The first 2-D marriage?

Anyone remember the controversy from a while ago when a petition went out in Japan to legalize 2-D marriage? It was started by a man who wanted to marry Mikuru Asahina, but it didn’t pass. However, a few days ago, another Japanese otaku actually went through with a 2-D marriage, regardless…

This man (anybody know his name?) went to a church in Guam (though he intends to celebrate the marriage in Japan) and, with Nintendo DS in hand, “married” Nene Anegasaki, a girl from the dating sim game Love Plus.

Here’s the link to where Nico Nico Douga has posted a video of the wedding (you need to sign up in order to access their videos).

The video starts with the man discussing how he was dating Nene, such as taking her (in the DS) to a carousel or the beach. The rest of the video is the actual wedding in the church, with music, people giving speeches, and the man kissing his bride (well, kissing the DS screen). One of the hosts even read some of the video comments to the audience.

I’m still not really sure what I think of the whole 2-D marriage thing. I can’t understand how it could ever work out since 1) there are so many people who would want to marry the same character, and 2) the character can’t say which one they’d rather marry, so who would decide who could marry the character of their dreams? Would it be the original creator of the character? Would the suitors have to compete in some way? Since it’s Japan we’re talking about, I don’t know how far 2-D marriage will go, but it certainly is amusing to follow =P

Sources: Ani-Gamers, Tiny Cartridge, AAA Anime, moetron

UPDATE: YouTube videos of the wedding posted.

UPDATE: YouTube video of CNN coverage:

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  1. Predator675 says:

    I don’t know, in my opinion it isn’t the characters we should be worrying about :P

  2. Yumeka says:

    @ Predator675

    LOL, that’s a good point. But I was just saying, if such a thing really was put into practice, how difficult it would be to figure who would get to marry the character they wanted. But yeah, we should definitely question the mental stability of such people too.

  3. Doug K. says:

    Well, I’m afraid that’s just too creepy. I don’t even WANT to think about what the “Honeymoon” might have been like…

  4. Shanice Thompson says:

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