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Visual realism in video games versus anime

In a recent post on deluscar, Kai brings up the fact that video games have become a lot more “realistic” than they used to be, especially in visual terms thanks to advanced technology. But he also argues that even though they’ve taken on this new level of depth, they still can’t display the same level of realism as anime and perhaps other animation can…

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Expanding casts of anime characters

Ace Railgun recently brought up the topic of how casts of characters in anime are handled, whether the series has a large and gradually expanding cast or a small, consistent one. It’s interesting to think about how the number of characters in an anime can affect the overall quality, especially in regards to how many episodes the series has…

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Natsuyuki, Hyouka, and Jinrui wa Suitai reviews

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Another summer anime season is coming to an end while another fall season is around the corner, and as usual at this time of year I want to discuss my thoughts on the shows I’ve completed…

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Anime tastes I’ve acquired

A recent post by Leap250 talks about how, through our years of being anime fans, we often acquire tastes for certain genres and tropes in anime that we didn’t originally have. Even though I’ve always been pretty open-minded as far as the types of anime I watch, there were a few I was hesitant about back in the day that I like now…

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How we judge anime characters

A couple of blogs have recently posted lists of anime characters who are well loved among the fandom, but they personally don’t care for. It got me thinking about what each of our individual idea is of a likable character versus an unlikable one, and just like our preference for favorite anime in general, one person’s “worst” is another person’s “best.” However, because anime characters don’t have as many facets as anime series in general, I think our opinions about them tend to be more polarized – we either love (mostly) everything about them or we dislike (mostly) everything about them. So today I felt like examining how we judge anime characters…

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Growing up in a world of fandoms

One thing that I’ve often thought about is how our generation is the first to experience full immersion in the technological media world from childhood to adulthood. If you were born in the 80s or later, you’re among the first generation of kids to grow up in the media-centered world of cable TV, video games, video rentals, and most importantly, the Internet. Anime is one among many fandoms that have been able to flourish because of this sudden proliferation of technology we’ve seen come about in just a couple of decades…

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