Slayers Revolution first impressions

After 10 years the long-awaited sequel to the third season of the Slayers anime has finally arrived. Slayers will always hold a special place in my heart not just because it’s a great series’ but because it was one of the first anime I really got into back in the early 2000s. There’s a handful of Slayers episodes that I think are some of the funniest anime episodes of all, and the series also has a great cast of characters and an interesting fantasy setting. It’s been years since I’ve watched Slayers (though I’ve watched all three seasons many times in the past), and after watching the first two episodes of Slayers Revolution, waves of nostalgia quickly came over me…

Right from the beginning of Slayers Revolution, with Lina’s confident self-introduction and an opening theme by veteran seiyuu and j-pop artist Megumi Hayashibara, the new series already felt like the old ones within the first few minutes. Amazingly after 10 years they’ve managed to assemble all the old seiyuu and Megumi slipped back into her role as Lina perfectly well. Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadis also sound like their old selves and I look forward to Xellos’ return too ^^ I’m also curious if any of the other characters like Sylphiel, Filia, or Martina will return. It’s quite obvious that J.C. Staff is making a great effort to retain all the qualities of the old seasons in this new season including the sound and feel of the opening and endings songs, the eyecatches, the episode titles, and the humor derived from well-timed slapsticks and poking fun at Lina’s shortcomings and hot temper. About the only thing that’s different from the old seasons is the use of digital animation instead of cel animation but that’s to be expected. I even recognized some of the old background music in the new series. My only complaint so far is that I think they’re going a little overboard with Lina’s cold-hearted and quick-to-violence personality. Her bipolar character is what makes her appealing but I think they’re making a bit too much of an effort to show off the bad part of her personality, for example, in her rather harsh treatment of the pirates and the fish girl in episode 1. But it’s only been two episodes so hopefully they’ll give Lina’s good side a chance to shine too.

As of now it’s a bit too early to judge whether after a decade they’re able to make this new season of Slayers live up to the old ones, but so far it seems to be on the right track. I look forward to finding out more of what Pokota is all about and seeing what new adventure is in store for Lina and the gang. The other three Slayers seasons started off fairly light and comedic and then got more dramatic and serious towards the middle and end (though still retaining some comedy). So far we’ve only managed to see comedy in Slayers Revolution but I’m sure action and drama (and perhaps romance?) will come along soon. I really thought Try was the end for the Slayers anime but I’m glad it wasn’t! =D

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  1. traveler says:

    i totally agree with you, slayers is one the best older animes that i’ve watched it has so much charm to it .

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