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The beginning of the end for Haruhi

I was originally going to write this post a couple of months from now (for a reason I’ll explain later) but with the recent news that the Haruhi manga series will be ending on its next chapter, I decided that now would be just as good a time…

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Examining anime criticism

As I strive to be an open-minded anime fan, I’m reminded time and time again that many things simply boil down to personal taste; that no matter how much I think a certain anime is great or another one is terrible, there will always be fans who feel completely different from me and have their own valid reasons for it. Inspired by posts from a couple of other bloggers, I felt like examining the concept of criticism within anime fandom specifically…

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Pokemon X and Y thoughts and speculations

Credit to linked pixiv user

Last night after work I reserved my copy of Pokemon X at my local GameStop (got a free poster with it too, which you can see after the jump). It made me realize that Pokemon X and Y are just about 2 months away from their October 12th release date. That may sound like a long time, but much has already been revealed about these games that has the fandom both hyped and apprehensive. Three years ago when Pokemon Black and White were coming out, I wrote a couple of pre-release speculation posts about them. So I figured now is a good time to do the same for what’s been revealed about Pokemon X and Y thus far…

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When to take a break from anime

How many Disney characters can you spot?

In past posts I’ve talked about forms of anime “burnout,” from personal anecdotes about people I’ve known who lost interest in anime over time, to discussing exactly how/why someone would burnout on anime. But today’s topic isn’t so much about losing interest in anime as it is simply taking a break from it, which can be a form of preventing loss of interest in the first place…

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