Fan art roundup (and quick announcements)

Credit to linked pixiv user

As much as I want to, I unfortunately don’t have the time or energy for my usual posts this week. I’ve had extra hours at work, I’m in the midst of preparing for a short vacation I’ll be taking with my mom next week, and I’ve been wanting to use the little free time I have to play through my copy of Pokemon X. But I didn’t want to completely neglect the blog this week, so I decided to do something easy – share nice pieces of anime fan art I’ve found on pixiv over the years…

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My 10 most unforgettable anime tunes

Even though art and storytelling quality is what brings us to anime, there’s no denying that anime is full of music too, some tunes being solid and memorable, others being average and forgettable. While we all have our favorite anime openings, endings, BGM, and other songs, I thought I’d go beyond those today and think of the anime music that’s most “unforgettable” to me – not necessarily favorites of mine, but tunes that are so unique and catchy to my ears that I won’t forget them even if I haven’t watched their respective anime in years…

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Funny pics and videos

Madoka and Fate/Zero characters eating out together…why not?

I’ve been sick this week so unfortunately I’m not up to writing my usual lengthy editorial or review posts. But, not wanting to go over a week without blogging, I’m just going to do a laid back post today and share some funny anime and related pictures and videos that will hopefully brighten your day…

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Yumeka’s SoCal travels: Disneyland

Today I wanted to experiment with a different kind of post – one that involves taking a break from anime and blogging about one of the most popular overall blog topics: places traveled to. I’m not much of a traveler and haven’t been to many interesting places. But there are some I would like to share at some point, besides Japan and anime conventions, which I’ve already shared quite a bit of here on the blog. So what better way to start than with the “happiest place on Earth”…

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Photos of my anime-covered room (2012 version)

*Click the image for a larger version*

Every year since 2008 I’ve taken photos of my room, which is covered in anime, and posted them here on the blog. Even though I’ve lived in the same house all these years, I get new anime stuff every year and the design of my room changes accordingly. So here’s the 2012 version…

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Anime demotivators

I’ve been working more hours than usual this week, so regrettably I don’t have the time or energy for an extensive post today – instead, here’s a quick but fun post that I hope will provide your day with a chuckle or two. A collection of my favorite anime demotivators…

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Funny fansub fails

I’m still in the midst of enjoying my 3-day weekend but I didn’t want to ignore the blog for too long. So here’s a fun and simple post this Memorial Day to memorialize some hilarious anime fansub fails…

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My top 10 anime endings

*Notice: For some strange reason, commenting on my blog was not working from roughly 1pm yesterday to 1pm today (PST). If you left a comment on the blog during that time, your comment has been lost. I sincerely apologize for this – I don’t know how it happened, but luckily my fellow blogger chikorita157 was able to fix it. Commenting should be back to normal now but please let me know if you experience any problems.*


I recently counted down my top 10 anime openings, so now it’s time to move on to endings, as difficult as it was…

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Making a list of favorite anime openings

I’ve made a lot of anime favorites lists over the years, but I was recently reminded that I have yet to make a list of favorite openings, a list that many bloggers have already done. Although there’s a reason for why I’ve been avoiding such a list, I finally managed to come up with a top 10…

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mainichi Anime Yume

It’s now Valentine’s Day here in the U.S. Just wanted to wish you all a happy one. As usual, it’s just another day for me…but I do have a few anime Valentine’s pictures for you after the jump…

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