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First impressions of the winter ’13 anime I’m watching

A little late with my first impressions post this season…but better late than never ;) Here’s my opinion of the five winter 2013 anime I’m currently watching after seeing the first 2-3 episodes…

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What do you like in an anime couple?

Credit to linked pixiv user

In a post on the blog Shojo Corner, author starsamaria discusses what qualities the best anime and manga couples possess. Like many other things in the fandom, what makes an anime couple good to one fan could be quite the contrary to another, so it was interesting to read the points she brought up and think about my own criteria for a good anime couple. I’m sure there are some who care little about romance in anime, but I for one am quite the sucker for a good couple, whether it’s a big part of the overall story or not…

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More anime lateral thinking puzzles

Two years ago I made a post of anime-themed lateral thinking puzzles, which are basically riddles that require you to use logic and put aside assumptions to solve. People seemed to like the original post (I enjoyed making them too), so today I felt like constructing some more anime lateral thinking puzzles…

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My 5 favorite anime of 2012

A little late this year but I couldn’t miss out on every anime blogger’s obligatory post of picking their favorite anime of the year. Since 2008 I’ve been picking 5 favorite anime from that year, except for last year where opted to participate in the AniBloggers Choice Awards and picked 12 favorites of the year. This year however I decided to go back to my previous tradition of only picking 5 favorites…

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