Kannagi desktop accessories

A Kannagi desktop clock, calendar, icons, o-mamori charm, and a chibi Nagi running around my screen…

My friend SailorCardKnight from The Animation Addict recently sent me a program to put Kannagi desktop accessories on your computer. The file was ripped from an official Japanese CD-rom. The original source of the rip comes from a forum post on Hong Fire.

The program consists of roughly eight kinds of desktop accessories to Kannagi-fy your computer…


Desktop backgrounds

The program offers nine different Kannagi desktop backgrounds with five different resolutions each to match your computer screen size.



You can choose from five different screensavers. Each one offers a preview button as well. However, they only consist of still images.


Nagi and Zange’s voices

With this part of the program, you can set either Nagi or Zange to say something when a particular window pops up on your computer, for example, you get a message, you throw something in the Recycle Bin, or you get a system error.



The program offers a bunch of cute Kannagi icons to use for your computer folders. Clicking the button on the left will automatically set those icons, while the button on the right will open up a folder where you can view all the available icons. And the button on the lower left will set your computer icons back to default.


Clock and calculator

You can choose a regular clock and/or a digital one for your desktop, with about nine different Kannagi images available for each. You can choose to have the clocks “always on top” or to appear behind other windows. You can also set your system to remember the location of the clocks on your desktop in case you want to close them for a while. The calculator is pretty simple and self-explanatory.



You can choose a daily calendar and/or a monthly one. Like the clocks, you can choose from among a bunch of different Kannagi images to be the main picture of the calendars. However, you must manually change the day/month on the calendars by clicking on the arrows.


O-mamori and mascot

For the o-mamori amulet on the left, you choose a Nagi or Zange one. Like regular Japanese o-mamori charms that you can buy at shrines, you can choose from among a few different ones, i.e., good health, good luck in school, good luck in love, etc,. You can set a spot on your desktop for the charm to stay, and if you pull on it with your mouse, it will bounce around and Nagi or Zange will say something. The charm will always be on top of all your windows.

By clicking on the mascot accessory, an adorable chibi version of Nagi will run around on your desktop (like the amulet, she’ll always be on top of your windows). She’ll randomly perform a variety of cute actions, as seen in the images below…

Click on her and she’ll say something like “Where are you touching, you pervert?” XD

She’ll also yell at you if you drag her around with your cursor


Windows Media Player skin

I don’t use WMP much, but the program offers this pretty Kannagi skin.


The Kannagi desktop accessories program is definitely a treat for Kannagi fans ^.^ Even if you can’t understand Japanese, it’s very easy to figure out. I don’t believe the torrent file on the original Hong Fire post is working, so I have zip files of the program available here (Megaupload) and here (Sendspace). The program is for PCs only, Windows XP or higher. If you have any trouble with it, please let me know.

My current desktop *Click the image for a larger version*

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  1. Predator675 says:

    Finally taking the plunge and heading into the depths of 4chan has shown me some interesting desktop setups, but none so complete as this. Really nice :D

  2. Toonleap says:

    I wonder what could happen if you install Kannagi, K-ON, PitaTen, etc…everything in your desktop??

    I cant imagine the complicated situation….:P

  3. Piper says:

    DD: I donot even know this show and I still love it!

  4. Jacob Bond says:

    downloaded just for the mascot XD

  5. Just downloaded for the mascot and clock ~

    nyahaha~ :3

  6. KittyKira says:

    Only wanted the Kannagi mascot. She is so adorable!

  7. Carmen says:

    I cant donload it is this out of date ? Am I to late? Or is it just a little error?

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