Celebrating 50 years of anime – how the medium has changed me

Most of you are probably not aware, but 2013 marks the 50-year anniversary of modern style anime (thanks to chii for bringing this up). Fifty years ago in 1963, Astro Boy began airing, the series credited with being the very first television anime that inspired the style of anime we see today. Anime has come a long, long way since then and has certainly changed in more ways than I can write about. But I wanted to do something to celebrate this milestone for the medium that has been such a big part of my life for roughly 14 of those 50 years. I thought, should I do something generic, like write about what I think are the best anime, characters, scenes., etc., to come out in those fifty years? But in the end, I opted to do something more personal and discuss a few ways anime has affected me personally – how it’s affected my life, my thoughts, my relationships, and other things…

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Madoka Magica movies in LA

Yesterday I attended one of the limited US screenings of the two Madoka movies. The two movies were screened subtitled as a double-feature in a downtown LA theater, with a fifteen minute intermission in between. Also, exclusive to the LA screenings was Aniplex selling some Madoka goodies at the theater (helped by Anime Jungle, a local anime store). As expected, it was an awesome event to say the least…

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Anime Expo 2012 coverage and photos

Yesterday I returned home from my 4-day stay at Anime Expo 2012. I had a fantastic time to say the least – I met up with a lot of cool people, went to great events, saw amazing cosplay, and bought lots of goodies! You can see my full coverage and photos of the con after the jump…

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Off to Anime Expo ’12

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading off to Anime Expo for my 4-day stay at North America’s biggest anime convention (today I’ll be stopping by just to get my badge). This will be my sixth time going to AX and I always try to make each time better than the last =D I have a lot of friends I’m planning to see and fun events I’m planning to attend, so it should be a good one. You can see my tentative schedule for AX after the jump…

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Merry Christmas from Mainichi Anime Yume!

Credit to linked pixiv user

It’s now Christmas Day here on the west coast and I just want to wish you all a very merry one ^_^ Before the year is officially over, I plan to post some reviews of my recently finished summer/fall ’11 anime, as well as my “moments of anime” post which will be up on New Year’s. So I hope you all enjoy this wondrous day and I will be back with a proper post soon~!

Happy Halloween from Mainichi Anime Yume!

Just wanted to wish you all a happy Halloween ’11 from MAY ^_^ Since Halloween’s just another day for me I don’t have anything to share other than this appropriate AMV from the most Halloween-ish anime of all, Soul Eater.

Well, hope you have a safe and frightfully enjoyable day! I’ll be back with a new post in a few days~

Anime Expo 2011 coverage and photos

I had a fantastic four days at AX ’11, making it the fifth Anime Expo I’ve been to and the third in which I’ve stayed all four days. My coverage and cosplay photos of the con can be found after the jump…

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My Anime Expo ’11 plans

We’re now two weeks away from Anime Expo, the largest North American anime convention that will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Although AX ’11 will only be my fifth AX, they’ve been my yearly highlights each time I’ve gone. The Anime Expo web site put up their schedule of events a few days ago, so now it’s time for me to get planning!…

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Preliminary plans for Anime Expo ’11, and why we go to cons

Last night I preregistered for Anime Expo 2011 and booked a hotel for my stay there. Even though the con is still months away and hardly anything about its events is known yet, I can’t contain my excitement and am already making tentative plans in my head. It also got me thinking that, despite the fact that we all love anime, fans have a variety of reasons for why they go to conventions…

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It’s my birthday

I’ve finally hit the quarter of a century mark…

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