The 15 best AMVs

After constantly checking out the top rated AMVs on over the past year, I feel like I’ve finally seen enough to comply a list of what I feel are the best AMVs of all. After viewing over 50 of the highest rated AMVs, I’ve managed to narrow it down to the 15 best…

I’ve grouped the following 15 AMVs into four different categories; Sentimental/Drama, Comedy (not counting AMV Hell), Action, and Fun/Dance. I’ve also provided each with an embedded YouTube video for your viewing pleasure. Of course, the quality of the YouTube videos don’t really do justice to the aesthetics of the AMVs. So if you want to see them in high quality, all of them are available for download on



Beautiful Day (Just for a Day) by Funky-kun

Featured anime: various
Absolutely gorgeous AMV; the choice of scenes and how they flow with the song is near perfection. Even non-anime fans could definitely appreciate this one.

Jihaku by Tyler

Featured anime: various
An amazing blend of so many different anime scenes, and yet none of them really seem out of place. And like Beautiful Day, the feeling and intensity of this AMV is expressed so well, even non-anime fans should be moved by it.

World’s Unbroken by Sierra Lorna & silver moon

Featured anime: Air
Simply beautiful; this AMV puts together the most touching and gorgeous scenes of Yukito and Misuzu from the Air movie and TV series so well, it almost feels like you’ve watched all of Air in just a few minutes. If you haven’t seen Air before, this video will definitely make you want to see it.

Lost Paradise by aerialesque

Featured anime: Wolf’s Rain
Focuses on Kiba and Cheza’s relationship using some of the most beautiful and intense scenes from Wolf’s Rain. The song fits perfectly with the flow of the AMV. (Sorry for the distracting banner on the YT video; I haven’t been able to find a better version).

Magic Pad by Nostromo

Featured anime: various
Very unique AMV; blends enchanting scenes from many different anime together with magical sounding background music and a steady, artful pace that make for a very engrossing experience.


Right Now Someone is Reading This… by doki doki Productions

Featured anime: various
Despite being an older AMV that only features anime from the 90s or earlier, the concept used is just so unique and humorous. I wonder if they’ll ever make an updated version?

The Chibi Things that Kill by Indifferent Productions

Featured anime: various
Hilarious and very clever! XD Also very good editing of characters from different anime into one scene despite being an older AMV.

The Wizard of Ozaka by Suberunker Studeosh

Featured anime: Azumanga Daioh, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, Cardcaptor Sakura, Evangelion
Very unique concept done hilariously well! This AMV not only blends characters of various anime together almost flawlessly, but it manages to parody both The Wizard of Oz and RPG video games too! XD


Red September by Premonition Studios

Featured anime: Bleach
Fast-paced, action packed, and extremely engrossing. Focuses on Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji using some of their best fighting as well as touching scenes with excellent editing.

Shounen Bushidou by Istiv

Featured anime: various
Amazing editing using characters from a ton of different shounen anime. Also a fun song that fits the shounen theme very well.

Die Another Day by VicBond007

Featured anime: Noir
Nice editing and very fitting song; Noir isn’t exactly known for its fast pace but this AMV uses some of the series’ best suspense and action scenes.

Whispers in the Dark by Suzuna

Featured anime: Claymore
Extremely fast-paced and gripping, but also emotional and intense. Very fitting song and it uses some of the best scenes from all the Claymore episodes.


Skittles by Koopiskeva

Featured anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
One of the most well-known AMVs since 2007 and rightly so. Lip syncing, Photoshop skills, and pretty much everything about this AMV is flawless. The song by itself is great too! =P

SugardanSen by Boomi

Featured anime: various
This AMV is a lot of fun even if you’re not familiar with the whole Caramelldansen craze XD Excellent blending of cute and pretty scenes from various anime together with that infamously catchy song!

Strawberri by Mamo

Featured anime: various
Very cheerful song together with lots of cute and happy anime scenes. What could make you feel better? ^^ The singers of the song, Morning Musume, are in the video as well.

I’m sure there are some excellent AMVs that I haven’t seen yet, mostly because I usually only watch AMVs from anime that I’m familiar with. I’ve seen a lot of other good ones besides these but I tried to stick with just 15. But if there’s an AMV I missed that you think is one of the best, put a link to it in the comment section =)

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  1. kanzeon says:

    Yay! Skittles! I really can’t stop watching that one. This is also the first time I’ve even seen that ‘The Wizard of Ozaka’ amv and I thought it was genius!

  2. Kitsune says:

    Interesting AMV collection you have. I’ve seen some of these except World’s Unbroken, Lost Paradize, Shounen Bushidou, Die Another Day (I posted AMV with the same song, but it is ROD AMV lol), Whispers in the Dark, SugardanSen, Strawberri.

    Lost Paradize is a good Wolf Rain AMV, but I prefer Heaven is not Enough.

    I know that is a nice source, but I prefer to choose AMVs without looking at the ratings. This way I pick up some of the best AMV that are less popular, but are of good quality according to my taste. Over the years I collected about 50 AMV that I consider decent. Recently, I compiled a list of what I consider the best AMVs that I’ve seen so far. Take a look if you want :)

  3. Hiro Cascade says:

    I’ve only seen like three of those — Skittles being my favorite. I thought Wizard of Ozaka was great. xD Thanks for this!

  4. RaunakS says:

    The Link I have given above a another one of those stragnely beautiful AMVs, that make you wonder – were these really done by non-professionals ? “From The Ashes” is Full Metal Alchemist AMV, that, well, bucks at the traditional limits of an anime-AMV. Who says we can’t only replicate animes using AMVs, yet not CREATE them?
    “From the Ashes” creates a unique storyline, alien to the original FMA – you have got to see it to believe it.

    • shannon says:

      I’ve seen that one! It’s fantastic! Since FMA is my favorite anime I watched it over and over again. Idk it this counts as an AMV since it’s a video game, but I thought “Pieces of Cloud Strife” was a good one too.

  5. Yumeka says:

    @RaunakS: That’s a fantastic FMA AMV. Thanks for sharing it! =D

    @Kitsune: That’s a nice collection there. I especially like Faithless and the AzuDai comedies =) I watched Heaven’s Not Enough and it’s very good too.

  6. germz says:

    Great videos.. except shonen bushido, which was great in execution, not in theory.

  7. diane says:

    Oh yeah. i love these amvs..especially skittles =) Thanks So MuCh foR sHarinG it~*_*

  8. Ichu says:

    What about sierralorna (sp?)
    Although she got her account closed….

  9. ace says:

    amazing, i’ve just been looking 4 amvs like this
    these amvs are simply rare

  10. Crystal says:

    I really liked your list although there are a few I didn’t really care for but that has to do more with personal preference. Im not a fan of U2 but the beautiful day amv looked really beautiful and well done. I have already seen the Skittles one and Also the Worlds unbroken and think there great. Here is the link to two of my all time favorite amvs.

    Live by Animated

    Fluffy Kittens & Rainbows by Chiikaboom

  11. TB says:

    THANK YOU for not putting one in with a song by Linkin Park :P

  12. shannon says:

    These are all great. Another one I thought was really good was “Life is Beautiful”

  13. JP says:

    best amv is attack of the otaku

  14. Achmad Yuli says:

    Thank for your help
    I looking AMV like this for long time

    please help me find the best AMV for Suikoden & Sikogaiden

  15. HiroRyusaki says:

    To be honest, although overall the ones where the video is still available ranged from decent to very good. I feel as though some were more novelty of the video editing than the actual sync itself, in my opinion I found the Skittles AMV to be the best out of all of them. Also I believe a few relied a lot on fast pace rather than actual sync i.e. so fast you don’t realize the faults in sync without concentrating. Best AMVs I’ve ever seen? Perhaps not, but good nonetheless.

  16. CATLOVER says:

    great picks… but forgetting empty motion!

  17. Guest says:

    You forgot Evangelion amv about Asuka using Rammstein – Engel song. That is the best amv.
    Also The Devil SSJ 3 by ValSSJ4

  18. soldier3 says:

    AMV Hell the BEST!

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