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My 5 favorite anime of 2010

Before I get to the main content of this post, I just want to apologize for the recent lack of blogging. I’ve been very ill this past week and haven’t been able to do much of anything except lie in bed in a fevered stupor. Currently I’m on the road to recovery but I’m still pretty weak. However, I wanted to keep up my New Year’s tradition of picking my five favorite anime from the passing year…

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Merry Christmas from Mainichi Anime Yume!

It’s once again Christmas here in CA and I just wanted to wish all my visitors a very merry one~ Unfortunately I get to spend this Christmas fighting off a cold ~_~ But it could be worse…at least I have the weekend to recover.

And as usual, I’ve posted some nice anime Christmas pictures after the jump…

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8 moments of anime 2010 (because I couldn’t think of 12)

Although I participated in the blogsphere’s “12 moments of anime” series last December, I didn’t do it this year because I’ve been too busy and I also couldn’t think of twelve things. However, not wanting to neglect it all together, I decided to make one post for the eight moments I have managed to come up with…

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Final reflections on OreImou: CAN she be this cute?

Like other fans, OreImou has given me many topics to ponder over the course of its twelve episodes. In a previous post, I discussed six of these topics from the first five episodes. In this post, I’ll wrap things up with my thoughts until episode twelve…

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My niche in anime fandom

One of the main awkward aspects of my personal niche in anime fandom is that, despite being a girl, my true favorites tend to be the “Akiba-kei” anime that have a much greater male following. But before I go further with this thought, I feel a bit of background is necessary…

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Katanagatari review

ずっとね by ちゃぼ

I recently finished Katanagatari, a series by the same creator as Bakemonogatari, and one of the more unusual anime to come out this year. Its twelve episode run started airing in January, with a 50 minute episode released each month until now, December. As a whole, I thought it was good and enjoyed most parts of it, but I also had my share of issues with it as well…

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Another look at the trend of frequently changing anime OPs and EDs

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about how many recent anime series have had openings and/or endings that change frequently in song, animation, or both, sometimes as often as every single episode. Though it’s happened in a few cases for older anime, it seems like the trend has really taken off this year…

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Thoughts on anime shipping

Shipping – a part of anime fandom that invites some of the most extreme feelings of passion and dispassion amongst fans. Though I know there are plenty who love anime without caring about shipping, I’m sure most of us do or did have at least one shipping pair we were into. I too have gone through a few favorite ships, though more so in the old days than now…

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Web browser tabs and me

One web browser feature I’ve been using a lot for the past few years is tabs. However, much to my surprise, most of the people I’ve met don’t use them, at least not as much as I do…

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