of the series, since episodes 24 and 25 will air in the summer, and I think a new season will begin sometime next year. But anyway, what started off as a pretty typical war/mecha series that was a bit too complex and fast-paced in the beginning, turned into a very good take on the genre, and the series has since established enough unique elements to make it stand out among the fall ’06 series’.

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Sorry for lack of posts (but some good news too!)

It was a pretty normal day for me this past Friday, until the above arrived in my mailbox ^^

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