Photos of my anime-filled room (2014 edition)

Decorating my room with posters, figures, plushies, etc., from anime and other media I love has been a big thing for me for many years. After all, my room is where I spend most of my time when I’m not at work/school, so why not cover it with things I love? I started posting photos of my room in 2008, and again in 2009 and 2012 as I’ve changed/rearranged things (the 2009 post actually got featured in ANN’s Shelf Life column!) Now it’s been a little over two years since I posted my last room photos and I finally feel that things have changed enough for me to share new ones…

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To start off, here’s the door to my room and the area around it. The various posters I got from anime conventions, and the big Disappearance of Haruhi movie poster I got for free when I went to the US premiere in San Francisco in 2010 (and I got another one when I went to see it in LA later that year!) The two My Little Pony plushies are part of a line of good quality (and show-accurate) plushies slowly being released by 4DE. Kyubey shares that table with them and has recently been tasked with guarding my 3DS =P

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And here’s the back of the door and the wall behind it. The big Code Geass poster on the door is autographed by a few of the English voice actors. I got it for free when I went to their autograph session at Anime Expo 2008. The smaller Code Geass poster actually came inside an artbook I randomly bought in Little Tokyo back in 2007. And that Pokemon puzzle down at the bottom is really old…I got it back in 1999 and it’s still in pretty good shape. I can never have enough of my favorite pokemon, Vaporeon, so there’s a plushie of him hanging on the door. You’ll probably spot him a bunch more times throughout the rest of the photos so see how many you can find ;)

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Here’s my 42″ HD TV that I spend most of my time looking at; it acts as my computer monitor for blogging, web surfing, and watching anime and other videos online, as well as my means of watching DVDs and Blu-rays, playing console games, and the rare times I watch TV. Right now my desktop background is one of my favorite winter fan art pics from Toradora!, but I’m always changing it up. The little beckoning cat in the middle I got from my first trip to Japan in 2006, and to the far left and right of it are a couple of trinkets I got from Nara – the left is a crystal decoration (I know they have a specific name but I can’t think of it) with the kanji for “Nara” inside along with a Buddha, a deer, and the Kofukuji pagoda, and the right is a little deer on a piece of wood from Nara park (Nara is famous for the tame deer that walk around). In the middle are new Pokemon figures I bought of Eevee and all its evolutions :3

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Inside the TV stand and the rack next to it are where I keep some of my anime DVD/BDs, all of my non-anime DVDs/BDs, and my games (there’s more DVDs in the back that you can’t see too). It’s obvious that besides anime I’m a big fan of Disney and other American animated movies, but there are a few live-action movies there too XD It’s also obvious that I’m not a big gamer; besides my 3DS I still just have a Wii, which you can see next to the cable box in the photo. I plan to get a Wii U eventually though, probably when the new Smash Brothers game comes out.

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Next to the TV stand is what used to be my computer desk before I started using my TV as the computer monitor. Now I just use it to display figures and hold my computer and printer. The top shelf you see in the photo has since become the “Haruhi shrine” where I display my love for Haruhi :3 It doesn’t seem like I have room for anymore now! Behind it is the cover page of a Fullmetal Alchemist calendar I got in 2006 that still makes an awesome poster. To the left you can see a bit of an autographed Lucky Star poster I got at Anime Expo ’08 (there’ll be a better photo of it later).

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Here’s the rest of the old computer desk which is now just a display desk. Since I’ve been really into Frozen I had to squeeze in a display area for that next to my anime figures XD The big Frozen folder I got when I preordered the Blu-ray at my local Disney Store. Inside are four nice lithographs from the movie, which was a pretty sweet preorder bonus. The two dolls of Elsa and Anna are from the Disney classic dolls collection and are currently ridiculously hard to find for reasonable prices (though not nearly as bad as the limited edition dolls!) The two little figures of them are for the Disney Infinity game, which I don’t have and don’t plan on playing – I just liked the figures :3 Then we have the rest of my anime figures, the three biggest (and most expensive) ones are of my three other favorite girls besides Haruhi – Yuri (Angel Beats!), Shana (Shakugan no Shana), and Asuka (Evangelion). Also have a couple of Lucky Star figmas of Konata and Kagami, and plushies of Chi from Chi’s Sweet Home and Chibiterasu from Okami Den (I still need to finish that game…) Oh, and that part of the desk at the bottom there that slides out is for a keyboard, but I now us it to keep my TV and Wii remotes.

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Here’s the next wall – more Frozen pictures and a Cardcaptor Sakura poster that’s over 14 years old and I still like it enough to keep it up XD Below that is a poster board of a cool Pokemon fan art my boyfriend bought me (glad it’s a board I can keep on the floor or else I’d have no room for it!) Up above covering the window is a big Pokemon reji-sheet I got during my second trip to Japan in 2009. It only has 492 pokemon though, so it’s been long outdated. Off to the left is a long and very vertical fan art from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows drawn anime-style. Since it’s the best Harry Potter fan art I’ve ever seen, I used a poster-making program to make a poster of it myself. Below the Harry Potter poster you can see a bit of a Naruto puzzle I bought in Japan.

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Here’s the rest of the wall, near my bed now. There are more anime posters I got from conventions or printed myself, and that big My Little Pony bag came free from WeLoveFine when I placed an order with them over a certain amount. It’s too big to be of much use outside of a convention so I thought it would be nice to display instead XD Hanging to the right of the bag are all my badges from all the non-Anime Expo conventions I’ve been to (four so far). And that’s my cat Toki on the bed. I’ve had her for over 13 years now and she still doesn’t mind that my room is covered in collectibles!

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Here’s a better picture of the bed and the surrounding walls. That Angel Beats! blanket was a last minute buy at Anime Expo ’12 and I still use it when I need some extra warmth in addition to my regular blanket. That big Madoka Magica wall scroll was the LAST ONE and I was the lucky one to get it when they were being sold when the first two movies premiered in LA in 2012. Above it is a Haruhi calendar poster from 2012 that I never took down since I like the picture :3 The wall scroll to the left is from the now-old-school shojo anime Fushigi Yuugi, which I was into in high school. Even though I’m not big on the series anymore and that wall scroll has been hanging there for 11 years now, I still think it’s pretty and don’t want to take it down yet XD The Kyubey mask hanging from it was from Aniplex when they were heavily promoting Madoka Magica at Anime Expo ’12. Hanging to the left of the Madoka scroll are all my Anime Expo badges since my first one in 2005 – so seven as of now, and hanging on the right are awards/medals I got from college. I used to have a lot more plushies and stuffed animals on my bed, but since I’ve gotten a thinner bed in recent years I’ve had to limit that number. Now I just have the two Frozen plush dolls, Chopper, and my big ‘ol Pikachu :3

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My very old desk that I hardly use anymore and has also become more of a display desk. As you can see, I keep a lot of old and new Pokemon figures/plushies here. That Naruto pencil board I was recently using when I was studying for the JLPT a few months ago, though I have a bunch more pencil boards inside my desk. Despite how big and bulky it is, I’ve been using that My Little Pony bag as my regular going-out bag for when I go out shopping, with friends, and at work. I have fun customizing it with pins too ;) Oh, and that Loony Tunes mug with the “96” on it I got from Six Flags Magic Mountain during a class field trip there in 1996…so yes, it’s that old and it’s still in fine condition XD

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Here’s a fuller picture of the desk area. The chair to the desk broke a long time ago and I never bought a new once since I hardly use it, so I keep my 1,000 piece Haruhi bunny girl puzzle there instead. More various anime posters, including the big autographed Haruhi poster I got at Anime Expo ’07, and to the right are the shelves where I keep most of my anime collection.

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A closer picture of the anime DVDs/BDs I keep in this display case. Also on top of the shelf is my little mini “Chopper shrine,” since he’s another favorite character of mine :3

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And here are the closet doors, which have gone through all kinds of changes over the years ;) Right now they’re more geared towards My Little Pony but I’ve still got Pokemon and other anime pictures too. Shana and Inuyasha on the left door…and that calligraphy is the kanji for “yume” (dream) that I made in Japan. By the way, those cabinets you can see at the top above the closet doors are the only part of my room that’s messy; they’re filled with tons of stuff from my childhood, like old books, stuffed animals, and toys, as well as all the boxes my anime figures came in, manga I have no room for, tons of rolled up anime posters I’ve taken down, old college books, and various other stuff I don’t want to give away or don’t have room to display. I need to stop being such a packrat XD

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The rest of the closet doors with my four mini Pony posters, and those two Pokemon posters at the bottom are both about 15 years old, but I still love them XD I found that lovely AnoHana art at the top there at Anime Expo ’11. Not sure why I put all those Grave of the Fireflies pictures up when I’m not that big a fan of the movie (I think it’s a great movie but it utterly depresses me). I got the mini poster and cards free at Anime Expo one year so I just thought, “They’d fit perfectly here.”

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Now we’ve just about come full circle with the wall on the other side of the door. That Pokemon timeline poster way at the top was a freebie when I preordered Pokemon X at GameStop last year. I use various anime calendars each year, usually Pokemon, but this year I got a Free! calendar :3 Lots of other anime posters, pencil boards, and stickers here, and of course, the plushies sitting on top of my bookshelf.

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And here’s the actual bookshelf. I really need to get a bigger one someday since it’s been full for a long time and I have to keep putting old books away in the closet to make room for new ones. The top shelf is mostly manga in Japanese (Inuyasha, Kannagi, and Azumanga Daioh mostly), a few Pokemon books, Haruhi light novels, and a couple of Japanese history books I used in college. The second shelf has more of the Japanese literature books I used in college, books about animals and animal welfare, and other miscellaneous books such as works by my favorite authors like Mark Twain and Edgar Allen Poe. And the bottom shelf has more Japanese lit books, Japanese language study books, random anime and other magazines, all my anime artbooks, and my Calvin & Hobbes collections (gotta get the rest of those someday).

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This picture and the one below are parts of my room I never shared before – inside my closets. Not all my clothes or anything, but there’s space below where I keep a bunch of other stuff. In this picture, those things in the front are my old Beast Wars Transformers toys I loved as a kid. I played with them so much that I’ve been too sentimental about them to give them away XD Those binders behind them are full of various things, mostly my old Pokemon and other collectible cards, my old drawings, and my old anime fansubs I used to burn onto CDs. There’s some bags and backpacks I use sometimes, a Pony hat that’s too small for me and I should probably give it away, my old Clow book with all the Clow Cards inside, some old and nostalgic Pokemon magazines and game guides, and my extremely old piggy bank I should break open one day (though there isn’t much in it at all). Oh, and that Kyubey in plastic is a scarf I bought at the Madoka Magica movie event from 2012.

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And here’s the other side of the closet. To the left are display cases where I keep some of the rarer Beanie Babies I still have from when I used to collect them a long time ago (they WILL make me rich one day!) The boxes in the middle are all of my trading card game paraphernalia including card sleeves, boxes, and play mats for Pokemon and Weiss Schwarz. The binders to the right are full of the cards I’m currently into; the new Pokemon cards, Weiss Schwarz, the My Little Pony trading cards and comics, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, though I don’t collect those anymore. Behind them are convention bags and posters I got at conventions that I don’t have room for. The red thing in front of the binders is actually a Pokemon pinball game I won at a Pokemon League many years ago. Surprisingly it still works. The boxes it’s leaning against are where I keep random stuff like keychains, pins, figure parts, game accessories, etc,. Under the Madoka bag are more of my Japanese study books I don’t have room for in the bookshelf. Those microphones I use once in a while when I do karaoke at home with my mom and/or friends.

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And I’ll wrap up my room tour with a couple of all-encompassing shots. Here’s one of the whole room taken from the doorway.

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And here’s one taken from the back. By the way, that brown reclining chair is new and better than the old one I had before XD

Toki still approves of my room~!

*Omake* How many Vaporeons did you spot in my room? All together there should be eight. Highlight the text below for all their locations:

1. The plushie hanging from my door that I already mentioned
2. There’s a small figure on the left side speaker under my TV. You can see it most clearly in the 20th photo
3. There’s two on top of my TV. One is a small figure on the left side…
4. …and the other is the plushie on the right. You can only see them in the 21st photo
5. Another figure amongst the other Eeveelution figures in front of my TV
6. There’s a picture of Vaporeon right above the Free! calendar in the 16th photo
7. There’s a pin of Vaporeon on my bag amongst the other Eeveelutions in the 11th photo.
8. This one’s hard to find but if you look at the Pokemon reji-sheet in the 21st photo, you can sort of make out Vaporeon in the upper left area


I’ve recently reached a point where I literally have no more room to display things without having to put other things away. So I actually have more anime figures and other things I’d like to display but just don’t have room for anymore. My mom won’t let me put any anime stuff outside my room, so perhaps one day when I have my own home I’ll be able to put all my stuff on display =D

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the photos~ I never know when my room will change significantly again, but when it does, I’ll be sure to share photos again =)

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  1. Rioraku says:

    Such an awesome display. I’d say its a little late for me to even start something like this…

    So how do you go about deciding what to display and what not to? I cant even imagine trying to figure how to decorate all that stuff! Oh and its awesome someone else still uses Firefox as well^^. Seems like everyone I know uses Chrome…meh.

    And btw, I’m also in the same boat game console wise. Still only have a Wii but will probably get a Wii U when Super Smash comes out =P

    • Yumeka says:

      Firefox has been working fine for me for years so I haven’t had a reason to change it ;)

      As far as deciding what to display and what not to, it just depends on what I feel like. My room has been a gradual work (it’s not like I had all this stuff at the same time and had to figure out how to display it all in an empty room XD) It started off with fewer things and then I continued to bring more things in while getting ride of/putting away things I don’t care to display as much anymore. For example, several years ago some of the pictures in my room were from anime that I don’t care about as much anymore, so I’ve taken them down and replaced them with others.

      Can’t wait for the new Smash Bros.~

  2. Kal says:

    That’s pretty awesome! My room is a blank piece of paper compared to yours. That Clow book with the Clow cards looks like something worth getting. I’ve always loved the artwork of the Clow cards. I saw Toki on the corner of your bed on all the pictures, he must be a pretty big fan of anime as well :P

    Great room :)

    • Yumeka says:

      Glad you like it =)

      I got that Clow Card book years ago…back in 1999/2000 so I’d imagine it’d be really hard to find now. It is pretty neat having plastic real-size cards of all the Clow Cards though XD I have the American version of the book though I believe there’s a Japanese version too that’s slightly better quality.

  3. chikorita157 says:

    Nice display… Of course, my room is still a big mess, so I can’t really buy anything and put it up. Not only that, I spend most the money I have saved up on video games. Still, I still have my Pokemon cards that me and my little sister, although I don’t necessarily collect them anymore.

    Talking about the Wii U, we got ours in 2012 when it first came out. I hardly play with it as there are no games I’m personally interested in it personally, but I do look forward to the new Smash Bros.

    • Yumeka says:

      Heh, I remember you saying your room is a mess a while ago…do have plans to “un-mess” it anytime soon? ;)

      Yeah, I usually only buy game consoles when a game comes out for it that I really want. Hence the reason I haven’t gotten a Wii U yet is because a game I want to play hasn’t come out for it yet. Smash Bros. will likely be the first one.

  4. TheHoudhini says:

    My eyes!! Sensory overload!! How can you room contain all this anime awesomeness, I can’t understand. Personally though, I am not sure if I would want a room like that. Would be too hard to clean and maintain. But it’s still awesome nonetheless.

    What really caught attention tho is the cat on your bed. I wonder how it feels, living there. A dazzling world filled with plushies to gnaw/scratch and attack. How do you keep it from not destroying your room, I am curious to know. What’s it’s name anyway? (sorry if you’ve mentioned it already, I have too short of an attention span to read through everything, kinda just skimmed and dwaled and the pictures). I love cats. I wish I could have one, but they won’t let me keep one in my dorm room :(

    • Yumeka says:

      Actually it’s not that hard to clean and maintain. All I have to do is spend about two hours every 2-3 weeks dusting everything and then vacuuming. I go to each shelf/table, take off all the stuff on it, then use a swiffer duster and spray some anti-dust cleaner on it. And for the figures, I spray them with those condensed air things they use to get dust out of electronics. Works fine ;)

      As for my cat, not all cats are hyper and insist on attacking/scratching everything they see. From my many years of experience with cats, it’s only kittens who do stuff like that, or cats who are indoor-only and don’t get much exercise and thus make their own by playing with everything around them. All of my cats have been indoor/outdoor and I’ve never had any problem with them messing up my stuff – it seems like they do their playing outside and inside is for relaxing. And once they reach a certain age, they just want to chill out and don’t play anymore.

  5. Awesome. You’ve definitely added stuff since I last saw the room. I see pretty gray cat is still with us. =D

    The Free calendar is kind of a surprise, though I know you liked the series. My K poster that I got at AX is still stacked on my floor with a bunch of other stuff (I see yours is hiding in the closet XD).

    That Pokemon chart with all quadrillion pokemon still boggles my mind. XD

    • Yumeka says:

      There wasn’t any particular anime calendar this year that caught my fancy and I didn’t want to get a Pokemon one again for, like, the 3rd year in a row, so I went with the Free! one :3 I always love looking at Kyoto Animation illustrations and the pictures in the Free! calendar are quite nice.

      LOL, yeah, I didn’t exactly like K as you know, so I didn’t feel like taking any of my other posters down to make room for that one XD

      If my Pokemon chart boggles your mind now, just know that it’s several years outdated and there are now about 227 more pokemon than what’s on there!

  6. jimmy says:

    Well, that sure is an assortment of posters, plushies and so on. I noticed your ultra-active ANN account’s profile picture is also a vaporeon. What’s that large black box next to your End of Eva DVD?

    As a special treat, or a sort of amusing counterpoint, I took some pictures of everything anime-related I have with me in my current year-long anime-deprived period of living overseas:

    That’s not actually my Pikachu, but one I bought for a friend and stuck up there for this picture.

    I usually use a TV and speakers, but I’m currently reduced to the crappy setup in this last picture:

    Although, as I’ve said, I don’t like to accessorise as much as you, I do envy your room at the moment.

    • Yumeka says:

      That black box next to the End of Eva DVD is the old ADV box set for the Evangelion TV series (8 DVDs inside).

      Thanks for sharing your photos =D I actually have that exact same Japanese dictionary. I also have Hard Boiled Wonderland too but a different edition.

      Seeing your headphones reminds me that I need to get new ones one of these days – I’m still using the ones I had at my college dorm from about 5 years ago XD

      • jimmy says:

        Ah, I see. I thought I recognised Unit-01’s eyes, but I wasn’t sure. I have Madman’s Australian release of the Platinum edition, myself.

        I’m aware of Murakami, of course, and I’ve enjoyed many of his short stories, but I started his novels with Hard-Boiled Wonderland because it was apparently an influence on one of the best anime I’ve seen, Haibane Renmei (specifically the End of the World setting). Have you read any more by him? I’m thinking of Norwegian Wood next, any thoughts?

        • Yumeka says:

          I didn’t know Hard-Boiled Wonderland was an influence for Haibane Renmei. Now that I think about it, it makes sense.

          Besides that one, I’ve read Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and Wild Sheep Chase. I read them all about 5-6 years ago for college so I don’t remember them that well, but I do remember liking Wind-Up Bird and Hard-Boiled Wonderland a lot, but I thought Wild Sheep Chase was just okay.

  7. Shikon says:

    Wow, your room is AWESOME!

    My room absolutely pales in comparison, in fact, it can’t even be compared! I only have a few wall scrolls (Death Note and Gurren Lagann) and a small collection of anime dvd’s. Btw, I’m seriously loving your setup, the huge monitor+that reclining chair= watching anime and surfing the web in absolute comfort :3

    I always love seeing pictures of peoples collections they’ve accumulated, always makes me wish I would’ve started collecting as a kid, but I’ve never been much of a collector. I’m always subtle when it comes to showing my love for anime (such as my computer/phone background, a couple wall scrolls, etc). Major props to you though for an amazing collection and room :)

    • Yumeka says:

      Heh, I started that setup back in late 2009 when I found a fairly decent reclining chair someone left out on the street. I didn’t have the HD TV yet so I set it up in front of my computer desk as a computer chair, which was fine for watching anime but was difficult for using the mouse and keyboard. When I finally got the HD TV in 2010, I got a wireless mouse and keyboard and figured out a way to set them up near the reclining chair so I’d be able to use them somewhat effectively. It’s probably not the best thing for my computer ergonomics but it works XD

      I’ve always been into collecting things even when I was a little kid, though the whole “covering my room in pictures/collectibles” didn’t start until I got into Pokemon in the early 2000s. And it just went from them XD

  8. Myna says:

    Impressive as always.

    Nice to see Frozen getting some love in there.

    I would never ever want my room to be that visually bombarding. The idea alone of characters’ faces, animated or not, kind of creeps me out to be honest.
    Maybe I’ll take pictures of my own room eventually.

    • Yumeka says:

      I knew you’d like the Frozen stuff :3

      Heh, yeah, this style of decorating isn’t for everyone XD My mom feels the same way you do about my room – she insists it’s way too “busy” in here and she could never fully relax with all this stuff around her. Her room is really plain and empty, the total opposite of mine.

      I’d love to see photos of your room! I’m expecting a lot of Broadway posters ;)

  9. Firechick says:

    I want your room so bad. I wish I had that many anime themed things! You even have a bed spread! And a sleeping Espeon figurine! And many Pokemon posters! Kyaa~!

    • Yumeka says:

      Well, the Angel Beats! blanket is just a throw blanket I have on top of my regular blanket. The rest of the bed is just a regular bed spread =P

      Vaporeon is my favorite but I like that Espeon figure the best out of that set – so cute~

  10. Amy says:

    I bow to the queen of otakudom! (^_^)

  11. Kai says:

    I saw some of your old photos before but I noticed you hooked your computer to a huge 42″ HD TV, lol. I had been thinking of buying one myself, but then I had to relocate most of my furniture. Especially my bed, it takes time to get used to it once you move the bed and I will probably have a hard time sleeping for a few days lol xD My room’s pretty small too, so my 24″ computer monitor screen will be enough for now… maybe…. 42″ is kinda overkill for my room.

    • Yumeka says:

      My ideal HD TV would be 60″ which I might be able to fit in my room…but it would require me to do some serious rearranging and getting rid of other pieces of furniture. So my 42″ is good for now :3

  12. Overlord-G says:

    My parents would probably waste my time by saying something along the lines of “Grow up and get rid of this “childish” trash. You’re 26 years old” if I were to have a room as kick ass as yours.

    • Yumeka says:

      My mom has always been accepting of me liking anime and other so-called “childish” things like video games and My Little Pony even as an adult. She’s even watched some anime with me and liked it. I suppose I’m lucky in that regard :3

  13. sweetpotato says:

    Ohh wow that is definitely an awesome room! just a question; I noticed since you covered your window with the Pokemon & MLP posters, does it ever get opened? for fresh air? or is there another window/source of ventilation in your room?

    • Yumeka says:

      There’s a window above my desk (you can see it in the 11th and 12th photos on the post) that isn’t covered by anything and that I regularly open to let in fresh air. I kinda like closed spaces so I keep my door closed a lot, but if the weather’s nice I’ll open the window.

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