World Destruction first impressions

World Destruction is the latest series by Production I.G., set for a 13 episode run. So far I’ve seen two episodes, and although I don’t have too much to say about it yet, it piqued my interest right away…

The main thing I like about it so far is the designs of the characters and setting. The designs of the various beast-men are very interesting and creative; they resemble a variety of anthropomorphic animals ranging from rabbits, cows, cats, and raccoons. Some actually have animals faces with human-like bodies, while others look like humans with animal ears and tails (perhaps they’re not pure beast-men but offspring of beast-men and humans?) The setting is a pretty typical ancient fantasy world, however the importance of the sand as well as the variety of humans and beast-men walking around makes it unique. The animation is also fairly good and fluid; perhaps not on the same level as KyotoAni and BONES but maybe Production I.G. is third place XD

I’ve heard this series being compared to Gurren Lagann because of its plot about beast-men suppressing humans in a sand-covered world. But that’s really the only similarities. Another reason I like the series so far is it’s unique storyline of “destroying the world” instead of the typical “saving the world.” I’m curious whether this beast-men-oppressing-humans world will indeed be destroyed in the end, or if, like in Gurren Lagann, they’ll be able to live together in peace. The series seems to have a pretty easy-going flow and isn’t too fast-paced or littered with random, out-of-place hyperbolic comedy.

The characters also seem good so far. Morte is one of the few protagonists who wants to destroy the (screwed-up) world instead of protect it. But unlike characters with similar goals (Light and Lelouch come to mind) she doesn’t seem egotistical or diabolical, so I’m curious to find out what her real interior motives are (so far it looks like it has to do with the death of a loved one). Kirie seems like a typical “nice guy airhead hero who holds the key to the story’s plot” but he’s likable enough I guess. Toppi is interesting because he has cute looks with a serious, no-nonsense personality. Like Morte, I’m also curious about his backstory, though his “-kuma” catchphrase is a bit overdone (he literally says it after every sentence but I suppose you get used to it). Naja, Ri A, and Agan who were introduced in episode 2, still have yet to be more developed but they also appear interesting so far.

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about World Destruction as of two episodes. With the series being only 13 episodes, I hope they don’t rush things or give a disorganized ending. I think of Seirei no Moribito as Production I.G.’s most recent masterpiece so let’s see if this series can compete =)

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  1. mellow_bunny says:

    I’ve gotta say, the concept of destroying the world rather then save it is something that makes me want to watch this show. On the other hand I can’t imagine it’s going to be an amazing watch.

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