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How well do you remember every anime you’ve watched?

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Three years ago I wrote a post discussing how, over the years as I’ve watched more and more anime at a given time than I used to in my early years as a fan, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to remember every single one. Recently czai over on the Blacksheep Project wrote a post dealing with a similar topic about how she remembers some of the 200 anime she’s watched more than others and why that is. So today I was inspired to revisit this topic of how well we’re able to remember all the anime we’ve ever watched…

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First impressions of the summer ’13 anime I’m watching

It took a while but I’ve finally settled into my summer 2013 anime picks..and it’s seven series, more than I usually pick, especially for summer. But I’m enjoying them all, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with them the entire way. Here are my thoughts on the first three episodes of each…

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Anime Expo 2013 coverage and photos

I spent this past July 3rd through the 7th at Anime Expo, America’s largest anime convention and the highlight of every summer for me since I started going in 2005. This year I stayed longer than before – for the full five days – and it was also the first AX where I had Internet access throughout my stay, as well as my first time going as a press pass holder instead of a regular attendee. All this presented new experiences for me that made this year’s con quite exciting. There were some bumps along the way which I’ll mention in my coverage, but for the most part it was a great AX. So yes, onto my coverage and photos…

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Belated spring ’13 anime reviews – Gargantia, Karneval, OreImo 2, Hataraku-Maou-sama! (plus Little Witch Academia)

Hey all, sorry for the brief hiatus, but the Anime Expo excitement is over and I’m now ready to resume regular blogging =) To get myself caught up, I first want to post my reviews of the recently finished spring anime I was watching: Suisei no Gargantia, Karneval, OreImo 2, Hataraku Maou-sama!, and I also threw in Little Witch Academia since I watched that within the past few weeks as well. I know these shows are old news now since everyone has moved on to the new summer ’13 anime, but I still wanted to write up my thoughts about them XD…

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