5 Centimeters per Second review

After hearing about and seeing images from 5 Centimeters per Second, I decided to sit down and watch it a few nights ago. And I’m glad I did take an hour out of my time for it because it is absolutely gorgeous…

First of all, I’m sure just about anyone who’s seen 5Cm/Sec will agree that the art and animation are some of the best (if not, the best) to come out in any hand-drawn animated movie. The vibrant colors and fine details stand out beautifully in just about every scene. Everything from the shades of color in the sky, the shine of the stars, the snow, the rain, etc., was all carefully placed with amazing depth and precision. There’s also very little music in the movie, which I think helps make the stunning artwork stand out even more. This is a movie whose aesthetics and animation quality can be appreciated by not just anime fans but anyone interested in art or cinematography.

The movie is divided into three 22-minute “episodes” giving it a relatively short run-time of 62 minutes. This is a bit unusual for a theatrical movie but 5Cm/Sec manages to pull it off without the three parts seeming too disjointed. The first episode does a great job establishing the relationship between Takaki and Akari; the words in the letters that they write to each other together with the emotion of their voice actors really gives a sense of the strong longing they have. The pacing of the episode is also well done and the viewer can almost feel the anxiety and disappointment that Takaki feels as his meeting with Akari is delayed for hours on end. After watching the first episode, one gets the idea that the two of them are truly in love and will probably live “happily ever after” in the end. But as we see later on, 5Cm/Sec does not follow this stereotypical formula and instead gives us a more bitter-sweet ending.

The second episode shifts perspectives to that of a third character, Kanae. In this episode we’re only exposed to Kanae’s thoughts and actions as she observes Takaki. As with the first episode, this one still gives the impression that Takaki is in love and in contact with Akari, again making the ending of the movie even more surprising. This episode could almost be skipped, since very little is focused on Takaki and Akari, but it’s a necessary “break” in between the beginning and end of Takaki and Akari’s relationship. Jumping from one extreme (them being desperately in love) to another (them moving on without each other) would make the movie seem too rushed so watching them from an outsider’s point of view really helps the flow of the movie.

The third and conclusive part of the movie takes a totally different tone as we now see that distance and time have indeed brought Takaki and Akari apart, resulting in Takaki becoming a depressed and bewildered computer programmer. Akari on the other hand seems to have let go of the past and is happily moving on with her life with the man she has chosen to marry. All that’s left is for Takaki to also let go of the past and move on, which he finally realizes at the very end of the movie. The railroad crossing scene at the movie’s closing is the perfect symbol of 5Cm/Sec’s message and Takaki’s realization that he must forget the unchangeable past and move on with his life.

The only thing that bothered me a bit in 5Cm/Sec is that I think it would have been better if more focus was put on exactly how Takaki and Akari drifted apart to the point that they did in the third episode. In the first two episodes we get the impression that they’re so madly in love, so even if they couldn’t see each other in person, if they really did love each other couldn’t they call or e-mail each other all the time or something? What exactly happened for them to reach the point where they would start going out with someone else? Their relationship seems to give the impression that two people have to constantly be together physically or else they drift apart. This is a pretty strong message (though I’m not saying its totally false because it definitely isn’t) so I think it would have really helped if perhaps one more episode was added to show the steps leading up to them eventually not having any contact with each other at all (maybe from Akari’s perspective since Takaki gets most of the focus in the movie).

Besides the outcome of Takaki and Akari’s relationship being a little unclear, the overall message of the movie is very memorable. Instead of the romance between the two protagonists being unfaltering, 5Cm/Sec gives the much more realistic view that love does not always stand the test of time and distance, and people’s hearts change over time. Takaki comes to realize this in the end and he also learns that one must not dwell on a past that cannot be returned but must instead move forward and make an effort to find other and perhaps better things in life. Thus, when the trains pass and the girl is no longer there, he realizes that he is wasting his life simply waiting for the past to return to him; just as she has moved on, so must he. But if true love is supposed to conquer all, even time and distance, then were Takaki and Akari not really in love with each other? If they had been able to see each other regularly, would they still have ended up drifting apart? These are some questions that the movie gives us to ponder.

In conclusion, I think 5Cm/Sec is a must-see for any anime fan, especially those who love beautiful artwork in their anime. Since it’s only about an hour long, it couldn’t expand too much on any one subject, such as each character’s development, but that’s its only flaw really. With its high-quality animation and unique, universal message, I think 5Cm/Sec can be enjoyed by just about anyone who enjoys thought-provoking and aesthetically pleasing movies.

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  1. Johnson says:

    wow thats how i really feel to when i watched the movie months ago i couldn’t get it out of my head! Btw i really love the review!

  2. xEvious says:

    I just watched this movie a minute ago. I really love it and i also like the review. I thought they’ll be together..but..its doesnt happen….how sad…..

  3. marc says:

    i’m curious if takaki and akari were in touch during the second part. despite us seeing him e-mailing all the time. there was a scene where takaki asks something like, “when did i get in the habit of writing messages to nobody?”

  4. nat says:

    akari and takaki did drift apart in the 2nd episode. that was the whole point of the 2nd episode. he was constantly thinking of her and writing messages meant for her, but could never bring himself to actually send them. i can definitely relate to that, since i have the same habit as well of typing messages and never sending them, especially if i feel i’ve drifted apart from that particular person..

    also i don’t think that what they experienced wasn’t “true love”.. it’s hard for even “true love” to withstand distance and time. particularly because they were so young when they fell in love, coupled with the circumstances surrounding them.. they just couldn’t be together. so i wouldn’t say that their love wasn’t “true”. it just wasn’t meant to be. and that’s what i thought was really sad…

  5. Rich says:

    I agree, I thought it was sad but it was real. I didn’t really get the last episode because Akari sends Takaki that text after she finds the letter. Did she tell him what she had always wanted to, what was in that letter, or just dream about it and smile and move on?

  6. Makoto says:

    Actually in the last episode, the person who sent Takaki the text was his ex-girlfriend and not Akari. Translated, the text says:

    “Hello Takaki. Its been a while, hasn’t it? How are you? Although I’ve been extremely confused, I realized that there are some things I have to tell you.”

    So my interpretation is that as Takaki is unable to move on with his life, he broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years, completely removing her from his life. The final message he sends her, which says that although they’ve sent 1000s of messages to each other they couldn’t even get even 1 centimetre closer to each other confirms this I guess.

    If Takaki and Akari actually had the means to communicate with each other through their cellphones… could the ending have been better? But I guess the best things are left in memories :)

  7. SS says:

    moving at 5 centimeter per second, whereever is close enough for “I love you.”


    The gorgeous cherry blossom at …what a scene to capture in an instant but yet only for awhile then something gets between you, something not in your control, stepping over you 5 cm per second or vice versa? Pulling you down like a eternal pendulum. But this is gorgeous? Those two were gorgeous. It was a blossom!

    As it flourished, all the other things seems less important. Why is that? She forgot about her very own letter too. Why is that?

    Why taking the solitude trains back to the distance. Why is that?


    “It will be just fine,” you said. “Do your best! I know you can…” as you said… They are claiming a centimeter by a centimeter. Aimed and set. Getting closer and closer? Closer to where? Like where is the rocket is: nowhere.

    Byōsoku 5 Centimeter
    Five centimeters per second vs an expanding worldS going at speed you attempt to keep up…oh man..!!! T.T

  8. jhimsan says:

    I really did agree in this film its feels like “two people have to constantly be together physically or else they drift apart”. but then i realize that this film didnt mean it at all.
    maybe its nice if there’s a chapter from akari’s prespective, but im afraid that would make this film too clear so the film would lose it artistic sense.

    well,from my prespective it goes like this :D

    at chapter 1, the author really wants us to think that takaki and akari are really in love, and theyre love is true and pure. but after all, theyre just a kids ‘thought’ theyre in love. there’s a big difference between before and after the kiss, thats true, moreover, takaki is so-o-o naive that he think he would inside akari’s warm forever. and he thinks akari really needs him to not be alone.

    at chapter 2, however, theyre just start their relationship and unfortunately they separated so far. so, although they sent letter to each other for some time(in the ending song, takaki and akari both happily receive a letter, but then, the letter is no longer come.), at some point, both takaki and akari dont know anymore what to say(in the ending song, akari confused what to write to takaki and i think that when takaki–too– start writing message without sending it, even he wanted to tell something, he dont know about akari anymore.), because they both changed, and they slowly dont know each other anymore. however, its akari whom takaki always wanted to see, from the first chapter, i somehow realize that takaki is the one who didn’t want to lose akari very much. and for me, this chapter is really an important chapter, in this chapter, theyre feelings start to separate, which is the meaning of the film /:s…

    so, that’s true nat said that theyre just wasnt meant to be together. and, yeah, thats sad… well, i really glad to see takaki’s smile at the end of the movie xD though i think that akari is so mean to choose to forget about takaki, that even she dont wait the train to make sure that the man is takaki??
    well, its maybe just to send the real message from the film after all :D i want to believe that akari find that takaki is precious as well.

    this film is reaaallllyy awesome!!! xD

  9. Ilasir says:

    I keep seeing this talk about “physical closeness”, but that’s not what I got out of it at all. Nor was it just puppy love. I hate to sound cliche, but the fact is that real life rarely works out according to literary themes like “love conquers all”. Long distance relationships don’t tend to work out well, especially amongst younger people. If they had been able to see each other regularly, it is quite likely they would still be together. But situations change. In the beginning, they were alone with each other, and didn’t really have any other firends, and didn’t seem to get along well with their peers. So it made sense to develop and keep a strong attachment with only each other. But after seperating, they entered situations where that wasn’t always the case. People aren’t always the same. A lot of behavior is situational. So when they got the oppurtunity to drift apart, it would be more work NOT to go with it. Especially considering the lack of communication oppurtunities.

  10. Jen Franco says:

    This is such a great movie. I can’t even begin to describe how I felf after watching it. It led me in retrospection about my own relationships. I tell you, watching a movie like this is enough to send you thinking about the bleak realities of life.

    It makes me really sad to think that two people who are THAT in love still can’t be together. *sobs*

  11. Kuryous says:

    I enjoyed reading your review, thank you. I for one thought the ending was perfect. It’s something that really sets this movie apart from the others; not another cliche’, and that’s one of the main reasons I can’t stop thinking about it. I agree completely that the Japanese voice actors really helped convey their love and longing in the movie, I loved their voices. I didn’t really notice that their wasn’t much music in the movie, but now that you’ve mention it, I think maybe that’s the reason why I have the ending song playing in my mp3. ‘5 Centimeter Per Second’ really is an inspirational work of art.

  12. Juuud. says:

    I really loved this movie.
    A friend of mine told me to watch it, and boy, it was amazing.
    The ending was unexpected. It was sad, but, hey, it’s life.
    Also, I am NOT an anime fan. When I first saw that the movie was animated, I was a little disappointed- but after I saw the BEAUTIFUL animations, the sky, and everything else, oh, it was all so beautiful. The soft music, I loved that too.
    It was a great movie, sad in the end, but it’s life, and we all have to move on.

    I do have to say though, the skies, and the overall animations were really appealing to the eye.

  13. totitot says:

    very nice review and a great movie… i do agree that the third episode was kinda unclear and a bit frustrating but the entire movie was great… though ultimately i would have preferred for takaki and akari to end up together… because the first episode was too damn good!!!!!

  14. I agree with Ilasir – I think the point was that physical separation strains love. I think one of the reasons Takaki didn’t contact Akari was that distance. He didn’t know what she was like anymore, which scared him. So he’d write messages, but couldn’t bring himself to send them.

    Now, certainly, long-distance relationships can work. I think this is an example of one that didn’t, and how long one person struggled with it. One of the problems here was that Takaki kept himself in limbo — unable to start a new relationship, and unable to re-connect with the old one. And he ultimately lost a lot of time that way.

    I and a compatriot talk about this in great detail on our podcast at http://brentnewhall.com/otaku_no_video/archive.php?id=34 if you’re interested.

    In any event, thanks to Yumeka for the review! Great to see a long, thoughtful, and emotionally involving review.

  15. E.J says:

    First off…great movie. I loved the art, it was amazingly beautiful and very detailed. The story was so brilliant and real. Just Amazing.

    I believe that the ex-girlfriend mentioned in the 3rd ‘episode,’ was Kanae. My reason to believe is a half second image in the third episode where it seems that Takaki and Kanae were on the same bed. You have to pause it just in time to see it.

    Great review, it made more aware of the things that a missed.

    • Ashutosh says:

      Hey E.J., can u tell the time when u saw kanae and takaki together in the third episode as u r mentioning that kanae was his ex-girlfriend?

  16. Joedaman says:

    Just finished this movie, and I don’t think I have been so touched by such a realistic anime, or movie in general.

    To the dude above me, I doubt that it was Kanae in bed with Takaki. Throughout the entire third episode you get to see a black haired women, who is Takaki’s ex. That’s who is in bed with Tohno.

    This movie is so grounded in reality that it makes the movie even more depressing, and I know for sure that this movie will be among my top rated DVD’s ever, period.

  17. just another lover of great movies says:

    this was perhaps the most stunning and beautiful movie I have ever seen and it wouldn’t stretch the truth if I said: ‘I have never been as moved by any movie or anything else of the sort’, this was also a stunning review and comments page because what i didn’t get in the film was made clear on this page and it made the movie all the better (although a little sadder).

    “This movie is so grounded in reality that it makes the movie even more depressing, and I know for sure that this movie will be among my top rated DVD’s ever, period.” -Joedaman (post above)

    I cannot agree with you more. This will also be among the greatest movies I will ever have the privilege of watching. I was so moved by this movie that if I so much as see the movie case it pulls at my heartstrings.

    Thank you so much Makoto Shinkai, Yumeka and all the people that posted you have made my week and my top rated DVD’s all that much better

  18. steven says:

    this movie was definitely one of the best anime ever in my opinion.
    it touched me just as much as a movie with live actors.
    i loved the ending too, it’s cool how takaki decided to move on after not seeing akari on the other side of the train. beautiful.

  19. Java Lu says:

    I have a different take on why and how Akari and Takaki drifted apart and never got back.
    my reasoning: In episode 3 during the theme song, it shows Akari and Takaki both checking mail box for each other’s mail and neither of them got any. Then notice in episode 1, Takaki promised to write and call(not cell phone) to Akari but we all know Takaki never did that. Akari wanted Takaki to move on since she and Takaki think they will never meet again, as she said in the end of episode 1 that Takaki will be fine with out her, but ofcourse Akari didn’t mean it. Takaki is nervous to write just like the girl who is nervous to confess in second episode that’s why he never wrote but he waited for Akari to write to him as he also did not know if Akari really meant that He will be fine with out her(you will be fine with out me seem to me as a break up sentence). So Akari was waiting for Takaki to contact her the whole time, she even try to write a mail to Takaki on the same pink clove letter as her first letter but she was too sad to finsh it(episode 3 theme music part)because she told him to move on in episode 1. So if she is not contacted as promised, i guess she really thought Takaki has moved on and feel bad if she did send him a letter. Where as Takaki think and took Akari’s word to heart “you will be fine without me”.

    So my take is they were both still in love with each other, but hassertation, miss judgement of words and time( time because they only have each others contact when they were 13 years old ) broke them. I bet that when Takaki was writing all those text message he wished that he knew Akari’s number.

  20. Murray says:

    This, I believe, is the most touching thing I’ve ever seen. I was so inspired by the first episode. Not knowing anything like this myself, the first episode made me feel so hopeful and emotional. I quickly continued to the second episode, where I was deeply touched in a completely different way. The second episode related everything I had felt to real life. It sort of depressed me, but really integrated my feelings into my reality. Then when the third episode ended, I got temporarily upset with whoever it was that made this movie. It was thoroughly depressing and sad; it made me cry. But overall, after reading the great review at the top of the page, I am so glad that I watched this movie and I enjoyed it so much. I just finished about half an hour ago, so my mind is spinning. I probably won’t think of the right things to write in my comment until tomorrow morning but as is the message of this movie(at least to me), life doesn’t always work out. My least favorite thing about it is directly tied the my most favorite. It ends in sadness, but it helps me to understand life and love. Love can be so strong, but it doesn’t always work out, and that’s life. It’s just a part of living and learning. We’re all meant to love and to be happy, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have sadness. Just thinking about this movie gives me all sorts of emotions. Truly inspiring and touching. 10 out of 10 and 3 thumbs up.

  21. Joe says:

    There are a few puzzles that I don’t understand. From the series of flashbacks at the end, it seems that Takaki (nearly) came across with Akari several times after they parted at the end of the first movie.

    In one scene, Takaki seemed to be riding on his motor scooter (somewhere in Tanegashima presumably), where he saw a girl with long hair walking on the beach. Is she Akari?

    Another one happened in Tokyo when Takaki was on the train and a girl looked Akari was standing on the opposite platform, reading a book.

  22. Brent says:

    I didn’t really like this movie too much. I watched it because it was pretty highly rated on anime news network so I wanted to give it a try. I guess my main problem was that it didn’t feel like there was any meaning behind anything that happened in the movie. I felt like the movie was attempting to seem like it had a message and some a deep meaning but nothing was really there.

    However, I thought the whole part with the train in episode 1 was extremely well done. I felt like it was sort of ruined by the ending though because as great as that first part was the ending really took away any value it had to me.

  23. Loba says:


    Takaki didn’t see the real Akari, he was just obessed with Akari that he saw Akari in people who looked like her…

  24. tsmile says:

    There is no doubt about the animation (it is great) and music. But, the story is depressive. In the end of the story, they can not fulfill their love or another word is no happy ending. There is ture love between two people? Today, It is not dfficult to find your lost love. Anyway, the director tries to emphasize on distant and time instance of the relationship between two people. One prides their love forever. For, another one can let it go and move forward. What is the meaning of love anyway? Maybe, this is the way a classic love story look like. I like your review. For someone likes this kind of story go see or read Bokura gai ta (We were there).

  25. idblank says:

    I agree with a lot of the review and with a lot of the following comments. However I hope your wrong, especially about the ending.

  26. Kowsar Ahmed says:

    Yes, it is certainly true that the ending is sad. And it’s also true that this is the bitter-sweet reality in which we live in. Many people come to our lives and drift away, and we just let go of them. I think the most important lesson of the movie is that if you want to keep the loving someone close to you then let them know about your feelings and go after them. If you express your feelings and go after the person(s) you care in your lives then at least you won’t regret for the rest of your lives and maybe this one action can change everything; who knows. And don’t forget the ends lines of the movie that “…we both believed without any doubt that someday, together, we will watch the cherry blossoms fall again…again.”So, there is still hope!!

  27. jessie says:

    The movie was one of a kind! The plot was excellent, the artwork, the characters not to mention the soothing yet emotional music. The conclusion was a bit twisted in the sense that they did not end up together but went their separate ways. This made the film unique. I would have loved though to see that Takaki and Akira actually meet at sometime when they were adults. However according to MR. MOKOTO SHINKAI; ‘the theme of the story is “distance” hence the reason why he could not bring the characters together and if they were brought together, they would have to be separated again in order to stick to the subject.
    We can see that the cherry blossoms played a major role in the film. It was a symbol of friendship(at the start of the movie) , it was a symbol of love(ending of the first chapter when they confess their love and they kiss) and finally, a symbol of strength and hope – at the ending when they both say: “……………we both believed without any doubt that someday, together, we will watch the cherry blossoms fall again….” It’s a symbol of strength since it gives them both the ability to move on with their lives (the cherry blossoms is also a symbol of their memorable times together and so they would never forget eachother) along with the hope of seeing eachother again- maybe to relive that time in the past.


  28. Nathaniel Winfield says:

    I’d go as far as to suggest that their relationship was distanced not only because of the physical distance between one another, but the distance they have within them. In this, neither can recognise or accept themselves as being in love with one another until they’re physically with one another. That is when they finally let go of their self-doubts. Which would explain why in the last scene the viewer can see that their discontent with their jobs is mirrored with their inability to be together. Takaki appears to be more disheartened by his job than Akari, perhaps this is why he does not reply to her message. He is somewhat ashamed by what he has become/becoming and does not want her to see that. Their relationship is frozen in time, isolated to certain moments, though their own development is forever in motion.

    Just an idea.

  29. Roberto Pang says:

    It is indeed a very interesting movie, in the sense that although one might not like the ending, one still feels emotions stirred. Maybe it is sadness or maybe it is the over all sensation of being in love, whatever it is, the movie is effective in prompting it. I really liked this movie but must also say that Ocean Waves left me with a more optimistic and happy feeling.

    I guess the reason why some people (I am) are deeply touch by this movie might be because they identify at some level with the feeling of “silent love” or unreciprocated love. However, I also think that Takaki as a young man might not be the ideal guy who deserves a fulfilling love life. It is fine to be an outsider or bohemian while in middle and high school, but as he was growing up and developing as a grown up, how come he was not able to develop significant friendships? Why didn’t we see in the collage the happy parts of his life where he is indeed a well adapted young man with rowdy friends and healthy relationships with other females? Do we have to imagine he went through 10 years of constantly not being happy?

    Maybe this movie indeed show us the difference between (some) boys and (most) girls, the way boys will always hold dear their first love and have it in high significance while girls will move along and enjoy fully the love that is offered by other suitors at different stages in life.

    How appealing would an adult Akari found a unhappy and unsmiling adult Takaki? How compatible would have they been had they found each other?

    I would have like and enjoyed a “typical ending” of having them found each other and lived happily ever after, but I also appreciate the emotions stirred by the real ending (can’t always win). However, I would have enjoyed more a clearer signal that Takaki FINALLY puts it together and is able to be the happy, manly, friendly young man that he should be. The smile Takaki cracks at the very end gives me hope, but I wished I could be sure. I wish him and his girlfriend good luck.

  30. Ecualegacy says:

    Roberto, I just wanted to say how insightful I thought your post was.  In the end, happiness is a choice and sometimes it is a long process that we go through to find it. 
    About your observation: “Boys will always hold dear their first love and have it in high significance.”  Definitely true for me.  I never got over my first love.  I thank God that He eventually blessed with with her hand in marriage. But I put myself through a lot of what Takaki did and can identify with him far better than I’d like to admit.
    Which leads to your other observation: “How appealing would have an adult Akari found an unhappy and unsmiling adult Takaki?  How compatible would have they been had they found each other?”  The answer is not very, as you implied.  Takaki obviously cultivated an unhappy outlook of self-pity.  He could have pursued Akari but didn’t.  Instead, he made himself miserable, lived in fear, and passed up one opportunity for joy after another. Bad enough if were just him, but he broke at least three girls’ hearts in the movie due to his self-absorption.

    Everyone take heed: our poor choices almost always end up hurting the people we care about.
    One more point you made: “I also think that Takaki as a young man might not be the ideal guy who deserves a fulfilling love life.”  I’m agreed that his frame of mind is incompatible with a fulfilling love life.  But I can’t quite bring myself to call him undeserving, no matter how silly he acted.  He seemed a kind and gentle man at heart.  I think he deserved a fulfilling love life as much as any of us do.  He just needed to work harder to get it. 
    To me, the most lovely characters in anime and manga have always been the cheerful, resilient, encouraging, and forgiving ones. We are not perfect. But we have some idea as to what that perfection is and can aspire to it.  I took away from 5cm/s this ideal: clear message we are surrounded by opportunities to embrace joy.  Hold on to them for their season, and learn to let them go when it is time. Only that way will you have room to take the next wonderful blessing you are meant for. And remember that sometimes the real barriers are only in our minds.

    I wanted to take a brief moment her to salute the cast. Takaki was played by Johnny Yong Bosch and couldn’t have been better. You might recognize his broody voice from Bleach’s Ichigo or Last Exile’s Claus. It was delightful to hear Erika Weinstein again as young Akari. Her sparkling voice talents gave life to the captivating Iori from I”s. And finally a warm thank you to Makoto for making this film. You created something so beautiful and so touching. Thank you.


  31. This movie is exactly my love story. I just want to send the copy of this movie DVD to my ex-lover whom I still like and love of course but its unfortunate we cannot get together. But this movie still does rejoice my past memories with her and time I spent with her.

    Thanks for this nice review and its a nice movie really. I would take this movie more personally than just another movie in my life. :)

  32. Katherine B. says:

    I agree with everything everyone has posted. I can’t add much more to what people have already said, but I will say this movie has stirred with my emotions on so many levels. I can relate to all of the characters in different ways. I have been in each of their situations. I can relate to Takaki the most. It’s so difficult to get over your first love. I know I’m young (almost 16), but I was in a relationship with someone I cared about dearly for over a year. We broke up two months ago, but I still think about him constantly even though he doesn’t care about me in that way anymore. I try to hide my feelings about that from people, but it still hurts so badly. I want to be with him despite my circumstances, but I know this isn’t possible. Moving on is the message in this movie, but it’s harder than anything to accomplish.

  33. Camille Bianca says:

    with the passage of time, we tend to meet a spectrum of people and circumstances who will either make us long for the past or move on towards the future.

    the movie pertains to the biting reality that nothing is permanent and with that, acceptance is the key to build another relationship. It teaches us that sometimes, I love you is goodbye.

    For the main characters, probably… they knew that their love is transitory in motion just like the passing trains at the end of the movie. But then, it is eternal. Their love lives on inside of their hearts just like the star-crossed characters of The Age of Innocence (wherein the man chose not to see his lost love because he knew that their love was more certain and realistic in their spirits).

  34. ruzty says:

    ..how i can sooooo relate… :(

  35. Mihai says:

    I found this movie title on an anime site (can’t remember site name right now) about a week ago and decided to check it out. I have to say that I was just blown away by this movie. The animation is the best I have ever seen and the script is very true to real life.

    I have never before felt so much emotion when watching any movie, but this one moved me to tears. I was recently in a situation before where the girl I was in love with moved away and we have drifted apart. Like Takaki I have not fully moved on with my life, though I am not as bad off as he was.

    This moved has inspired me to look for my lost love, not to go back to the past, but so I can make peace with her and our past and move on with my life.

    My most sincere thanks to everyone who was involved with this movie.

  36. 5cmps says:

    The movie was an emotional masterpiece encompassing 60 minutes. I agree with the beautiful animation and art, but I also think that although minimalistic, the music score greatly accentuated the movies overall feel and quality.

    The division of the movie into three segments was also done well. Through the first episode the characters love and innocence can be felt. However it is also accompanied by a sense of foreboding since the main character himself believes that they will not stay together. The second episode offers a well needed, and no less touching respite. I was really thrown off by the text messages the Takaki writes, since I believed they were to Akari (but found out otherwise). The final episode was simply heart-rending as Takaki leads a rather unfulfilled life (although I personally don’t believe that Akari is completely satisfied either) The emotional connection established since the first episode makes it all the more tragic yet beautiful.

    I personally don’t think that the love felt by the characters is fake, or in any way short of true love. Nor do I believe that the movies ending is a harsh display of realism. To me, at least, the movies (incredibly sad) finish was simply the best ending possible due to the sheer emotional weight it carries. Although the ending isn’t a happy one, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  37. Lena says:

    if you speed up this movie 1.5 times, the whole plot sounds alot better. Maybe cuz you hear typos. Idk. but grab a ps3 and watch it sped up. You dont fall alseep then, but just in case, i recommend playing a video game while watching. then you wont get too bored.

    if you really like the art, that fine. its nice. but falling asleep kinda makes you neglect looking at the art. so…..

    this whole movie is a conflict, if you ACTUALLY understand it, you are a little bit TOO into anime and plotlines and droll movies. Get a life. Draw a manga. Get laid. just…. dont…. waste…. your life on this…..

    Most importantly- if you like the art so much, go on google images, and look up ‘pretty anime pictures’ :D maybe you’ll find something.

    thank you for your time and attention, i know you all hate me, love,

  38. Tanya says:

    I love this movie in every way, except how they didn’t end up together! I know everyone who seen this feels the same way, but I had high hopes for them both. I wish they had seen each other for the last time, but no the train had to be in the way. (adult scene)

  39. Kanasire says:

    The anime is flawless. I would recommend it to any Anime fan or AMV maker. 10/10

    As for your last paragraph……

    Its easier to understand the third episode of 5CMPS if have experienced a failing long distance relationship. When you care so much for a person that it hurts to be away from them, you are faced with the doubt of if you will be together once more. I have discovered that time will eventually degrade the quality of words or letters, making it very difficult to cultivate love in a relationship. The two exchanged a thousand words, but there hearts did not grow closer by so much as a centimeter.


  40. Requi says:

    The art was stunning. As was mentioned, there was not much music, but the background *sound* was very good. This is not something that I normally would notice in a movie, but in this case, stuff like the sound of the cold wind, or the crunching of the snow beneath their feet, really stood out for me, and really helped to get you immersed into the environment of the movie.

    Anyway, about the message – I don’t think that the intention of the movie was to say that love can never stand the tests of time and distance. Only that it doesn’t always.

    I love the look on Takaki’s face after the train passes – he had thought to himself at the beginning of the episode that she would probably turn around, so when he did not see her there, he was both hurt and surprised. And then his face changes right after, which seemed to me like a look of disappointment and acknowledging the reality that she has moved on. And then finally, he turns around and continues on his way.

    Unlike some people I do not really buy the idea that he completely changed during that moment. He’s still stuck in sort of a rut, he had quit his job and needs to get his act together, and it would likely be some time before he could get back on the right track.

    The song at the end was perfect – the lyrics were so sad!

  41. Find_Vega says:

    I finished watching it with my girlfriend, and after this movie the message was truly deep and endearing and had a long discussion on the movie for how Takaki and Akari distanced themselves.

    When Takaki kept texting, he himself says he doesn’t send them at all, but the question is who is he texting? Was it Akari? Did she have a phone too? Neither one of us clearly figured out who he was attempting to message; in fact he could be writing a message that he never planned on sending. Like talking to an invisible Akari about unknown things. This anime leaves a lot of holes that really leave the story confusing. Though I admit I think the answers are right in front of us. We do not realize that some of the scenes held tiny clues that could explain the story, but as crafty as the story those clues are hidden behind a canvas of eye candy.

    I admit one thing though, that even if there were a lot of unexplained parts of the story the emotion of the story makes it that much more captivating. It leaves the viewer with a large gap of unanswered questions that will stay for a very long time, and we’ll always love Byosoku 5 centimeter because of it. This movie is unique for that reason

  42. chacal says:

    I see people have different points of view about the movie. heyy!! everybody is different right, every head is a world. I think the movie is just great, specially the animation. It has everything to capture your eye and keeps you in a state of waiting for whats to come. I felt a little sad in the third episode because of the ending not being what i wanted. Everyone was thinking after the first episode that Akari and Takaki would stay together but that wasnt the case. I was really hopeing to see them together at end. i just hope they make a fourth episode of them being together. I LOVE THE MOVE. AAAAA++++ ONE OF THE BEST ANIME EVER

  43. The Story You Don't Know says:

    I actually haven’t seen this one nor do I plan to watch it. I know it’s very good but I think I don’t have the guts to watch something so “tragic” and sad like this.

  44. The Story Of Lovers Drifting Apart says:

    wow…just finished watching the movie and i most say it really touch my heart and is totally true that maybe even “true love” cant with stand time and distance. The second chapter really put thing together and i was kinda surprised about how it ended but great movie non the less. And great review.

  45. Anna says:

    Wow, this movie was recommended to me by a friend, I have to say it was absolutely stunning.
    Reading some comments here really helped me clear some things up, but it seems I did not think about the animation itself as much as many of you. I thought there was quite a lot of music that accompanied the setting perfectly, and of course the story itself was wonderful. After finishing the movie I had to go back and rewatch the part where Kanae managed to surf + the song in the end.
    Loved it!

  46. Ellie says:

    This film left me feeling somewhat conflicted.
    In one sense, I thought it was amazingly realistic, and this I liked about it. It shows that in reality there isn’t always a happy ending. For example; at the end Tohno Takaki receives a message from his ex-girlfriend (the one with black hair whose appearance has no real introduction to us), saying that she still likes him “even now”, and it became clear to me that he’d completely ostracised himself from being close to anyone after Akari. He then replies to his ex, saying that through all the thousands of messages their hearts never grew even one centimetre closer. Here, it became blurred for me. I think he sent that to his ex-girlfriend, but maybe she sent it to him, or maybe he sent it to Akari, or maybe she sent it to him. It isn’t clear at all (which I didn’t like as it confused me). Maybe this was deliberate though, to show how Takaki eventually confuses everything because of his obsession with Akari. He appears to see her everywhere at the end, but I think that the time when they cross paths on the railway, he actually sees the real Akari, and then later on it shows the train moving away and Takaki smiling to himself. I think that was the point where he realises he’s finally moved on, hurting his ex-girlfriend in the process.
    Akari has clearly moved on from Takaki before he did, boarding the train to see her new man, and throughout the film I didn’t like her. It seemed as though Takaki was doing all of this work to see her and pining over her later on, and she was just using him somewhat.
    Following on from that is the reason I didn’t like it so much. I wanted Takaki to fall in love with Kanae. Everybody in the film ended up hurt except Akari, and Takaki’s obsession with Akari meant that he would never see Kanae as a partner. I loved Kanae, she has passion and heart, and she was adorable. If there was some kind of reasoning as to why Akari didn’t feel the same way as Takaki then maybe I would have understood her character on a deeper level, but there wasn’t. And so, although I think that distance and love was the obvious theme in this film, a more deeply embedded theme was perhaps this obsession and grief which each character felt except for Akari, and how Takaki ruined himself by seeking her and not allowing himself to be close to anybody else.

    • Ashutosh says:

      I really agree with you Ellie. Takaki should have given a chance to Kanae. Kanae was passionate about her work which we see how she, at last, managed to get herself standing on the surf boat. Takaki was more of a kind of obsessive and wanted AKARI desperately in his life. and really every1 got hurt except AKARI. In the last scenes(in the song) we see AKARI meeting happily with her future husband and goes with him(looked like christmas time). Whereas Takaki was hurt, and also Kanae was hurt badly.
      So this really gives a feeling of grief of TAKAKI about AKARI. Anyways movie was fantastic and Ellie one more thing, TAKAI in the last scene turned on and moved away thinking AKARI would never come in his life and he did the right thing. AKARI was happy with her life and so its TAKAKI right too to be happy without AKARI. (But he should have given a chance to Kanae, i think).

  47. Pen says:

    Basically, I found the meaning to be a pessimistic view on life, that neither strives to be positive or happy, but to say that there is no such thing as true love, and that time will change you as a person forever.

  48. Ashutosh says:

    I loved this movie. Actually i m a gr8 fan of animation movies coz they actually contain brand new stories. I think this is the first movie that i have related so much to my life. I loved some1 but she moved on in her life like Akari and i, still, after 5 years of being seperated, remember about her all the time, in my dreams too…..
    I try to forget her but its difficult and really its difficult to forget your first love. Takaki can’t forget Akari and still thinks he would meet Akari someday. I am a computer programmer just like Takaki, and its quite co-incidental…. Anyways the music, animations, the scenery and everything about this movie affected me a lot.
    I feel a little sad about Sumida(third main character). She loved Takaki and couldn’t tell him. So here she did a mistake. Even if she knew Takaki would never look at her, she might have expressed her love to him. She did almost the same thing as Takaki by not confessing her love to Takaki as Takaki didn’t confess his love to Akari.
    So, this movie tells that if u love/like some1 never hesitate to tell them otherwise over the time regretness might remain in your heart about why at that time you didn’t confess.
    At last, the ending part was also quite good. Although i felt very sad the first time i saw the movie and really hated the director for why he didn’t put a happy ending. But after i realized something and related it to myself i came to knew that life is not the same as we think. Its not simple and it not always will have the happy ending. As Akari moved on in her life, so should Takaki coz life is not 1 year, or 2 years, its long and we just can’t live this long life with the memories of the gone ones. We’ll have to give a second chance to life and let something good happen to our lives. So in the last scene TAKAKI turned and moved on after seeing no one on the opposite side of the crossing thinking that AKARI has gone forver and so he should also move on and live a gr8 life that was ahead of him.

  49. Jake says:

    I think this movie had the same effect on me as the short series FLCL. it was only 6 episodes and much like 5 centimeters it left you with the feeling of fufillment as well as loss at the end. what i loved about this short series was that ive never seen anything like this with only a handfull of voice actors. the raw passion they put into this movie is very moving and i dont think this movie could have possibly been any more perfectly done.

  50. Teodora says:

    At first I really didn’t understand why in the end she doesn’t wait for the train to pass. But, if you stay and think about it, the reason she leaves it’s because she still has feeling for him also, it would be hard to see him again. So her choice to move on was also a hard one, although the movie focuses more on him. Otherwise she would have greeted him as a childhood friend. She made a choice and built a life and now must choose again. I think the ending speaks a lot about her and her life evolution, hence it brings a bit of balance to the movie and the feeling of their relationship.

  51. Rafaela says:

    I love animes..and I was looking for a good one..and suddenly when i was looking at the anime list..i saw a title”5 centimeters per second” and it really intrigued me..
    so i watched the first episode..it was very clear i think…they were friends…very good friends since they preferred to spent time at the library both of them instead being at the playground with other children…they became very good friends..and as Takaki had said”they were kind of similar,deep down” thats what he said…and they liked each other…but when he received a letter from her..hald a year later..he started talking with him with letters..their passion..her sweet words..while she was describing the place she was living..and him writing his emotions and writing letter for her..they were both..fell more and more in love since they were both similar..and they meet and they knew for a long time they were in love before the kiss and after the kiss..it was like the world would have changed..their love would still be in their hearts but they knew that they would never see each other again..you see guys..he lost the letter with his feelings…but Akari was feeling the same way..since at her bag wanted to give a letter of her emotions..feelings too..bur she didn’t….
    at the second episode i think hm..that Kanae represents a little Akira..but Kanae really loves him..but for me it’s kinda weird that because Takaki was kind to her she was crying..that was really um..weird to me…there must be something into it..it means something maybe..and when a star or something falls they were both looking there..and she knew that even if she tells him she is in love with him she knows very well that he will always look for something in the distance..for something far away…his mind,heart and soul….and i can’t understand where he was sending these messages..oh also before i forget..Kanae is like Akari because when they were coming back to her home..she had a dog..like Akari..saying the same words like Akari..when she was a little girl..and Takaki kun..watched her..and there when they were waiting..and she said something about 5 centimeters per second he looked at her..he was surprised or something….Also,when he sends messages ..i think now that i realize..he sends to Akari..because he is to another place since he transfered right? and still loves Akari..and he sends what he feels to Akari..like when he was writing to her..but he now doesn’t know where and how can he send the messages to her..since they now..will never see each other again..both dont know where they live..and he says”how did i start writing messages to nobody?” he sends messages to Akari..but he even realizes that this is stupid kinda..but he still loves her..and he doesn’t know what else he can do..but just send send send..tiping messages…
    and at the last episode…its 3 years ago..after years..he has a job..his ex’girlfriend is NOT KANAE..because at her job a old man called her MIZUNO-SAN!!!! so….he is like he vanished from her life..and he sends her as he says”even if we were to exchange a thousand emails..our hearts would probably not move even one centimeter closer together..” thats what he said..and that explains everything i think….okay..his ex its true..hurt..but he is more in pain..because he still loves Akari..and from his words..that will never change…even if he moves on in his life..he will never forget her..and his heart will always be with her..and in his mind somehow…and Akari its true..she looked back but didnt wait like he did..at the train..but they dreamt the same dream…and i think she still loves him..or he is special in her heart even if she moves on with a new life…because like Takaki had said in the first episode”..I always knew that we were kinda similar,deep down.”..so the director might not show about Akira how she feels..but she had write a love letter with her feelings too..she looked back even at the train a little..even she dreamt the same dream with him…they were “SIMILAR,DEEP DOWN” so that explains everything..she was feeling the same way..i think..but she was just moved on first…anyways i might be wrong..for some things..but i cant understand very well..there are many questions for this masterpiece<3 i fell in love with this amazing anime <3 it really touches me…and im sure makes everyone think even just a little about their lives..and your lives…its amazing..im in love with this..by the way the drawing was really AMAZING:O i love it..and the sounds of the train and when they were walking even in the snow or at the train..some steps..the sound of their shoes..so nice..^^ xD

  52. Relic says:

    Ok.after seeing this movie many times,each time with a clearer head,I have concluded this much.I’m sure there isn’t a person alive who at some point hasnt felt the way the people in this movie do.I can personally vouch for the texts to someone I love that I know there’s no point in sending and I like takaki never did get it out.this message in the movie isn’t that true love doesn’t always stand the test of time or anything as unrealistic as that,since this is a very realistic portrayal of real life.their love in this movie never waned I’m sure but one cannot allow them selves to be destroyed by this.their love for eachother though they never may meet again is just as strong but is just a memory in the past.they had to allow themselves happiness and this is provided by moving on,but never forgetting the past.it is bitter sweet in that they will forever share a love of eachother so strong nothing but fate could bring them apart,but that in the end their fates didn’t end up together.they will learn to love others,but there will always be that special love that no one ever forgets.I think more often than not life usually plays out using this formula.I,like many others can relate with everything about this.I believe we have lived from the perspective of each of these characters.we have been the one that can’t move on(takaki).we have been the one whose love is not requited(Kane that surfer chick).we have been Also the one who moves on and finds new love and happiness(akari

  53. Relic says:

    Oh yea, and I think that is my interpretation of the movies meaning.that though the cherry blossoms drift apart doesn’t that mean there also drifting 5cm closer per second to other cherry blossom petals?that’s the way life goes,some times you stay close sometimes you don’t and sometimes you reunite. Anyway that symbol of the train arrows pointing different directions standing for the alternate directions in life akari and takaki are going was QUITE profound.in the end they both move on.when you think about it,the happiest ending possible :) maybe all ends well.

  54. Decentenough says:

    I liked it, since I heard a few things about the movie prior to watching it I sort of suspected it would end on a dramatic tone, but I still found the ending rather abrupt and extreme. It almost seems as if Akari sort of disliked the MC near the end, I think it could’ve been more of a bittersweet ending instead of a dramatic one. I expected them to meet eachother one way or another, talking a little, then realising that neither of them were in love with one another anymore instead of Akari ignoring the MC for no reason whatsoever. (Honestly, if you met your childhood friend/sweetheart, wouldn’t you atleast make small talk instead of ignoring her/him?)

    I personally think Takaki is moving on step by step. (Example: He realised he didn’t have feelings for Akaki anymore, then quit his job in Tokyo) Whilst Akaki is simply supressing every emotion and walks away in the end. Instead of confronting him level headed, proofing that she really hasn’t moved on. (Then again, this is just my opinion. I just can’t get it out of my head that she ignores his existence whilst passing right by him, unless you’re anti-social that’s NOT the way to deal with a childhood friend.. even if you haven’t seen eachother in a while)

  55. Relic says:

    Ohhh yea!!! By the way. Though I found the movie AWSOME I still found myself wondering “i wonder what everyone does after…” ESPECIALLY Kanae, like did SHE move on? Well I didn’t know but there’s a really good manga to read about it!! Waaaay more back story and dialogue, we find out Kanae confessed, how things got bad with his girl friend Risa, how he drifted apart exactly, etc. AND it’s ongoing and takes place even after the movie ends! I highly recommend if you, like me, didn’t get enough! Like a dream come true, no more wondering. Lol enjoy everybody and DEFINITLY read if you thought Kanae was forgotten about.cheers!

  56. xeoz says:

    “But if true love is supposed to conquer all, even time and distance, then were Takaki and Akari not really in love with each other?”

    the question is questioned again to yourself.

    yeah, they are the sweetest love memory of your life, and maybe the most touching and saddest one, but do you really love your first love from 6th grade elementary school? until now? even if both of you are separated by miles or maybe by country?

    people are not like they’re going to stay like that forever. they changed. could be emotional feelings by hours or habits and attitude by years. just like the love.

  57. Kororo_1990 says:

    its kind of rare to find true love in elementary but i’ve seen one though i dont know what happened to them(i’ve never see them after graduation) .
    Well its a beautiful story, i wish the movie were exactly detailed so the viewers wont be guessing,i think the movie is incomplete especially its ending.

  58. VuVu1994 says:

    This movie would of been amazing if they ended up together. But sadly, all their progress when they were kids suddenly ended. This movie has been stuck in my head for a week now because it’s just a great romantic movie, & it really hurts seeing them end because I just lost someone i loved this week, & seeing all of my progress with my ex and all of Akari and Takai progress just ending hurts me dearly. It would of been great to see what would happen if they both stopped at the train, I understand that Takaki needed that push to move on and start a new life again, but she was already engaged and because of the fact shes pretty much married gives her every reason to not to love him anymore. Obviously he still loves her, but there has to be a big reason why she didn’t stop, we can’t just come out with opinions, & it would be nice if this movie would at least came out in episodes or something. So they could gives us details from the beginning till the end. I understand that the Manga saids everything, but like I rather see it in video. XD Overall This movie is a 10/10 to me.

    • wilson yu says:

      I believe if they were to meet they would still love each other but not in the romantic kind of way. Its like meeting close hold friends, they would hug or kiss each other but that’s about it. Even if Takaki hear about Akari being married, i know for a fact that Takaki will be happy for her and would want to meet his childhood’s spouse. All in all i would be satisfy if they just meet each other in the end, because they means their relationship doesn’t end and they will be able to make more memories to come. Heck i bet Takaki and Akari kid’s will marry each other though although that would be a bit far fetch etc. point is their love for each other go beyond just simply husband/ lover. I mean just lovers are kind of bland don’t you think, i feel that friendship and the time you spend with each other is way more precious than just simple lovers. Well that is my own two cent or 450 cent if you were to count the word. =)

  59. Q_Q says:

    I hate this movie. Only because the ending just made me very sad. She could have stayed, but she didn’t give a damn about his feelings.

  60. Sammy says:

    I just finnished watching this movie for about 20 minutes ago and i loved it very mutch, i think that these sad stories makes you remember them for a long while since it so sad, sure i would like to see an ending of them meet at the end, but then i guess it would not be the same. it was one part in the movie that made my interest, when they were at the store and was going to choose something to drink, she took longer time then him, was she waiting to see what he choose and pick the same as him? i dont really understand that part, well i have to think about that ^^ i was thinkingthat maybe she wants to be like him…or she wants to share everything with him.

    i give this movie 10/10 because of the lovely and sad movie and i will remember it for a long time!

  61. Reborn says:

    I’ve just finished watching the film and I’ve the impression Takaki didn’t do the same than Akari in terms of their relationship. I mean, since the beggining of the movie you can see That Akari’s the one that sends letters firstly and she’s also who visits him before (what we can see is the first time Takaki visits her). In fact, we also are given an image of child Takaki unable to encourage Akari when she had to move on (which is comprehensible because of his age).

    I just have the feeling (and I think nobody’s pointed it out before) than Takaki just tranformed himself in a “victim”, he thought all was lost and he didn’t try to do anything to change it. He just surrendered. On the other hand, by the time he’s in high school, Akari’s meeting new people and doing her life, getting less obsessed and experimenting new things.

    Anyway, Kanae’s, in my opinion, the best character of all the film. She’s well described, energetic, vital and I think almost everyone can remember an experience very similar at hers. In addition, what I wanted to know is what happened with Kanae. I know it’s implied she moved on, but I wanted to know more about her.

    At the end, I just don’t dislike the “train ending”, but I’d rather want more minutes added to the third episode. It’s too short. I really think that they haven’t fulfilled their relationship, which is the saddest part of all. And I also believe taht in the second episode they aren’t together, I think their story ended at the end of the first one. This would explain why she redid her life (partly, because they didn’t keep contact each other).

  62. Kaito says:

    I encourage you all to read the manga; there is a lot in the manga that will explain some things.
    There is also another chapter added on that focuses on Kanae, who you learn has not moved on.
    The ending scene was absolutely perfect, bittersweet, but perfect nonetheless.
    As they cross each other and the train passes, Akari tells Takaki that he will be alright from then on.
    Takaki asks how she will be but to no reply. It then shows the Akari’s wedding ring, which I assume Takaki saw.
    Takaki acknowledges that Akari has moved on and he is happy for her, in turn allowing him to move on and start living his life.

    The fourth chapter will leave you with even more questions so be warned! haha

  63. King says:

    At the end of the first episode, why didn’t Akari gave the letter to Takaki? Does this imply that she might be thinking of giving up writing letter to him because of their situation. She might have felt that It would be better for both of them if they stopped writing each other, and just focus on their lives and future. On episode 2, It does suggest that they already stopped writing and e-mailing each other. It also depict that Takaki still haven’t moved on. Long distance relationship really sucks. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you love each other, not seeing each other will slowly break you down, which is sad. The psychological effect of not being with the one you love is just too much for others to handle. Including me.

  64. wilson yu says:

    Its kind of funny how many people have misconception of the episodes. episode 1 everyone was right on the money. However episode 2 they miss it by a mile and episode 3 everyone missed it by a continent unless you also read the novel with the same name as the movie which is the same thing except it gives a lot more detail about episode 3 than the actual movie.

    Episode 2, he is a senior in highschool and by than both Akari and Takaki kind of forgotten each other. Remember when Akari and Takaki were looking at the awesome scenery together in episode 2, well that was a dream. When Takaki was writing on his cell phone it basically said “I was on an alien planet and sitting beside me is a girl i don’t know (Akari) but the atmosphere feel so nostalgic and familiar” So we can assume in the 5 years that been apart from each other they slowly drift apart and forgotten each other. Wish they didn’t though and kept in contact with other but oh well, you tend to forget those who are closest to you when they are far away. =(

    Episode 3 Akari remember back in the day at that snowy night when they first kiss due to the LOVE LETTER that she fail to give to Takaki when they were 13 years old. By this time and era she is going to get married and she is probably 28 years give a or take a few years. Akari and Takaki been apart from each other for 15 whole years and Akari had a dream about their distant past and blah blah blah.

    Now Takaki had a dream from the distant past due to his job (programmer) and he was working on a project where he was unhappy about and decided to quite due to stress or dissatisfaction. Couple with the fact that he broke up with his girl friend and job cause him to remember Akari and all those feeling from 15 yeras back when they were 13 years old came rushing back and he had a dream about “their distant past” later on he went on freelancing 6 months have gone by.

    He is living is a better apartment and a better life style when he decide to go out for a walk. He walk in a rail cross walk the same where Akari and he use to play around and pass by Akari which they haven’t seen each other for 15 years. They both turn back but the train block their way. Both of them are like “oh well that may be my childhood friend, if it were that its a miracle if it isn’t than whatever, i am happy for him/ her where ever they are and hope they are having a happy life.”

    Both of them already moved on a long time ago, just that different scenarios cause them to remember about their past and their great time together and their regrets.

    Peace this is my rant and this is probably too late but hope this enlighten most of you. Peace

  65. Zero says:

    i hope they are can together forever in the ending story..
    i can believe it..

  66. Pete says:

    i just watched it and i am left wanting more and more.
    but ending it how they did makes me apreciate it so much.
    i love the characters i want to be their with them the scenery the emotions all felt real and made me drift into this world the film maker created.

  67. the J says:

    i think ‘akari’ wanted ‘takaki’ to move on in his life and to leave the past as a dream… In the same way she did…but behind all this is her ‘love’…thats why she disappired when train passed…and at the end takai moves on…i don’t know what about kanae ….love is gift of god… It never ends…

  68. efren says:

    thumbs up for the review !

    i can’t forget this movie i watched it thrice and the more i watched it the more my heart aches .

    -i knew it from the very first 10 mins of this movie . that it is not a happy ending . and when —
    takaki says ” i clearly knew that from that from that pont on. we woudn’t be together forever.” (T_T) WHYYYYY???

    1. if only takaki told her about the letter, i guess it will make a big difference. im sure akari will give her the letter.
    2. why they did not tell their feelings for each other?
    3. there’s no communication?? even text message or letters
    4. i dont see any problem (except for distance)
    5. true love wait! right??
    6. takaki isn’t a strong type of guy. why??

    * where’s the idea of protecting her and always stay by her side?
    * why not get her? there’s no act and willingness to get akari
    * why let her go even he knows that akari is the only way to make his life complete?
    * he had job, why chase her?

    – tohno takaki moved on you can see it at the very last part of the movie when he smile .
    he saw akari shinohara and then gone after the train pass by

    -everyone expect this movie to end happy . yeah

    -they moved on and only memories where left .

    -i wish part 2 and continuation of manga

    -if you want addtional of the movie additional of what happened to risa mizuno his ex gf and the reason why they broke up . and also what happened to kanae sumida after takaki left – just read the manga its the same as the movie .

    i rate this movie 100/10 :D

  69. Joe Mark says:

    Never been so sad after a film…

  70. dluc says:

    Loved the movie. The ending was appropriate I guess – it made you reflect on their lives and what little time they spent togehter…

    I know this never happened, but I like to think that takaki did move on, but was afraid that akari couldn’t. He wanted to tell her that he was ok, like when he waited on the train, and wished for akari to return home instead of waiting for him.

    It makes the idea of their love seem less possesive, and more like unconditional love.

  71. Collie Barry says:

    I watched the movie just now (but i guess it is never too late) and like you I was deeply bothered at how they ended drifting apart. I was ultimately blinded by the affection shown in the first episode that it was hard for me grasp the thought that they went separate ways. Upon seeing Tono wearing the ring, I really thought she and Takaki we’re the ones married. So I looked around for blogs and reviews for the film just to check if it’s only me who was bothered by (I think) the gap for touching that side of the story on how the sparks suddenly died. And fortunately, I saw you blog, which pretty much enlightens me and on a great expense explains why I’m writing this. :))

  72. jc says:

    For those who were asking that there should be another part which should have show how they drifted apartfrom madly inlove to not even sending messages at all. All i can say you guys never know how long distance relationship really works, or more precisely how love really works.

    The thing is you would never really know how and when but it would just happen. The time will come thatthe warm love you once felt would turn cold. Its not because you didnt love each other anymore its just it is. And for every heartbreak the heart never broke even. THERE WILL ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO LOVED MORE IN A RELATIONSHIP. And that more will take its toll in the end. The other one will move on, but not him. He will always think of her everyday for years, not hoping, not asking in return. Its just he cant move on, maybe until he see her again. :(

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