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Back to uni (and back on hiatus for the fall)

Well, my three months of summer vacation have finally come to an end; tomorrow I’ll be putting MAY back on hiatus for a while, heading back to university, and starting the fall quarter of my (hopefully) last year of schooling…

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The Anime Preference Survey 2008 results

The results of the Anime Preference Survey (2008 version) are now posted! I opened this survey a little over 3 weeks ago (I had one in ’06 and ’07 too) and it was basically a quick survey recording general preferences, interests, and tastes among anime fans such as how they watch anime, what anime products they buy, favorite series, etc,. The survey received about 160 participants…not as many as I would have liked, but still enough to make some sort of statistical inferences about the interests of anime fans nowadays ^^

Click here to see the survey results. I’ve also commented on the results and compared some of them to last year’s survey.

Sola review

After hearing that Sola was voted as the “best anime of 2007” in a Japanese poll of two million votes, I decided to check it out as soon as I could. And after finally getting through the 13 episodes series this summer, I can definitely see why it’s thought so highly of…

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Anime import calendar scans

I’ve been collecting original Japanese anime calendars for a few years now, either buying them myself or downloading the scans online. I’m just a big sucker for large, original, and gorgeous images of official anime artwork! XD As of today, I have over 150 calendar scans on my computer from 11 different anime (and I always add a few more each year). Since I started collecting the import anime calendars, I created a page on the main Anime Yume site to post them. As the years went by however, that page fell into a bit of a disarray but I finally took the time today to organize the calendar scans and to also share them here on the blog…

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My fall season ’08 picks

As I count down the last few weeks of my summer break, I’m also counting the anime I’m planning to watch this fall season. I think I might be watching more anime this coming season than I ever did before, mostly because of all the sequels that are coming out. Since I’ll be back at university soon and will not have time to post much about these shows, I figured I’d give a quick rundown now of what I’m planning to watch…

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Nostalgia: what anime did you used to watch on TV when you were little?

I used to love Samurai Pizz Cats! ^.^

It wasn’t until I became an anime fan around 1999/2000 did I find out what anime really is. However, unbeknown to myself at the time, I used to watch some anime and anime-related shows on TV back when I was a kid in elementary school, despite the fact that I didn’t have cable TV back then (and anime like Voltron, Robotech, and Kimba were before my time). Lately I’ve had a wave of nostalgia these past few days thinking about and missing some old cartoons I used to watch. So I felt like sharing four of the old anime TV shows I used to adore when I was a little kid…

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