The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (novels 10-11) spoilers roundup

FINAL UPDATE: 9/24/11Due to Yen Press soliciting an official English release of Surprise, I have removed links to the fan translation

Originally scheduled for release in mid-2007, the 10th volume of the Haruhi light novels, The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Kyougaku), has been delayed for four years since then. Finally, after getting only a short preview chapter of volume 10 last year, volumes 10 and 11 went on sale in full yesterday in Japan and a few other countries.

In this post, I’ve rounded up all the current spoilers available in English for the new novels, and will continue to update the post when necessary…

WARNING: This post contains major Haruhi spoilers. Do not scroll any further unless you’ve read the novels or you don’t mind being spoiled.

*The majority of these spoilers were provided by my friend and fellow Haruhi enthusiast Ultimatemegax, as well as various 2chan users.*


The two novels (volumes 10 and 11) were released simultaneously on May 25th in Japan and several other countries. Volume 10 is 291 pages and volume 11 is 282 pages.

(if you need a memory refresher on the events that occur before volumes 10-11, my Haruhi timeline of events should help)

First, some general spoilers:

Kyon meets Yasumi

The new female character, mentioned in the α (alpha) timeline of volume 9 as a freshman showing interest in joining the SOS Brigade, is named Yasumi Watahashi. The plot of both volumes revolves around her existence.

Sketches of Yasumi from the LE booklet

It’s later revealed that she’s actually the human form of Haruhi’s subconscious, which she created in order to save Kyon and Yuki from the events in the β (beta) timeline. Her phone call to Kyon in volume 9 is what begins the divergence between the two timelines. Because she called Kyon in the alpha timeline, she was able to prevent Sasaki from calling him, thus he does not go to meet her and the anti-SOS Brigade group, so the trouble he and the others have with them does not occur. Yasumi is able to shift between the two timelines and even create Closed Space and Celestials, but isn’t considered a slider.

Encounter between Mikuru (big) and Fujiwara

Fujiwara is Mikuru’s younger brother. His goal is to use Haruhi’s powers to alter the space-time continuum in order to save Mikuru from a time crime. However, Mikuru (big) denies having a younger brother and says that they may have been siblings in the past, but now (in the future?) they are not.

Kyon’s encounter with Kuyou from ch.1 of vol. 10

The preview chapter that was released last year is the first chapter of volume 10. It’s the only chapter where Asakura and Kimidori do anything major. Same with Kuyou, though apparently she’s the mastermind behind Fujiwara’s plot.

Below are scans of Noizi Itou’s illustrations from volume 11:

Points of interest for each character in the different timelines (rough translations from a 2chan post):

Alpha timeline:
Haruhi – Flirts with Kyon and perhaps begins the process of going to the same university?
Kyon – Flirts with Haruhi and has doubts about Yasumi
Mikuru – Thinks Yasumi is *ADORABLE!*
ITDE Interfaces – Nothing
Koizumi – Advises Kyon and has meaningless conversations
Yasumi – The expected new member? Takes guidance from Kyon and integrates the routes
Sasaki/others – Not seen

Beta timeline:
Haruhi – Takes care of Yuki
Kyon – Is ordered to hand over Haruhi’s power to the Sasaki side
Yuki – Has the “cold” due to contact from the Sky Canopy Domain
Koizumi – Advises Kyon, but finally shows his true character
Sasaki – Doesn’t want to go along with the others’ request. Seems to be infatuated with Kyon. Declares that she wants to change the world with Kyon.
Kyouko – Apologizes from beginning to end. Appears to be no threat
Fujiwara – Acquires a “regulated item.” Very “bad guy”-ish
Kuyou – Wants to know more about humans but had a bad experience
Asakura – Encounters Kuyou and that’s it
Yasumi – Appears briefly

Integrated timelines:
Haruhi – Runs from being killed by Fujiwara. Also continues plans for university with Kyon
Kyon – Is absolutely useless. Goes to Haruhi’s rescue, but can’t do anything. Later appears to begin plans for university with Haruhi.
Yasumi – Uses Haruhi’s power to mend the universes
Koizumi – “Don’t look down on this time period’s people!” and challenges Fujiwara
ITDE interfaces – Silently supporting everyone
Mikuru (big) – Affirms that regulated items are regulated
Fujiwara – “Mikuru-oneechan!”; Is in a rush, so tries to kill Haruhi but that ends poorly
Kuyou – Is the mastermind behind Fujiwara’s plots
Sasaki/Kyouko – Don’t appear

The limited edition release of the novels comes with a 64-page booklet that contains a short story called “Rainy Day” about Kyon and Sasaki when they were in middle school.

Cover of the booklet

Illustration of Sasaki in the story

Additional spoilers from volumes 10 and 11:

– These are not the final volumes of the series
– Kyon ends up going to Haruhi’s house
– Yuki tells Kyon that she accepts the world-altering decision he made in Disappearance
– Haruhi and Sasaki were once in the same elementary school class. Sasaki’s parents divorced and her name changed. Haruhi didn’t recognize her without her long hair that she admired at that time.
– Itsuki shows his angry side when he attacks Fujiwara in order to save Haruhi
– Kyouko is apparently incompetent – while she can’t seem to use Haruhi’s powers herself, she was easily able to adapt them into Sasaki. Those disappeared when Yasumi appeared in the alpha timeline.
– Kunikida is apparently in love with Tsuruya (?)


I will continuously update this post as more major spoilers are revealed and when fan translations become available. So check back soon~!


*FINAL UPDATE: 8/1/11*

After weeks of translating and editing, our little group has finally gotten all the chapters of Surprise translated into English ^_^ Ultimatemegax has complied both novels into two PDF files for your convenience:

Vol.11 – The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (First)

Vol.12 – The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (Final)

So with that, it looks like my work on this post is done. I’ll leave the old updates below if you want to see how our work progressed =) I want to thank my fellow translators and editors – Ultimatemegax, cnet128, carl14706, Zyzzyva, and Kaisos Erranon – for all their hard work on this release, as well as bloggers like Lloyd and fans like those at AnimeSuki for keeping tabs on and supporting our work ^_^ Thanks again to everyone who made an English translation of Surprise possible and to those who will enjoy it for the years to come until the official release comes out!


Old updates

*UPDATE: 5/26/11*

Ultimatemegax has translated chapter 9 of volume 11 (roughly 13 pages of the novel). You can read it here on the AnimeSuki forums.


*UPDATE: 6/02/11*

Ultimatemegax has translated Rainy Day, the side story about Kyon and Sasaki that was included in the LE booklet. You can read it via PDF here.

I’m currently working on an English translation of the final chapter of volume 11. Right now I’m about 1/3 done with it and am doing a little each day. Ultimatemegax is also working on translating the epilogue. I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as one of us is done with our translation, so check back~ =D


*UPDATE: 6/15/11*

I finished my translation of the final chapter a few days ago!

I was going to wait until the epilogue is complete and post them both together, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting. The epilogue is near completion so check back for another update very soon!!!


*UPDATE: 6/18/11*

Ultimatemegax has finished translating the epilogue, as well as making an updated .pdf of his chapter 9 translation. So to organize a bit, here’s all that’s been translated of the two novels so far…

Vol.10 – The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (First):
Chapter 4 *translated by cnet128*
Chapter 5 *translated by carl14706*
Chapter 6 *not yet being translated*

Vol.11 – The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (Final):
Chapter 7 *not yet being translated*
Chapter 8 *not yet being translated*
Chapter 9*translated by Ultimatemegax*
Final Chapter *translated by me, Yumeka*
Epilogue/Postscript *translated by Ultimatemegax*

I will add links here as soon as their translations become available. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll have full translations of all the chapters eventually – it’s just a question of when. I don’t intend to work on any more translations any time soon, but Ultimatemegax expressed interest in continuing to translate the novels if necessary when he has time for it at a later date.

So until then, enjoy what we have of Surprise so far and I’ll continue to keep an eye out for (news of) more translations!


*UPDATE: 6/26/11*

New translator carl14706 has translated chapter 5 from his Chinese copy of the novels (and I edited it). I’ve linked it in the update above. Enjoy! =D


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    You are the editor, how close was the translation to the original?

    • Yumeka says:

      Our fan translations aren’t meant to be professional – they’re just meant to give readers a good idea of what’s written in the original Japanese even if there are some minor inaccuracies. As far as I could tell, the English translated from the Chinese is fine though not perfect of course.

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