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Plans for Anime Expo 2013 (and brief hiatus)

For those of you who have been following my site for a while, you know that Anime Expo is the big anime convention I attend each year. I’ve been going every year since 2005…well, minus 2006 and 2009 because I was in Japan =P So this year will be my seventh Anime Expo. However, a couple of things will make this year different. First, this will be the first time I’ll be staying the full five days, arriving on Day 0, July 3rd, and not leaving until the end of Day 4, July 7th. And secondly, this will be the first time I’ll have Internet access while I’m there, which means I’ll be able to live-tweet things I see and do via Twitter. But as a result of my staying the full five days and my current work schedule (and I won’t be blogging while I’m at the con), I’ll have to have a brief hiatus since I won’t be able to blog again for at least a week and a half from now. But don’t worry, you can look forward to my full coverage of the con, as well as my reviews of the anime that are finishing this season, in the weeks after. My planned schedule for AX and more info after the jump…

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Watching anime alone vs watching it with others

The most common way the anime fans I know watch anime, myself included, is by themselves. But there are certain occasions where fans watch anime in groups, whether with just one or a few other people at a weekend get-together with friends or family, or with tons of other people at a big gathering like a convention or an anime club. Though I usually watch anime by myself, I’ve of course watched it with others many times over the years as well, and it’s interesting to think about how the viewing experience is different for each…

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My 10 most unforgettable anime tunes

Even though art and storytelling quality is what brings us to anime, there’s no denying that anime is full of music too, some tunes being solid and memorable, others being average and forgettable. While we all have our favorite anime openings, endings, BGM, and other songs, I thought I’d go beyond those today and think of the anime music that’s most “unforgettable” to me – not necessarily favorites of mine, but tunes that are so unique and catchy to my ears that I won’t forget them even if I haven’t watched their respective anime in years…

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Liking “bad” anime

Credit to linked pixiv user

Even though my tastes in anime tend to gravitate to the popular and mostly well received titles, there are still quite a few I like that the majority of the fandom thinks are bad, in other words, their flaws far outweigh anything good about them. Froggykun on Fantastic Memes wrote a great post on this issue that inspired me to offer my opinion – why flawed anime are worthwhile and why we shouldn’t feel ashamed to like them…

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