Funny fansub fails

I’m still in the midst of enjoying my 3-day weekend but I didn’t want to ignore the blog for too long. So here’s a fun and simple post this Memorial Day to memorialize some hilarious anime fansub fails…

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My top 10 anime endings

*Notice: For some strange reason, commenting on my blog was not working from roughly 1pm yesterday to 1pm today (PST). If you left a comment on the blog during that time, your comment has been lost. I sincerely apologize for this – I don’t know how it happened, but luckily my fellow blogger chikorita157 was able to fix it. Commenting should be back to normal now but please let me know if you experience any problems.*


I recently counted down my top 10 anime openings, so now it’s time to move on to endings, as difficult as it was…

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Making a list of favorite anime openings

I’ve made a lot of anime favorites lists over the years, but I was recently reminded that I have yet to make a list of favorite openings, a list that many bloggers have already done. Although there’s a reason for why I’ve been avoiding such a list, I finally managed to come up with a top 10…

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mainichi Anime Yume

It’s now Valentine’s Day here in the U.S. Just wanted to wish you all a happy one. As usual, it’s just another day for me…but I do have a few anime Valentine’s pictures for you after the jump…

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Welcome to my anime haven

*Click the image for a larger version*

It’s now been a year and four months since I last posted photos of my room, which is covered in anime posters and goodies. My room actually got featured in ANN’s Shelf Life back in Sept. 2009 when I submitted the photos. A lot has changed since then, so I decided it’s once again time to take out the camera and share the 2011 version of my anime-covered room with everyone…

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Merry Christmas from Mainichi Anime Yume!

It’s once again Christmas here in CA and I just wanted to wish all my visitors a very merry one~ Unfortunately I get to spend this Christmas fighting off a cold ~_~ But it could be worse…at least I have the weekend to recover.

And as usual, I’ve posted some nice anime Christmas pictures after the jump…

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A small history of drawings

For the past five to six years, my field of academic interest has been Japanese language and culture, which was brought about by my love for anime. However, that was not the case for most of the years of my life. In fact, for quite a long time I thought my career would follow not the language and culture of anime, but its visual medium – animation and cartooning…

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My top 10 favorite anime songs

After writing editorial/analytical posts the past few weeks, I figured it’s time to take a break and return to good ‘ol fan-gushing posts. I haven’t done a list of favorites in a while, so here’s one that I’ve always wanted to do – my top 10 favorite anime songs…

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Happy Halloween from MAY!

ハロウィン2010 by きのこすけ

Even though it’s just another day for me, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween! I already used up all my good anime Halloween pictures on my post from last year, so this year I’ll be sharing some Halloween fan art images courtesy of pixiv. You can see them after the jump…

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The gems of my anime collection

After 10+ years of collecting anime goods, I feel it’s time for me to pick out the handful of products that are the pride and joy of my collection…

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