Haruhi season 2 episode 11: The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya (part 2)

Part 2 of “The Sigh” continues exactly where part 1 ended…

…right where it cut Mikuru off while she was talking, actually. I don’t think I’ve seen any other anime episodes that ended and started in that way, but that’s Haruhi for you, always has to do things that other series wouldn’t dare XD

KyoAni seems to be taking its time with “The Sigh,” following the novel pretty closely and not leaving out anything but slight details. My guess is that they have to make “The Sigh” five episodes long because they won’t have enough episodes left in the 14 new episode count to start a new story, which chronologically would be the long “Disappearance.” Of course, I could be totally wrong and maybe they intend to make season 2 go beyond 14 new episodes or maybe they intend to add an anime original episode later on, like they did with “Someday in the Rain.”

I don’t have too much to say about part 2, since the filming is just getting started and the exciting, sci-fi stuff happens later. For the commercial filming scene in this episode, I’ve seen people stand around in mall areas and advertise via microphone like that in Japan, but of course they weren’t in waitress or bunny costumes XD And I can see the MAD video creators going crazy with that little diddy Haruhi was singing on the way to the train station.

So far I’m actually enjoying watching “The Sigh” more than reading it. Seeing the expressions and hearing the voices of the characters is probably a big part of it =P And as frustrating as KyoAni can be, I have to admit that they have great techniques to make their shows unique and interesting, for example, putting slightly subtle things in the background, like that guy who passed by the SOS Brigade at the train station and gave their costumes an amused look XD And of course, Kyon’s endless sarcasm and cynicism, of which Haruhi is almost always oblivious to, continues to entertain.

Anyway, for the upcoming episodes I’m looking forward to the shocking revelations about the movie filming, Shamisen’s introduction, and Tsuruya-san’s reappearance XD

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  1. Toonleap says:

    “little diddy Haruhi was singing on the way to the train station.”

    That song was the Can Can I believe… :)…Cant wait for the rest of the episodes.

  2. Yumeka says:

    Thanks for the input, that song sounded vaguely familiar but I wasn’t sure =P

  3. Otacon45 says:

    Since you’re talking about that part of the episode, do you know by any chance the name of the song which starts just after Haruhi stops singing? I mean the one which starts with the drums and seems almost “military” at the beginning.

    • Otacon45 says:

      After 6 years I stumbled upon the song I was searching. Shinken ni Nayamu Sugata Koso Omoshiroi ~Bangaihen~, from the seventh dvd bonus of the second season.
      Talking about persistency, I felt compelled to come here and answer myself. Now I can rest in peace ;)

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