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Do the Japanese value fandom more than America?

Taken in Osaka; Japan appreciates Stitch more than America XD

For some time I’ve been puzzled about the difference between “fandom” in America and “fandom” in Japan, not just anime fandom but fandom in general. It seems to me that the Japanese place more emphasis on having people become totally immersed and supporting fans of anime and other entertainment, while America doesn’t really offer the same kind of hard-core immersion in its shows and movies. I’ll illustrate my points further in this post, and I’d also like to hear your opinion as well…

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私の部屋へようこそ – Welcome to my (anime covered) room

*Click the image for a larger, better version*

Since I first became an anime fan back in the late 90s/early 2000s, I’ve always tried to make my room look like an amateur “anime art gallery” of sorts; basically I try to cover just about every inch with anime pictures and products. Of course it’s changed many times over the years but I think it’s at its best right now so I decided to take some photos and share them here on the blog…

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The Anime Preference Survey 2008 version

I conducted the 2007 Anime Preference survey a little over a year ago with very interesting results. If you would like to take the new 2008 version, click here. It’s basically a quick survey recording some general preferences, interests, and tastes among anime fans. Like the 2007 version, it’s 20 quick questions that should only take a few minutes (you’re also not required to answer all of them). The statistics of these surveys usually prove very interesting so if you could take a few minutes for the survey, I’d really appreciate it! ^^

Also, if you want to see the results from the 2007 version, click here. Depending on how quickly I get responses to the 2008 survey, I should have the results posted sometime within the next 2 to 3 weeks so check back! =)

15 favorite MAD movies

Following up on my last post about the 15 best AMVs, here are 15 (plus 2 extras) of my favorite MAD movies…

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The 15 best AMVs

After constantly checking out the top rated AMVs on over the past year, I feel like I’ve finally seen enough to comply a list of what I feel are the best AMVs of all. After viewing over 50 of the highest rated AMVs, I’ve managed to narrow it down to the 15 best…

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Fansubs and what the R1 industry needs to do

This has been a pretty hot topic amongst the English speaking anime world lately, especially with the collapse of Geneon and with ADV barely holding on. Now I don’t know much about business, licensing, finance, etc., nor about the inner workings of US anime companies. However, from what I’ve seen being an American anime fan for almost ten years, I definitely know that there are some things that need to be done in order to help the R1 anime industry recover, outdo fansubs, and to also please the majority of fans…

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School Rumble review

I’m a little late watching School Rumble but better late than never I guess…

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