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Back on hiatus for the winter

Well, my three week winter break has come to an end and tomorrow I will once again resume the life of a full-time university student. I’m really glad that I managed to write a lot of good blog posts these past few weeks, despite my vacation being so short. However, once again I know that my schoolwork will keep me too busy to do anything worthwhile on my web sites, so I’m going to put both the blog and main site on hiatus for the next 11 weeks. But even though I won’t be doing any site work, I will still update my Twitter and MAL accounts, so you can check up on me through those if you want ^_^

Unfortunately my spring break at the end of March is only a week long so I doubt I’ll be able to do more than one or two good posts then, or maybe none at all if I get busy with other things. Well, we’ll see how it goes =) Thanks again for all your continued support ^^ Hope to be back in a few months.

PS: To kick off the new year, my friend SailorCardKnight made four awesome new banners for the main site. You can find three on the main entrance page and one on the homepage. I had the old ones up for years so I figured it’s finally time for a change XD

My 5 favorite anime of 2008

Although I only had time to watch a small handful of all the anime that aired in 2008, I enjoyed pretty much all the ones I watched. But of course, while some simply came and went, there were a few that really stood out and reminded me why I like anime so much. So I decided to kick off the new year with a look back at the five 2008 anime that I liked the most…

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