The end of Inuyasha

After 12 years, 56 volumes, and over 550 chapters, the final chapter of the Inuyasha manga (chapter 558) has been released, completing Rumiko Takahashi’s longest series. I’ve been avidly following the Inuyasha story since the anime was released in the US in 2002, and although its been one of my favorites for many years, I’m both relieved and a bit sad that it’s finally over…

Before I talk about my opinion of how the series ended, I just wanted to lay out some helpful info: the Inuyasha manga series has been running in Shounen Sunday in Japan since 1996, and of course, has now ended in 2008 at chapter 558. The anime series began in 2000 and ended in 2004 with a very inconclusive ending; it basically stopped the story at around volume 36 of the manga because the anime was too close to catching up with the manga. The anime began airing in the US in 2002 and ended in 2006. Currently, Viz is up to volume 33 of the English version of the manga, with 34 and 35 slowly on their way. I began writing individual chapter reviews of the Inuyasha manga starting at chapter 482 when the series hit its 10th anniversary, but I had to stop at chapter 520 because I no longer had the time to keep them up.

But although I no longer write individual chapter reviews of the manga, I of course had to make one final Inuyasha manga-related post since the series has finally reached its greatly anticipated conclusion. About a year and a half ago I wrote a post about why a new Inuyasha anime needs to be made in order for the series to regain its former popularity, since it now has more than enough manga material to work with. I also talked about how the quality of the manga has deteriorated since the anime ended, and now that the manga itself has finally ended, my opinion hasn’t really changed much. Personally I think that the Inuyasha series was absolutely brilliant and endearing until around volume 41, when it began to becomes less and less interesting. I won’t go into detail about why, since I already addressed that in the previous post, but lets just say that from volume 41 and onward, the series had its good story arcs and its boring story arcs, but it never went back to the excellence it used to be. It seemed like this latter half of the series was used by Takahashi-san to experiment with different possible ways to end the series, thus it just seemed kind of scattered and she began making up new subplots instead of trying to tie them up.


And finally now, we have the series finale. First of all, the main villain Naraku, who has “died” a number of times in the series only to come back again, is finally killed in chapter 552. I guess a unique aspect of Inuyasha when compared to other long-running shounen series’ is that it’s kept the same main villain all these years. Because of this, I would suspect that Naraku’s death would be all the more epic, but personally I thought it was kind of lame. Instead of feeling totally relieved and happy that one of the most hated and evil villains of all is finally defeated, out of nowhere Takahashi throws in a bit of sentiment about how he only wanted his wish of being with Kikyou granted. After years of portraying Naraku as a heartless bastard who only had base desires for Kikyou, we’re just now suddenly supposed to feel a shred of sympathy for him? I don’t know, but that was the impression I got. If she wanted Naraku to be a more complex character instead of pure evil, she should have given us evidence long before this. Personally, I think Naraku should’ve gone down with a huge bang, and Takahashi should have added one of her humorous filler chapters of the gang having a party and celebrating his defeat! XD But oh well, it could’ve been worse I guess ~_^

And as for tying the whole series up in the last chapter, considering all the characters and subplots Takahashi had to work with, I think she did an okay job (though definitely not perfect). The last chapter was about 40 pages instead of the usual 20 so that helped a lot. To make things easier, let me divide the series conclusion into good points and bad points…

Good points: First of all, while Naraku’s death was mediocre, I thought the “death” of the Shikon Jewel was really awesome. Instead of selfishly making a wish on the Shikon Jewel for Inuyasha to save her or to return to her world, Kagome instead chooses not to choose, because she knows that Inuyasha will save her without her having to wish for it (she instead wishes for the Jewel to disappear). To me this was a very unpredictable and interesting ending for the Jewel. And in the last chapter, we finally get to see Miroku and Sango settle down and have their kids, and we also get a good idea of how the remaining main characters will spend the rest of their days. After reading the few chapters before this one, I was afraid that Inuyasha and Kagome would never get to see each other again, and Kagome would be forced to stay on her side forever. So I was really relieved that in the end they got to be together after all, thus answering a question that fans have had for many years. Also, Kagome calling Sesshoumaru “Onii-san” (and the look on Sesshoumaru’s face at that moment) was priceless XD

Bad points: As could be expected from a long-running series with numerous characters and subplots, I felt that some characters and subplots in Inuyasha were left with insufficient development, or were just plain pointless. For example, was it really necessary for Inuyasha to get all those new attacks for Tessaiga in the latter part of the series when he uses the majority of them maybe once or twice? And what was the point of Kouga getting a new attack when he was written out of the series not too long after, and doesn’t even get to appear in the last chapter? And also after all this time, we never hear a thing about Kagome’s father (the anime mentions him but not the manga). Other minor characters such as that kid with the freaky eyes in chapter 493, and even Sesshoumaru’s mom and Houjo-kun lacked a proper conclusion. And there are probably other characters and subplots I forgot about that were lacking but I guess Takahashi wrapped up the main ones well enough. Another thing, I thought that Kagome’s sudden disappearance from the Sengoku Jidai in the end was really lacking: there should have at least been a few pages showing Inuyasha, Shippou, Miroku, and Sango grieving about not being able to see her again. I mean, the five of them have been traveling around together all these years, and suddenly she’s gone and they didn’t even get to say goodbye. Instead, the last chapter just jumps to three years in the future already with only minor flashbacks, and we don’t even see any rejoicing when she finally does come back…so yeah, there definitely should have been more emotion in the ending.

And although Inuyasha and Kagome do indeed end up together in the end, one has to wonder if this would have been so if Kikyou hadn’t died. Inuyasha never actually chose between Kagome and Kikyou…Kikyou was already dead when he ended up with Kagome, so does he now love Kagome more than Kikyou? If Kikyou were to suddenly come back, would he then be conflicted again or would he loyally stay with Kagome? Inuyasha never actually chose one over the other so it could still be argued that the only reason Inuyasha chose Kagome in the end is because she’s the only one of the two left (if Kikyou was still around, this may have been different). Another interesting fact is that even in the last chapter we never see Inuyasha and Kagome kiss (they did in the second movie but that’s not canon and it was hardly a passionate kiss), while Kikyou and Inuyasha have kissed a couple of times before, and quite passionately. Inuyasha and Kagome still haven’t even outright confessed their love…I wonder if Takahashi-san purposely left it debatable whether Inuyasha truly chose Kagome over Kikyou or not.

One last thing I was kind of confused about (though maybe someone can clear it up for me), why, after three years, was Kagome suddenly able to go back through the well? This whole time she and Inuyasha have been missing each other and visiting the well, so why after three years did the well suddenly become connected again? Not sure if I missed something about this but it seems really questionable ~_^ I always predicted that after the Shikon Jewel is destroyed, the time slip on the well would close and Kagome would be forced to remain on her side. It would then be Inuyasha who chooses to go back to her world and live as a human, instead of the other way around. I kinda like my ending better but oh well ^^,,, Perhaps now that the manga has ended, a new anime series will be on the way.

Well, to sum things up, Inuyasha is the only one of Takahashi’s series’ that I’ve read all the way through and I’ve heard that she’s infamous for not writing good endings. But I’m at least somewhat satisfied with the ending of Inuyasha. Actually, the only other series of hers that I’m familiar with is Ranma 1/2, and though I think it’s hilarious, sometimes it gets too silly and slapstick for me. The reason I like Inuyasha so much is because even though its not a comedy series, it has humor that’s more realistic and character-driven, and not as hyperbolic. Also, being one long, continuing story instead of stand-alone episodes like Ranma, together with Takahashi’s brilliant ability to create endearing characters, you’ve got a series with great character development and an intricate, fascinating storyline. Thus Inuyasha was my favorite series for nearly 5 years. Although my interest in it has been decreasing in the past year (mostly due to the manga not being as good as it used to be) it will always be one of my favorites and I’m so glad I was able to follow Inuyasha and the gang all the way to the end of their amazing adventure.

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  1. bluemist says:

    I got tired of Inuyasha even before the anime ended, I feel it was giving me lesser and lesser character development as time passes, until I prematurely stopped watching by the 100th or so episode. Having the same main villain all this time (Naraku) is kinda a double-edged sword, it’s indeed unique to shounen series but having so shallow a character like that is quite boring.

    Moreover, Inuyasha has a more filler-feel than other shounen series with actual progression. So Inuyasha and party goes to one place, meets characters and enemies there, then finish whatever goal and move on. There have been so many characters and subplots, in that you may like some of them and would have wanted a follow-up later, only to find out that it’s taking too long for that to happen or maybe Rumiko Takahashi is not writing those arcs in anymore.

    That said though, I would still want to return to this series and continue where I had left off. Maybe an announcement of new anime would build it up in me.

    • rachel says:

      Well I loved the inuyasha sires and I didn’t know that they had book to. I’m only 11 I’m in the 5th grade and I stay up till 3:00 am to watch inuyasha. I can remeber this one book it was kinda like inuyasha but the girl hated the boy and was more aventures then the boy. Its called wild*act

  2. Inuhanyou says:

    Okay 2 things.

    1. I’m sure you remember a while ago on mount azusa when Kagome had to get Kikyou’s bow right? Remember that little revelation she had? That explained it quite nicely i thought. In the end, that whole triangle between Kagome, Kikyou & Inuyasha was not an issue, there was never any danger of Kagome losing Inuyasha to Kikyou, it was her own self doubt and about her abilities and ability to live up to the legacy of her past self that made her go emo about it.

    On Inuyasha’s side as well, i’m pretty sure he knew what was what, I mean really, Kikyou’s death was sudden and tragic, and it hit Inuyasha right in the heart, he was guilty alright because it was partly his fault, and he probably did have feelings for the girl, but i’m pretty sure he knew that trying to be with Kikyou, after she died, was an impossible dream. Like he said after her final passing, she wouldn’t want them to be sad for her, but happy that she was finally at the third to final chapter Inuyasha relfected on what Kagome did for him, to stack that up against the memory of just wasn’t going to happen.

    2.It is implied that Inuyasha & Kagome are connected through time & space, like inuyasha said, being born to meet him, it wasn’t just the fate of being absorbed by the jewel that lead her to the sengoku, which is why whenever she wanted to see inuyasha really bad, it would open so she could be with him. That’s what i got out of her being able to cross for the final time anyways..

    Need anymore explanations just ask :P

  3. Ashley Hernandez says:

    Wow!! I have to say I agree with you all the way. Recent Inuyasha chapters were not Takahashi’s best (the scene where Kikyo died I felt was really weak), her endings are usually weak (Ranma had a terrible ending in my opinion), and there were some characters I was really missing at the end! I also thought that Inuyasha would go back with Kagome to her own time (but I also thought that Inuyasha would have wished to be human as well, since Kikyo once said that the Jewel would disappear on a pure wish like that). I mean aren’t they messing with the past if they stay there? And another thing, what was with the pointless interlude of three-years? I mean it is true Kagome was 15 at the start of the series and is 18 at the end, but did she even have to back to home time for three years and not come back until the three years were up? I know Takahashi is very good about teens not getting married or having sex, but when you think about it, Sango must have been 16 when she married Miroku and Kagome really didn’t need to finish her education if she went to live in the past. Another thing, the fact that Kagome is wearing Kikyo’s outfit at the end. Is she still a priestess? Cause if she is, how can she possible be married to Inuyasha? They can’t have or kids. Priestesses can’t have kids or they would lose their spiritual powers! (Although when you think about it, if the two of them had kids, then wouldn’t those kids be 1/4 deamon?). These are just the annoying rantings of nerd like myself. >

    • Panait Ciprian says:

      is an apprentice and they can get married and have kids. Is not forbidden. Only when they do the power is passed on to the next generation. About the kids assuming that things work the same you would have 1/2 demon kids, 1/4 demon kids and fully human kids. The 1/4 demon is hardly anything . Maybe they will have silver hair and an affinity for spiritual realm but apart from that they are normal. the 1/2 can happen but the chances are smaller. Also she trains to be a priestess but no one says she must be one. She just learn to use medicine and her powers.

  4. Karen says:

    Yeah, the final chapter was kind of lack-luster, IMHO. I kind of figured Inuyasha and Kagome would somehow end up together, but we didn’t get to SEE anything between them when she finally was able to return to him! That was such a disappointment for me. I would have loved to see him grab her and kiss her before she could finish one sentence (or even the other way around because I think Kagome would be more likely to actually do something like that.) I mean, he’s MISSED her terribly for 3 YEARS – the woman he loves!! And all he does is hug her and call her an “idiot” when they are finally reunited? What was that all about?!? Meh. I agree that it lacked a lot of emotion. I don’t understand why we didn’t even get a kiss in the finale. It just left a gaping hole in my hopes for a great ending. I wish they would continue the anime, and perhaps some day they could tweak the story a bit and give us that missing emotion and that final wonderful kiss between our hero and heroine.

  5. Rishi says:

    Well…Rishi stopped reading after volume 20…but then Rishi cheated and read the last 2 chapters online. :D It was sad…and Rishi thinks that maybe it’s because Kagome made a selfless wish that she was able to return? And the fact that Kagome and InuYasha were at the well at the same time…this doesn’t make any sense…

    Eh! Rishi loved the ending. That’s what counts.

    • NM says:

      I agree !! Full on I just hope Inuyasha would start a new season especially with all the love its getting from his fans from all different ages and times and countries also with petetions goin around they should really consider it or at least owe us an explanation is the least they can do I Love Inuyasha <33

  6. kyra says:

    the sesshomaru rin thingy was LAME. i wanted to know sesshomaru’s fate so bad. LAME. LAME. LAME. AWFUL ENDING!!!!!!!

  7. Inufan says:

    I think what you have presented here is a very unbiast page of Inuyasha truths. And Takahashi really did leave the ending ambiguous. It keeps you wondering.

  8. Yovanka says:

    I discovered inuyasha about a year ago. I was on maternity leave and sleep was something I used to do :-) I turned to cartoon network and the music was what drew me to it I watched it all night even twice and if I missed an episode I would relly get upset. I have been reading it online since the anime finished so suddenly. The end as good I enjoyed it yeah I wish there was more romance and Inuyasha going over to human world which would have made more since and becoming human but it was good all the same I wish they would make the anime again and take it from where they left off and maybe changed the end a little to show some emotion from these characters we have grown to love. I guess I will just have to continue with naruto and bleach until a new Inuyasha is made

  9. evelyn says:

    omg i know all of this i read the last chapters at one manga .com try it if you want it and good job but is the anime tv show going to continue i need answers help me please

  10. Lambert says:

    Shrine maidens are supposed to be virgins but priestesses and priest can and do marry. They even have larger than normal families. As for the ending of Inuyasha, it sounds perfectly sweet to me. The unspoken nature of the Kagome relationship was what made it different than the Kikyo relationship and to change that at the end would cheapen it, right? Inuyasha was scarred from what happened with Kikyo so he was afraid to openly display his feelings for Kagome and even when they became obvious to everyone, they were already in the habit of not displaying them openly. Having a three year separation wasn’t just about making sure Kagome was 18 or that she finished school, it was a testimony to their pure love.

  11. Akai says:

    I have to agree that Inuyasha started to lose its charm some time around chapter 41 but for me it wasn’t the fact that the story lines began to have less depth, it was the mere fact that Takashi-san kept on rubbing the same stupid things in our faces. For example we constantly had to deal (when Kikyou was still alive) with Kagome second guessing herself and wondering if she would ever be as good as Kikyou. Yes, she would always make clear that she was her own person and not just Kikyou’s reincarnation but in reality you always knew she felt less important in every aspect. Also I pretty much got tired of every chapter discussing Naraku’s true intentions and how he could be defeated, heres a though JUST DO IT ALREADY. I don’t know, most chapters leading up to the conclusion just appeared to be fillers that were suppose to somehow tie in with the big picture but they truly never did. It was a weird combination of one large story line but with a different monster of the week type of thing.

    Ever since watching Ranma 1/2 I have always suspected that Takashi-san has a hard time wrapping a series up in a decent way (don’t even get me started with Ranma). Although this time around the ending seems like something everyone can be happy with, it clearly isn’t. Ironically even though she tried to tie any lose ends up we are still left wondering a lot. For instance why don’t Inuyasha and Kagome act like people that are in love? Honestly she still has tons of room left to conclude the series properly. Heres an idea, how about an OVA showings us Kagome and Inuyasha married and then showing us what happened during the 3 years they couldn’t see eachother. Makes us believe they want to be together!

    As for your question on why they couldn’t cross over in the end, it’s right there in the last chapter of the manga. As Kagome is standing over the well wishing to see Inuyasha she begins to realize the reason the time portal has closed is because within her heart she did have dark feelings that got worse during the 3 days she and Inuyasha were gone. During that time she felt bad because she knew that her family was worried and scared and she felt guilty about it. So, when the well opened up and she was able to get back she was just relieved to be home with her family. Inuyasha makes a similar comment to Kaede-baba, saying he knows that he isn’t the only important person to Kagome and that is why she went back to her time. Basically Kagome had to decide whether she wanted to give up her life in her time to be with Inuyasha or just stay in her time after she completed her mission (destroying the jewel). Once she did she went back. Does this answer your question?

  12. stephie says:

    i dont understand. i mean ive not watched all of the episodes but i have so many questions. what happens to koga? and everyone else on the show? and do they ever say anything about sesshomarus mother? also does he choose kagome in the show or does it even get to that part?.. im so confused =(

    • Panait Ciprian says:

      koga gets married to Ayame according to the anime. There is a sequel that concludes the series.

  13. Yumeka says:

    To stephie: If you’re talking about the Inuyasha TV show, it ended while the manga (which is the real story) kept going. This post is about the end of the manga. If you want to know what happened to Koga, whether Inuyasha chose Kagome or not, etc., you need to read all the manga. They haven’t yet made any new anime episodes of these later parts of the series.

  14. Leon says:

    First of all, Inuyasha in a way did chose Kagome, in the manga when his inside of the mediou he say Kagome is the one who taught me how to love, how to trust others. As far as the idea of him still loving kikyo, in the last chapter he actually races towards the well when he gets a wiff of her scent and once Kagome climbs out of the well the look in there eyes explains it all (That is the look of two people who are in love). Then it is also said that Inuyasha went to the well every three days, just to see if she had come back or would come back (He did this for three years). By the end of the series he to forgot about Kikyo and his thoughts were only towards Kagome. Not once during the end of the manga does he even mention Kikyo. Another thing, Naraku’s death actually wasn’t that bad, I mean i could have been worse (The anime’s ending anyone.) The sacred Jewels destruction however was actually a big suprise. Now onto Koga, I think Takashi actually didn’t see Koga as much of an important character in the story, plus it’s not like there was much to talk about, i mean he lost his jewel shards, he lost his clan of wolf demons, the only ending I can see him having is mostly wandering the landed with the other two wolf Demons (Forgot there names, Sorry). The only thing about the ending that did suck was they cut to much out (Sango and Miroku’s wedding/Inuyasha and Kagome’s wedding, Inuyasha possibly proposing, or even a simple kiss would have been good especially after a lot of people wanting these two to finally admit there feelings for eachother). Now then Kikyo is the shrine maiden Kagome is not Kikyo became, shrine maiden but Kagome never went through any such training, at the end of the series she is only training in the art of healing, she is not in any other training. Kagome’s father now he wasn’t really an important character either, Takashi probably thought that talking about Kagome’s father would actually drag things on in the Manga. As far as the other’s when Kagome is returned to her time, Inuyasha probably comes back out of the well and tells them what happened. (You know Inuyasha tells them what happened because they actually Miroku actually say, “She returned to her world with her family.”) I hope this helps answer some questions that have been asked.

    • Christina says:

      They do tell u what happens to koga in inuyasha the final act they show you after the episode end there’s a short clip about koga marrying the girl from episode 83 the female wolf demon and the lunar rainbow promise and episode 84 kogas bride to be from the 4th season of inuyasha I can’t remember how to spell her name though.

  15. michelle says:

    i love your post. i found it on google and couldn’t stop reading through everything, including all the comments. i haven’t actually reached the end of the manga, but i loved the show and recently watched all the movies and continually reading the manga. after reading this page, i am disappointed. i really love this inuyasha world, and to not even get to see what really happens to everybody (not just a short little thing, but an actual, long description of what happens to everybody) that just makes me sad. i think that after a while, takahashi just didn’t know how to wrap it up nicely? i’m just wondering why they didn’t continue the anime though. it was such a great show, i remember staying up late to watch it. :]

  16. Yumeka says:

    In Sept. 2004, the Inuyasha anime series ended in Japan at 167 episodes. The reason was because the anime had been caught up with the manga for a while, and rather than continue to make filler episodes, or their own version of the ending, the anime creators decided to just end the TV series and let fans continue with the story through the manga only.

  17. Iris says:

    Seriously…the last chapter was an utter dissapointment I have to agree. It felt like everything was rushed just to keep it at a planned length. I mean its been 3 years and there were absolutely no emotions between Inuyasha and Kagome. God in fact it was a terrible ending…espicially since I’ve been reading Inuyasha for so many years. It was dragging on for a while but I always had high hopes with the ending…but guess not. How could Inuyasha and Kagome propose spending their lives together if there was not even a single confession! And Rumiko should have realised that while this story does contain other characters, the two main characters were Inu and Kag, and it just seems insensible that she gave everyone a final ending expect for the two of them.
    So that was definitely a dissapointment. Yeah and Inuyasha didn’t even say anything like he preferred to spend his life with Kagome than Kikyo. He never said that he was letting go of Kikyo…more like Kikyo let go of him. There was no excitement or goofiness or adorableness between Inu and Kag.
    But at least I can say that all other 557 chapters were outstanding, and I will always have a soft spot for this manga. Thanks Rumiko.

    • athrunchan says:

      True that. To me, after watching the entire series AND reading the manga, he literally ended up with Kagome just because Kikyo is dead and Kagome is the only one alive. Like you said, it’s more of Kikyo letting him go instead of him who let her go.

  18. Tiffany says:

    I’ve been watching the Inuyasha anime ever since it first cam out. I’m a huge fan. I wish they would have ended the anime differently, but I understand whay tey couldn’t. Inuyasha was cut off the sir for someunknown reason. They never intended it to. I guess since there is a lot of Inuyasha haters out there it wasn’t getting enough ratings. Which sucks. I stayed up ;ate every night just to watch it before school. LOL! ^_^ Now my baby boy is into it. You want him to stop crying just put Inuyasha in and he will.

    The manga on the other hand. I just started reading on it. I spoiled the ending for myself though. I wasn’t too happy about the ending. It did feel rushed and it didn’t say much about Inuyasha and Kagome, but if you’re a huge fan and you pretty much alredy know their feelings for one another. Than I suppose telling how they feel about one another isn’t really needed, but in a way. It did say a lot in the end about how they felt towards one another. Inuyasha neer did mintion anyhting about Kikyo. His feelings were towards Kagome only. There didn’t really need to be a kiss between the two, but I am a sucker for all that romantic stuff. It would have been nice, but the look in their eyes and the way he held her in his arms did it all for me.

    To add on my opinion about the love triangle going on. I think Inuyasha will always hold Kikyo in his heart. She was his first love and no one ever really forgets about their firt loves. Kagome is Inuyasha’s new love. She helps him and teaches him to be strong and to love again. We all have one of those people too. In a way it teaches you a bit of lifes lessons when it comes to love and friendship. I enjoyed it and so far I’m injoying the manga.

    I hope she does make a movie or a shorter story telling more about Inuyasha and Kagomes love though. That would be nice.

  19. Liz says:

    The Inu-tachi only traveled together for one year. The series starts with Kagome’s 15th birthday and the fight with Naraku ends shortly after her 16th birthday and she has been accepted into high school (maybe even one day after, I’m not entirely sure).

    Also, Houjo’s story arc was wrapped up. I don’t know if you remember, but when Kagome is accepted to a high school Houjo comes in and comments that even though they’re going to different schools he still wants to be friends. Generally speaking, if you don’t go to the same high school you usually don’t have much contact with each other and while Houjo is dense, I think he finally figured out Kagome had a boyfriend and wasn’t interested.

  20. Boo-Jae says:

    I agree with your opinion… Because Kagome is the only one who stayed beside him, that’s why he choosed her in the end… But what if Kikyou resurrected again? (with no grudge against Inuyasha) I’m pretty sure he would choose Kikyou over Kagome… In the whole series you could see how deep Inuyasha’s love towards Kikyou… He couldn’t stop thinking about her even she tried to kill him so many times…

    • ign says:

      I think the anime and the manga should be treated as an entirely different canons. In the manga inuyasha and kagome are truly an item indeed (re-emphasized in the films). Inuyasha’s relation with kikyou was never truly elaborated. He is the hero and Kagome is the heroine, so obviously they will end up together.
      However, the anime gravited the relationship more toward Inuyasha and Kikyou (remember episode 147-148). In the anime series, the only woman that he openly proposed to marry was and still is Kikyou. Their encounters are always depicted as a very affectionate, romantic, and lovingly. In the anime, In some occasions where he almost kissed kagome, he really meant to kissed Kikyou (“He see right through my heart, he sees Kikyou”, Kagome’s own word in an earlier episode).
      The different between the anime and the original manga is very similar to the differences between Coppola’s 1992 Dracula and the original Dracula’s novel by Bram S. The different is, Coppola had the courage to create an alternate ending for Dracula & Mina that worthy of his alteration, while Inuyasha’s anime didn’t.
      Based from episode 147-148 I think the anime should ended with Inuyasha and Kikyou together either in life or in death. Kagome will be reunited with Inuyasha’s reincarnation. Thus, the love between Inuyasha and Kikyou are destined to always find each other in numerous lifetime, a better message than the current massage, IMO.

      • athrunchan says:

        I second this. Until now, I still feel like Inuyasha just settled with Kagome. They literally end up together because they’re the main hero and heroine. The only one whom he says how much he loves and wants to marry is still Kikyo. But there has never been a hope of Inuyasha x Kikyo. The series started when Kikyo had already died, for God’s sake, so really, it’s all just a matter of time before either Kikyo or Inuyasha let go of each other. Isn’t that the point of this anime? Inuyasha has 2 choices : move on with another girl or just dies alone to get reunited with Kikyo in the afterlife, and he chose the first option.

    • Panait Ciprian says:

      no he would not. I am not sure when but he clearly states he chose Kagome over Kykyo but he still cares for Kykyo and wants to protect her.

  21. Thom says:

    I live in the US and cannot find any of the manga on Inuyasha. Well, I mean I can, but they are all the earlier volumes. I have watched almost every episode and all the movies, haven’t really read any of the manga books, but I really wanna read the ending. Is there some way I can find where to buy/read/download the manga’s ending? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  22. Yumeka says:

    You can read all of the Inuyasha manga online here.

  23. Marleydee says:

    I have to say that i enjoyed the anime series, i just got into about a year ago, sad to say i was curious because i saw some amvs about it on youtube. After i fell in love with them, i fell in love with the anime. Im not so big on manga unless its wedding peach or absolute boyfriend. But i tried to read the manga from where the anime stopped, the ending did suck. I am a fan who wanted Naraku to die painfully and i wasnt expecting the whole thing about him wanting to be with kikiyo. I wouldve liked to see more romance between Inuyasha and Kagome, I know that Takahashi isnt big on teen’s doing grown things like getting married or truly taking big steps, but come on what do you expect :[. i was a little disappointed but atleast they kissed in the 2nd movie. And im glad she got to be with inuyasha in the end. =)

  24. Anna Marie D. says:

    Ah… I heard Kagome and Inuyasha ended up married at the end.. I couldn’t resist seeing for myself..
    However the only clues I saw of them being married was Kagome calling Sesshomaru Onii-san, Sota saying his sister went off to get married when she finished school, and the looks Kagome and Inuyasha kept giving each other.
    It never actually says they were married… Not in the English Version, anyway…

  25. Anna Marie D. says:

    Also.. I agree with Leon. Inuyasha really did choose Kagome.

  26. Anime Fan says:

    omgg!! i soo agree with u guys, but overall i think the ending was pretty good, although the whole inuyasha series did drag on for a bit too long. i like how inuyasha and kagome ended up together and somehow knew that kagome would be the one to return to the past. i hate how they didn’t kiss but i guess it can’t be helped, although inu and kikyo kissed several times. and there one more thing, inuyasha is a demon after all, he’s not going to age, what will happen once kagoma gets old, or she dies, is inuyasha going to die with her or find another girl.. i would have like to see some 1/4 demon puppys tooooo!!!!!1
    i also wanted to seeee more developement between Rin and Seshoumaru (personally i think seshoumaru is the coolest charcter) nothing happens, i know seshoumaru cares for Rin a lot, but is it love, are they going to end up together
    and theres also the whole thing about koga, where did he go, did he even wonder where is or ask inuyasha about kagome. although i think koga would have been in the way of the kaginu ending.
    i agree with many people before mee, there should have been a bigger fusss about kagome being gone!!!!!!!!!
    but i think the best thing was that sango and miroku both made it through and they even had kids.
    I wonder if at the end, seshoumaru had became a bit nicer to kagome, and i’m wondering when kagome yelled “oni-san” was that the first time they meet after kagome came back to the past. or was that after she’s been living there for a while?

  27. Dork_angel says:

    Uhm, i think the ending of it is very wonderful… , kagome’s wish is very efficient for everyone… Going back to the story , when inuyasha and the gang got all the pieces of the shikon jewel , it said there that when the jewel was once again be whole again , it will grant a wish , and when kagome finally decided to wish that the jewel would be gone forever , she thought that saving her life will be done even if inuyasha wont wish to save kagome’s life , and as kagome also thought of her family , maybe she realized that she don’t belong to inuyasha’s world , and so , by kagome’s wish , in return , she’ll be back on her own time and world and the disappearance of the jewel would be efficient so inuyasha’s world and the people there won’t experience another huge and destroyer wars and demons in their lives , therefore i conclude that kagome thought of the safety of others just like what the jewel has, kagome also had wisdom , courage , friendship and love , and that traits afFecteD her very much that she sPent that wish for everyoNe’s safEty and peaCe… So thIs is my coMment… Thanks to alL..

  28. matthews says:

    I would have ended it a little different…

    I would have had Inuyasha still alive in present day Japan hundreds of years wiser but only years physically older. He had been patiently waiting all along not to interfere with his own past. Shippo would now be a young teen after hundreds of years. Over that time Inuyasha and the team had eliminated the evil demons that no longer plague the modern world. Having patiently waited all that time in the shadows he would have built a little passion.

    • 7cinta says:

      Same! I felt that she should have met Inuyasha in her time. He already has a long life span, it wouldn’t be unrealistic and it would explain why there aren’t any demons in Kagome’s time.

      • Panait Ciprian says:

        the main reason there no more demons is that the sengoku wars ended. Demon feed on hatred and pain and such.

  29. Valeria Macias says:

    I really liked Inuyasha since the firts chapter I watched in the anime. I hadn’t watch the 1st chapter but I caught up with the story and in the end got to know it fully! The ending could have been better, I agree… But at the same time I was happy that it concluded and that Inuyasha and Kagome ended up together. I enjoyed every chapter, some better than others and even though i may have been “dissapointed” in some… well it happens! But i do have to say something: I do think Inuyasha choose Kagome over Kikyo. I do would like to get some questions answered as to the other team people, not only Sango and Miroku, but Shippo, RIn, Kohaku, Kouga, etc… These “people” became a part of me as any other good manga would. But I’ll always treasure this one the most! Great story, great adventures, funny, romantic, historic… THANK YOU! P.S. I’ll also say this words in behalf of Vivian Papp and Shriori – my magakas!

  30. Chro says:

    i wonder how i can red the last chapter of inuyasha story.
    Could you tell me? i want to red it for myself>
    thank you

  31. Jaida mitchell says:

    I think the ending was pretty good i just wish there was a good passionate kiss between inuyasha and kagome if that would’ve happend the whole series would be perfect! and also they ARE CONTINUING THE INUYASHA SERIES THIS SEPTEMEBER OR NOVEMBER I DONT KNOW THE TIME OR THE EXCAT DAY BUT IT IS CONTIUNING!!! I’M SO HAPPY IF YOU WANT MORE INFORMATION ON THIS EXCITING NEWS GO TO http://WWW.INUYASHAMOVIES.NET!

  32. Ail says:

    I totally agree with you.The ending was lame.I mean what happened to Kouga?Whatever happened to Ayame(kouga’s girl)?Couldn’t Rumiko Takahashi set theem up in the end?And does sesshoumaru ever get a family?how does he live?What happensto Kagome’s family and friends and Houjo?i mean,your friend and your only daughter has gone to a place from where she might never come back and you can never see her again,you cant just sit back and relax.
    n then about Inuyasha and Kagome,total trashy ending.I dont still understand that do they love each other or is it love from Kagome’s side and ‘protection’ from Inuyasha’s side?I mean they are the hero and heroine,so the hero kisses the side character(Kikyo) 3 n more times,passionetly and always acts lovey-dovey around her and our heroine is not even kissed for once?Even not confessed love to?I still doubt he loves Kagome more than he loved Kikyo n if she would be alive,would he chose Kagome over Kikyo,as in this case he just ‘ended up’ with Kagome!and after she comes back they all just say ‘look Kagome is back’,thats all?Thay always went “kagome kagome” and when she goes away or comes back,thats all?And i m sure those 3 years would be very hard for both of them,and Rumiko Takahashi writes nothing about it.Inuyasha’s feelings during those 3 years would tell us about his feelings for Kagome too.
    The story in the Manga and the anime have become very lame.I mean “the Final Act” is rushing on the story like hell,they will finish the anime in about 26-28 episodes! n Rumiko Takahashi’s ending to such a long Manga was definetly not appreciateable!
    I mean everyne says that Inuyasha and Kagome get married at the end,where?when?how?is it even written in the manga? i dont think so!
    so just like someone said,Rumiko Takahashi should create a OVA with all questions of the fans properly answered and with Inuyasha and Kagome sharing a long,passionate kiss(which beats all the kisses with Kikyo) just like we see in our favourite fairytales,”and they all lived happily everafter”!

    and same goes for Ranma 1/2………..they love each other and all that but an OVA with them getting married and Kissing each-other is very important.

    i hope Rumiko Takahashi has ever heard the proverb “All’s well that ends well”!
    no matter how good something is,if the ending is not upto the mark,that spoils it all!

  33. Mandy says:

    Ail, Ayame wasn’t canon to the manga, she was written in as a love interest for Koga in the anime only. She was basically added so they could write some filler episodes in the anime while they were waiting for Takahashi to catch up (the manga was behind the anime at some points) and to further build Koga’s character for the audience.

    I didn’t mind the ending to Inuyasha manga, and who knows, now that the anime has picked up again, we might get to witness a more thought-out and thorough finale. They seem to be doing pretty well with summarizing the last few chapters so far, so I have high hopes for when it finally wraps up.

    If you think Rumiko Takahashi’s endings are badly written, I urge you to read through Maison Ikkoku. It’s a much simpler, down-to-earth story when compared to her other works, but it’s also very genuine and heartfelt (and her trademark slapstick comedy is still intact). I found the ending to be perfect and everyone’s stories and subplots, for the most part, are explained and tied up by the end.

    I remember picking up the last volume with tears in my eyes, I think it’s a very sweet story, and is much more cohesive than Ranma 1/2. I loved most of Ranma, but the ending was a disappointment for me, and I felt like there was more to be told than what we were given.

  34. Peachboba says:

    So…they took the manga down from because Viz requested that. One Manga is going to try and get Inuyasha back up, but I doubt it will happen. Does anyone know of another place to read translated Inuyasha scans from the final chapters?

  35. Yumeka says:

    @ Peachboba

    You should be able to find the final chapters on Freelance-Manga here.

  36. Al says:

    Mandy’s suggestion is a good one, read Maison Ikkoku and you’ll forget about Inu Yasha’s lame ending .
    I also agree with Kyra, we all secretly wanted to know about Sesshomaru’s fate, i mean, he’s the real star of the “show” ! XDXD

    p.s. : sorry for my bad english, i’m italian ^_^”

  37. Claudia says:

    I believe VIZ requested to be taken down because of the new Inuyasha series (the final act), its going to be airing in english on April or within this year (so i heard)

    Yeah they should have kissed or something at the end. But who knows, we’ve gotten specials that weren’t even on the manga. There is hope (well anime wise)

    Only time will tell, as for me, I have loved Inuyasha ever since it started airing while I was in middle school (2002) I was 14 or 15…now I’m 21 still love it, have a 6 month daughter with my metalhead husband who loves metal (i like it, not love), he hates anime, loves ramen, gets jealous, loves to pet cats, tries to understand my college books, wants me with him all the time, fights with me then makes it up to me by kinda fighting but agreeing, having a sword in the house, hates it when I touch his ears, and VERY hotheaded, now I tolerate everything, i fight with him, worry about him, cook him food and ramen, and I was/am (before we met and now) in the archery class…..sounds familiar huh? XD

  38. sesshomarurox says:

    sesshomaru is awesome and my favourite character. i think the series needed something more interesting with him, like a romance between him and someone really powerful. i’m trying o think of a really good idea. but anyway, the series should have done something for sesshomaru. by the way did you know his name meant “killing perfection”.
    here are some of the names and what they mean:
    inuyasha-dog demon
    kagome-woven shape of some sort
    miroku-Buddha of the future (yeah right!)
    kikyo-pure and unchanging love (again-yeah right!)
    naraku-hell (nailed that one)

    by the way, does anyone know where i can see the ending in the show? i;’ve read it but i want to watch it and i can’t find it.

  39. Yumeka says:

    @ sesshomarurox

    The ending has not aired yet. The second anime season will finish in about six weeks so the ending will air around then. You can watch it on

  40. rich says:

    I was a fan of InuYasha since high school and since I can’t catch up on TV before for the series, I downloaded the 167 episodes just recently… I know, I’m way too late. LoL

    I knew how the ending’s going to be from spoilers and wikipedia and some other reviews like this one, but since I’m not reading the manga which is hard to find since they put most of them down, I want to see the ending in the anime. ^^ Is the ending going to be on the Final Act they’re currently working on right now? When will it be finished? I want to download them once the series is complete so I won’t be left hanging. :)

  41. taylor15 says:

    i like inuyasha but im so disappointed that it doesn’t tell if kagome stays and has kids with inuyasha like sango and miroku…….im watchin the series on hulu right now …… i think theres one episode left. i don’t think it tells what happens to rin or shippo or sango’s brother. your right about the characters not getting a complete conclusion. it sort of makes me mad and upset…….most of us have watched it and read it for years ……the least they could do is finish it completely.

  42. Jane says:

    If you read more than just the last chapter you would see how much of their true feelings are revealed; when Kagome was lost in the meidou, Inuyasha talks of how much Kagome changed his life and taught him friendship, trust, happiness, and love, and says, “Kagome was born so that she could meet me…and I too, for her sake.” Doesn’t really sound like he ‘chose’ Kikyo :p

    A major part of the manga was not that Inuyasha always loved Kikyo more but that he carried an immense amount of remorse and guilt for the death of one he loved, a person who continually suffered because of him(he thought). Can’t blame him for still wanting to care for her and protect her; how can you get over such a terrible death of someone you loved? He felt he owed her, wanted her to be happy and find peace. Most of the more passionate scenes between them were early on in the manga when he didn’t have strong feelings for Kagome yet, and most of the drama was borne of Kagome’s insecurity and Inuyasha’s inability to show feelings in general. He is not a romantic :p

    I think we all know that not all love is eternal, that is a very Romeo + Juliet first love type of view(I mean really, how solid was their love? They barely knew eachother). After Inuyasha got closure when Kikyo finally rested in peace, the ‘love triangle’ isn’t mentioned for the rest of the manga. Actually, in one scene Kagome and Inuyasha almost kiss when he declares he’ll always protect her but Souta interrupts them, that dork. That look Inuyasha had when Kagome came out of the well said it all, though :)

    At the end of the manga Souta says his sister went off to get married and Kagome calls Sesshomaru ‘brother’; I can’t see how there’s any doubt that she married Inuyasha(who else could it be? Hojo?). The ending did suck though, there were so many questions and loose ends, and not in an ‘up to the reader’s interpretation’ sort of way. I thought it was kind of rushed and lazy. It would be good to see a bit more of an epilogue or maybe insight into what happened during the 3 years absence but we still get a happily-ever-after at least.

    The last two pages when Kagome and Inuyasha were together and happy and Inuyasha was actually SMILING was sweet :) Rumiko Takahashi always has a way of skirting around the lovey-dovey scenes of the main couple’s true love (look at Ranma 1/2) Keeps the readers interested!

    • yoo says:

      inuyasha said all that shit after kikyo was dead.
      also rt probably separated them for 3 years so he could mature and get over it completely.

      as for the 3 days wait lol… kagome always did that XD. she went to school and inuyasha waited 3 days. he was probably used to, also ive always thought rt plays up on “a girl and his dog” with their relationship xD so the dog was waiting for kagome. but being serious, i dont feel the romance between inukag.
      and it was not a case of choosing. kikyo was dead, and didn’t want him to be with her anyway. inuyasha had no choice but to choose kagome whether he wanted or not. the fact he still kept going after kikyo despite this showed how devoted he was to her, honestly. he didnt care about hurting kagome and he still did it. his expressions and reactions showed how much he liked her, and rumiko has other characters realizing the bond between them (kagura, sesshomaru, koga i think)
      i do like inukag relationship, its very cute and entertaining, but i do think inuyasha loved kikyo more.

      • ign says:

        The only reason why Kagome can love Inuyasha that deeply is because within her lies an unchanging love that Kikyou has for Inuyasha for the last 500 years. In a way, inukag ship is the continuation of inukik ship, IMO. For a 2oth century woman, Kagome’s love and dedication very much resembles a classical love.

        ” rumiko has other characters realizing the bond between them (kagura, sesshomaru, koga i think)”
        Don’t forget Kao, the flower yokai who was able to read Inu’s mind and discover that “the woman he loves most in the world has died, and some part of his heart wishes to join her in the netherworld”.

  43. jlfox13 says:


    Kagome goes back to her own time, finishes high school and is accepted into a college. Let’s be clear that she has gorwn up a bit: she has cut a styled her hair differently and she has filled out a bit. She yearns to be with Inuyasha once more but knows in her heart that all is as it should be: he in his time and she in hers. While lamenting her parting with Inuyasha as she walks to her very first college class, she is stopped by the sound of a familiar voice. Shaking she turns to a group of guys, all huddle around another guy talking adamantly. As she approaches, her heart begins to beat faster and faster. She can think of nothing but Inuyasha. She peers over the shoulder of a boy to look upon a young man who looks eerily like Inuyasha with a few exceptions: he doesn’t have dog ears, his eyes are a chocolate brown and his long black hair is neatly tied back into a low ponytail. Kagome is mezmorized, tears coming to her eyes. She thinks “Inuyasha”.
    The boy glances up at her and gives her a strange look. He turns around, his group following, and starts to walk away. Confused and hurt, Kagome gets angry and does the only natural thing in response to be angry at Inuyasha: she screams “Osuwari! (Sit Boy!)”. The boy suddenly falls to the ground with a thud. Comically he stands up and rushes over to Kagome yelling “Baka! Doushite sona koto ga shita no? (Idiot! Why did you do that?)”. As their eyes meet again, a glimmer of recognition crosses over the boy’s face. “Ka-go-me.” says Kagome smiling broadly and pointing to herself. The boy stares at her and whispers “Ka-go-me.” Kagome holds up a finger in front of his nose “Wasure nai yo ni! (Don’t forget!)” turns around and starts to walk away. The boy makes a strangled sound that stops her and then he says “Ne, Kagome. (Hey, Kagome.)” as she turns to him. She looks at him as he smiles and says “Shoushi desu. Youroshiku ne? (I am Shoushi [new boy]. Please be kind, huh?)”. The last scene/panel is of Kagomes face smiling broadly over her shoulder and Shoushi’s face with a half-smirk in her direction. The final line would be “Betsu no boken ga hajimari masu. (Another adventure begins.)”. THE END.

    My reasoning behind all this?
    First point – Inuyasha is from the past, Kagome is from the present and they should be staying in their respective times. Inuyasha is (and always will be) in love with Kikyou, which is fine because Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyou.

    This brings me to my next point- because Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyou, it stands to reason that Inuyasha will also be reincarnated in Kagome’s world because the 2 souls are destined to be together.

    Point three – Now don’t everyone get their knickers in a twist by saying “Kagome never met a reincarnation of Inuyasha before she went to the past!”. To this I say “Well duh!”. Of course there would be no reincarnation of Inuyasha before Kagome returns to the past, Inuyasha was suspended in time by Kikyou’s arrow and therefore his soul was unable to be reincarnated. Kagome had to go to the past to release his soul and by association his reincarnation into the present.

    I promise it makes sense and makes for a MUCH better ending then Kagome freaking about school all the time and worrying about her family only to give that all up to exist in a time she was not born into (which in and of itself brings up alot of really strange questions. One of which is: is there a possibility that Kagome is actually the ancestor of the Higurashi family and so in effect her mother gave birth to he grandfather’s great great great great great grandmother? See how confsuing it could be?!) But I digress. All in all I generally agree with everyone else in the consensus that Takahashi’s ending was dry and lifeless (although the “Onii-chan!” from Kagome was HILARIOUS!).

    All in all I think my ending far better… but who doesn’t think they can always do better than the writer? ^___________^

    • H says:

      Omg I love this your alternative ending!!! This makes me happy :”) and my sister too!

    • ign says:

      You might like these alternate endings from
      I don’t know whether the blog allows me to post url links or not, so
      just search with google using these strings: “The Pure Love That Restores Us All” and
      “The Pure Love That Sets All of Us Free”

  44. nicole says:

    in the last episode of the anime series (just watched it on monday), inuyasha and kagome DO kiss. Just once though. When he saves her from the darkness, they kiss.

  45. somebody says:

    i think that inuyasha is an awsome series! its my very first time getting into japinese anime… i’ve become very into japinese things… and since i live in san fran i go to japan town all the time… i have a ton of inuyasha pictures that i drew (two of them include kagome and inuyasha kisssing) i even MADE my own bow and arrow… i think i’ve become obbsesed with inuyasha… i even told my friends that i want to be a priests when i get older… (it makes me mad tho: that i cant find any inuyasha episodes that go past 167… i cant even find any vidoes of inuyasha proposing to kagome)… if anyone finds a video of inuyasha proposing to kagome and its not a sims one then leave a comment on here telling me where i can find one…

  46. Kagome100 says:

    kagome and Inuyasha in the end get married and have kids three two boys and one girl and the names are Inuyasha jr,Hojo and Kagome jr and plus one of their kids is tuging on his dads ear isn’t it funny
    please leave a comment

  47. Hsu-e says:

    I believe the ending should have been more tragic. They should seal the passage way between times permanently. With Kagome gone, Inuyasha should travel and eventutally dies(or kill himself). And 3 years later, Kagome back at a present day should discover a guy(Inuyasha’s recarnation) sleeping under the sacred tree. Then the anime can go to this really touching parellel universe scene with kagome and inuyasha’s recarnation (waking the guy up)…..and Kikyo and Inuyasha(pulling out the arrow). Showing that this pair is meant to be togather

  48. michael says:

    oh thanks for the ending review. I stopped reading the manga in volume 41 or something and havent bothered to buy the rest of the manga because I feel the story is getting worse and getting nowhere. come to think about it, the reason I bought Inuyasha was because my local publisher hasn’t licensed Ranma, some years after Inuyasha was published, the publisher licensed Ranma and I never bothered to continue Inuyasha.

  49. samantha says:

    i no i soooo agree i want to see more of the kissing i can make a perfect inuyasha episode right now and whats with ayemey person she throws it soo much out of balance does kouga and her get married i just wish it would give us more like i wanna see a series with inuyasha and kagomes kids that would b sooo awesum and the best part new villians or naraku could come back and steal her like on youtube but with better pictures and make it a movie and all that soooo much better but u no i cant contact the person who created inuyasha if only she would read this site then maybe shell meka another one im absolutley in luv with inuyasha im drivin my mom an aunt crazy cuz i got my couzin into inuyasha we just luv it we wanna see more yea theres over 160 episodes then like 100 more in the final saeson then like 5 or 6 movies but i want more it cant stop but dont run out of ideas like all off the other manga episodes have actually show the movies not just the episodes

  50. Brenda says:

    well its peoples opinions..some people might have liked it and someone but in the end it was really just for fun. we teens need somehow to get away from reality right?

  51. 111 says:

    my ending would be each of them return to their respective time; their love -since nothing can happen between them-will evolve into deep friendship. kagome is alone but she meets sesshomaru -he lives much longer- and marry him. yep perfect ending!

  52. Summer says:

    The ending sucked.
    A lot. :/
    It was just so… So… UGH.
    I liked Sango’s kids, they were really cute, but how Miroku just didn’t seem to care in the least… “Oh, lol, guess I have another kid, cool, whatevs” was what seemed to be going through his mind. And everyone was just so… Empty. When Kagome came back, she was all crying and happy, and Inuyasha had a bored smile on his face, Miroku Sango and Shippou acted EXACTLY the same as they always did whenever she came through the well. Not a “You’re back! I’m so happy!” It was more of a “Hey, wassup.”
    I think it would’ve been better if Inuyasha ha wished to become human and then gone back to Kagome’s time (maybe everyone else could’ve found a spiffy way to get to the future too! XD)
    The only thing I liked about the ending was when Kagome yelled “Onii-saan!!!” at Sesshoumaru and he glared at her in a “I’ll kill you” kind of way. XD And then she said “Aaw, he made a mean face at me… And now you are, too.” (to Inuyasha)
    What I really didn’t like, though, was how Kagome looked a lot like Kikyo in her ending outfit. :/ It makes me think that Inuyasha only likes her because she resembles Kikyo so much… *sigh* Unfulfilling manga is unfulfilling…

  53. mysteriouswitchgal says:

    I beacame a fan of InuYasha recently after Animax-Asia aired it on its own English dub, I finished season 1 way before Animax-Asia did and was watching InuYasha on YouTube simultaneously with Rnama 1/2, after episode 23, I diotched Ranma 1/2 and tried so hjard to watch until the Final act. it took me from June 26, 2010 to October 9, 2010 to watch all 193 episodes, watch the 4 movies in between the episodes, download almost InuYasha theme songs, and took a week or days more to download soundtrack favorites, . . . copy and paste from YouTube, devianart that has anything to do with InuYasha comments because they provide analysis/basis/opinions on what they’re outlook on InuYasha is. And after I read jlfox13’s alrternate ending, I guess it would be the perfect ending ONLY for die-hard romantic InuxKag fans out there (people like me). The ending maybe loose, it did left us readers a quite a hole and left us wondering no less, and as for the main characters not kissing in the manga, on one page of chapter 558, comically, Ms. Rumiko says that she’ll leave to us readers as to how Inu x Kag kiss,as if saying to us readers “I will leave a lot of holes in my InuYasha series so they (readers) can imagine as much as they want how the story is to en; ,and no less shape more romantic, funny, heart-warming side-story endings” I think that’s why she left such a hollow ending for us; if she didn’t, then I’d guess there would be no more imagination-fillers for us in the InuYasha universe. :-)

  54. Blackrosedjackal says:

    I know. I heard final act will be coming soon.
    I am highly dissapointed with both but more of the manga.
    The series it’s self did have a kiss BUT it just didn’t look right to me.
    I think the kiss should of been more passionate for one and I think it should of happened after the three years.
    I wanted so bad to see Inuyasha and Kagome have kids ever since the age of 9 I always wanted the two to be together (I’m 17 now).
    I want more.
    It didn’t give me enough answers.
    Rumiko dissapointed me.

  55. Rose Rivera. says:

    I need a heads up. Can we debate and send a petition to Rumiko Takahashi regarding her to continue the series for a part two?

  56. sarah says:

    THAT WAS THE BEST ANIME IVE EVER WATCHED!!!!!!!! :) i loved it soooo much. i especially loved the ending but there were some things they left out like is Rin going to live with humans permanently or is she staying with sesshomeru and what about koga i mean he was soo into kagome then he forgets her just like that? and what about getting revenge on his comrades. apparently kagras death wasn’t enough but then he just drops it and moves on just like that? and there’s also the fact that kagomes dad is never mentioned (except in one episode) but over all I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!! so thanks to all the people who made it it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  57. that was so cool the way Inuyasha came into the parts of the battle and he used his move called the Wind Scar. how he saves Kagome from being in danger all the time. like episode 48 to me was the most amazoning thing i ever seen some one do because it’s hard to accepted that two people that have a strong relationship with each other. i hope the keep on making more of Inuyasha tv shows instade of playing the reruns.

  58. VR says:

    If you weren’t familiar with Takahashi’s work before Inu Yasha, you had no business writing a review for an epic series like this.

  59. drewboy says:

    i believe all in all though, that was one hell of a journey, from start to finish. im really happy that the story ended happily ever after. sure, the ending could have been more emotional but takahashi did an excellent job on inuyasha for the 12 years it had been serialized.

  60. alright inuyasha love kikyo very much i have see episode when inuyasha see kagome he think she is kikyo bye look first episode then kagome also like inuyasha some episode
    but inuyasha movie fire mystic island there was kikyo much alive how can it be you say to me she dead in first episode then how come she alive there and inuyasha saw kikyo and he went after her kagome get jealous with kikyo you say how inuyasha like who kikyo or kagome im think that kikyo if you have a problem please comment to this page of inuyasha ok im all way right this truth in animaxHD

  61. klckjankjc says:

    well, i was dissapointed in inuyasha end I mean there was so many questions left un aswered like………what will rin choose, what happened to atoki hojo(remeber he marries a girl named kagome) and where is koga and the red head chick who loves koga and is kikyou really forgotten, also what happens when kagome gets older and inuyasha doesnt age as fast(remeber he is 200 yrs old give or take the 50 yrs he was on a tree) and also kagome rlly doesnt have a reason to become a shrine priestest because the sacred jewel is gone also i wasnt expecting a big wedding because back then pple got married by just living together(or thats what the whole mar/san thing was but still i wish they would add an additional piece once and for all tieing up ANY lose endings

  62. Dana says:

    OHMY , i’m so glad i’ve found your summary !
    I’ve been watching Inuyasha since primary school and it’s been like 5-6 years now .
    I was very passionate about Inuyasha and bought most of the CDS !
    however , i didn’t get to know the ending until i read the manga myself just .
    I was particularly more interested in the anime series as the characters are so cute in there ! (: Having said that , i’m disappointed with the suspense left by the anime series
    I believe they should have ended the anime series just like how the manga ended .
    Having seen the episodes repeatedly , i was greatly looking forward to the ending of the show . However , the anime was useless , Naraku did not die AGAIN and Inuyasha , Kagome , the mon & Sango did not have proper endings ! I believe all fans out there watching the anime would totally want a happy ending ! Thank God the manga solved my suspense , Inuyasha did end up with Kagome . In my opinion , i actually agree with the ending , ( of which Kagome lives in Inuyasha’s world ) i mean , even though it doesn’t make sense that Kagome would die before Inuyasha , at least they end up together right . Yeah , i agree , a kiss / confession should have been shown !
    And Inuyasha should have shown that he loves Kagome more then Kikyo . What’s more , Kagome did so much for you INUYASHA ! Well , having read the ending warms my heart , although it wasn’t perfect , at least it was a happy ending , life does not go according to what you want !

    Lastly , i have a few probing questions … would Inuyasha movie 5 be coming out ?
    And did Kagome ever get to go back to her world ever ?

  63. Kikyo rock says:

    First of all, Inuyasha would have pick Kikyo in a heart beat. The only reason he end up with Kagome was because 1) kikyo dead, and2) Kagome look like kikyo. I was very mad when at the end Kagome end up with Inuyasha. I have to say I never did like Kagome, however, I honestly think Kagome could do better then Inuyasha, she should have stay in her own time, and met someone else… Just saying

    • Aly says:

      You couldn’t be more wrong. If Inuyasha only liked Kagome because she looked like Kikyou, he would’ve been attracted to her from the beginning, but he wasn’t. Nor was his interest in Kagome ever affected by Kikyou. He literally tells Kagome that she makes him happy, but he feels obligation towards Kikyou. Obligation. Imagine having someone you have extreme feelings for die without you knowing whether or not it would’ve worked or not? That’s Inuyasha and Kikyou. Their feelings were suspended in time because they never got to either 1. Grow more into them or 2. Grow out of them. So they’re stuck in passion and sadness. Whereas Kagome and Inuyasha have a relationship that progresses throughout the series. Beyond Kikyou and Inuyasha (note how Inuyasha doesn’t act himself around Kikyou.)
      Even while Kikyou is alive, he admits his feelings for Kagome. And after Kikyou died and he was able to appropriately mourn her death, he GOT OVER HER. He never got over Kagome even when he knew she was safe in her own time. The 3 years where he was away from BOTH OF THEM, he thought of Kagome, not Kikyou. If he really wanted Kikyou, he would have thought of her seeing as the possibility of being with either wasn’t really there. But still with no idea that he’d ever see Kagome again, he thought and wanted her alone.
      Kikyou and Inuyasha were never really canon. They were just both sad and lonely people who saw themselves in each other and called that love, although neither ever really completed the other. Inuyasha grew in himself with Kagome. That’s the point of their love.

      • yoo says:

        lol thats utter bullshit XD. rt has said over and over again that what inu and kikyo had was real. get over it!

      • meeee says:

        Inuyasha was indeed attracted to Kagome because of Kikyo. He admits it himself it was like that at first in vol 8. Notice how the romance vibe between InuKag seems to decrease once Kikyo comes back. Inuyasha saw Kagome as Kikyo and was unconsciously using her to fill the void, but once Kikyo came back, he could see them as different people and his relationship with Kagome grew.

  64. ElliXXTheFiretwin says:

    I didn’t read the InuYasha series all the way. It was amazing in the beginning but everlasting. Yay! Kagome got together with InuYasha! Amazical!

  65. ElliXXTheFiretwin says:

    Hey peeps! what happened between the monk and the bomarang bone girl? Did they get to gether? If they did that would be awesome!

  66. Erii says:

    I personally did not like inuyasha it got so boring after awhile. It was a different story every episode, I mean the final act did shed alittle light on some questions but even that was sloppy doing. Also ive watched ranma 1/2 horrible just terrible worst anime ive ever seen

  67. ANNAACH says:

    I finished the last episode of Final act yesterday and been reading a lot on internet to find some answers… I’m reaaally confused, seriously. But there’s a lot of sayings that they (Inu and Kag) DID get married. The first proof comes when Kouta says to his friends that his sister went off and got married. The second proof is when Kagome refers to Sesshomaru as her “brother”. I don’t think that any of those proofs are enough. And how do Kouta know that Kagome and Inuyasha got married when they have no connection at all to the real world?!

  68. D.D says:

    I think that the ending was really good. I have always liked action and romance books but mostly action. And this show gave me both. I can only comment on this wonderful show. I have seen every show and every movie. At the end of the whole show in the Final Act kagome ends up reterning to inuyashas world. She marries inuyasha and lives the rest of her happy life with inuyasha. Inuyasha loves kagome and waits 3 years for her to return. He also has finaly moved on from kikyo so his whole heart belongs to kagome but no one can forget the first person you love.

  69. Yadii says:

    I just looved this anime! And i hate animes, so i was surpised myself.. I am also unsatisfied with the end, it just sucked, i mean it couldve had waay more detail there to make another hit episode, even! Honestly, i mean if ur gonna make a show of any sort finish it, othewise why make it? It was made to be watched not left to think about!(but i guess i’d understand if the book came before the show, which i’m not sure of) I agree with whoever said that they should make a movie about whatever needs to be finished. Because, 1.) They’d make sum good money off of it. 2.) We(fans) would stop whining about the ending. 3.) …well, idk what else to say other than i would be very happy…lol. Oh, and they should really work on that 3 year separation, like the movie should start off on when she went back to her own time, and how sad he and the rest of the group were all sad about him(a little inuyasha thinking moment), how Inuyasha dealt with it, then how everybody settled down, how she dealt with it, how she graduated/school/hojo and friends, when she came back but everything had more emotion(kissing, “i missed you” ya know…ect.) , wedding, maybe honeymoon..?, kids, then a happily ever after! Now thats a filler! hahaha.(:

  70. Funky Person says:

    I wish they had at least given MORE information on what happened to Inuyasha and Kagome after they got married. Like; Did they have children?

  71. ANNAACH says:

    Yeah, I know. But I’m not even convinced that they really got married. When Kouta answered his friend’s question about Kagome’s disappearance, it just sounded like he was forced to tell them some lie (like she got married and moved) just to end the suspicions… And HOW would Kouta know something about Kagome and Inuyasha when the two world’s weren’t connected ever since she left?

  72. Chii-Girl says:

    What im just DYING to know is what happens about Rin and Sessomaru?? I mean i know she stays in the village at the end and he comes to visit, but as it pointed out in one of the episodes (it was permeared in America so maybe somebody can give the actual episode) she is human and will grow old and die. So what happens there?? Does sessomaru just accept it and let her die? Ive heard rumors about how rin becomes a more stable version of Kikyo but it hasnt been confirmed. And it says in “The Final Act” that she cant be brought back to life by the tensiega agian. (Sessomaru in the Underworld) I honestly dont know if thier relationship is romantic (but going off of a couple of the episodes im leaning more towards it). btw is it true that Takashi is writing a follow up of the series to answer some questions?
    Id appreciate some answers but of course ill understand if nobody knows

  73. KingCrInuYasha says:

    “Instead of feeling totally relieved and happy that one of the most hated and evil villains of all is finally defeated, out of nowhere Takahashi throws in a bit of sentiment about how he only wanted his wish of being with Kikyou granted. After years of portraying Naraku as a heartless bastard who only had base desires for Kikyou, we’re just now suddenly supposed to feel a shred of sympathy for him?”

    How come when I read this, Oingo Boingo’s”Only A Lad” plays in my head?

    • FaN says:

      why do the strongest guys (Inu and Naraku) just happen to want Kikyou? Kagome is way better! she was there for Inuyasha and everything, that jerk just “ending up with her” like REALLY?! -________-

  74. I really felt full reading all your comments but one thing confused me a lot is that, well though Kagome and Inuyasha ended up together will they really be together? I mean the fact that Inuyasha can be able to live hundreds of years I guess because of it’s demon blood (he already spent 50 years speared on the tree (forgot the name ko-me-ne), now how about Kagome who is an ordinary girl after all and can only live for i think 70s or 80s? “so Inuyasha will still be in his young appearance while Kagome will grow fast and become frickin old” (how disgusting)

    How I wish is that at least the author did something about it or made it like “Inuyasha turned to a human for to be able to live with Kagome equally or Kagome who turned to be a demon to live with Inuyasha for many many years for sure” sigh…

    Another thing is… Im really expecting something about Sesshomaru’s character like putting a little love story like…. Rin will grow up and become very beautiful that will make Sesshomaru’s fall in love with her and all that stuff… sigh…

    I’m still hanged after all…

  75. Inufanatic says:

    1st huge fan of Inuyasha, it’s easily one of my favorites and I’ll most likely take trips back from time to time just for the nostalgia. I do feel like it ended a little weak, but honestly it can only be expected with a series as good as Inuyasha. I mean I’m sure even if the ending was more thorough we still wouldn’t of been completely happy because no one likes to see their favorite player retire.
    As for the Kagome being able to finally cross through the well. I think that is something similar to the situation with Rin and Lord Sesshoumaru. Where she had to come to a certain stage in her life and make the true adult decision of whether she would live in his world or hers.

    Like I said I love the Inuyasha and I’m sad and happy that it’s over and at peace.

  76. me says:

    is the manga really worth reading?
    i watched the anime till like, the tsubaki episodes but i thought it started to drag and became boring and redundant. with the manga being 56 volumes, it seems like it’s definitely dragged out as well
    I bought the first 3 volumes ages ago, in like 2004. i didnt even have internet yet so i couldnt read scans, and thats why i bought them, thinking it’d be like card captor sakura or rurouni kenshin that differed from the manga from the first chapters. but from those 3 volumes it was basically all the same so i was like fuck it. im not buying such expensive shit just to read the same. (and i sold the volumes. lol)
    i also think the whole inu/kagome/kikyo thing was so annoying! the inu/kikyo pairing was actually kinda nice for a “rival” pairing they did seem like they had more of a desire for each other than inukag which was more like friendship but the main character is kagome and the main relationship is her and inuyasha! i think the author should’ve wrapped it up quickly and made inuyasha say “kikyo is in the past, now you’re my present, i love you kagome” something like that instead of dragging and complicating things , after all the main relationship is inukag, its stupid to have him be so mourning over kikyo when kagome is going to be his end all be all. and we didnt even see much of inu and kikyos old relationship so all that love for kikyo feels kind of like unjustified …maybe thats why they did those ovas.
    also: from what i can remember, the action kinda sucked… he repeated sankontessou over and over again.

  77. ui says:

    just came to say that im a kikyo fan and inuyasha and kagome did NOT get married… priestess lost their powers when they fell in love and thats kikyo’s whole dilema in the first place. you cant be a priestess and in love/having sex

  78. gabrielle says:

    All I know is that Inuyasha did love Kagome more than Kikyou. They don’t have to kiss to show how much they love each other, it was much more than that. Their love is beyond time and space. Like Inuyasha said, Kagome was born to meet him and he to her, that is another way of proclaiming how much bond they have to each other. How much they love each other. Maybe the reason why Inuyasha didn’t often kiss kagome is that he remembers those time Kikyou and Him are kissing. But anyway, I’m just another fan :)

  79. george says:

    I wanted to know more about the midoriko priestess life and if their more then the federal aura but I do like the ending for miroku and sango. I Love this series but its too bad it ended. Rumiko could make another inuyasha cuz their can be more auras and maybe tie them up together or this might be risky but rewrite inuyasha and maybe take some fans idea but make it her own. I really love the characters in this manga tho form any other series out their. I Hope maybe this manga come back when she done her newest manga series . Well anyways I will always be forever a inuyasha American fan ^____^

  80. Isabella Cardoso says:

    Thank you for your reviews and opinions about how the series ended. I have been watching inuyasha since I was 5 (I wasn’t really suppose to be watching adult swim lol). When the second part if inuyasha came out (inuyasha:the final act) I found the ending a bit disappointing but also exciting because there was finally an actual conclusion. I also found it questionable when the final act ended if inuyasha would have been with kagome if kikiyo didn’t die. I would like to think he would still choose kagome but no one can be sure. I think Takahashi figured that the only way for inuyasha to move on from kikiyo and finally be with kagome was to kill her off from the series once and for all. Through out the entire series it was clear that inuyasha would never forget about kikiyo (even kagome stated that). However even with this inuyasha has shown many times that he loves kagome more than kikiyo. We also can’t forget inuyasha’s little speech that gives at the end of the final act, when he’s inside the jewel, looking for kagome. He states kagome taught and brought out of him all these good qualities. Not kikiyo but kagome did that for him. Also I think the reason why naraku’s death was on such a minor scale then the destruction of the sacred jewel was because Takahashi was trying to reinforce the actual main conflict of the series: the power of the sacred jewel. The reasons why inuyasha, kagome, miroku, sango, shippo, are traveling together and why Naraku’s the main villain is all because if the sacred jewel.

    • yoo says:

      just because someone teaches you kindness, goodness, and vulnerability doesn’t mean you have to LOVE them romantically. if the person doesnt “give you butterflies”, if you dont have a physical relationship, then why do you have the “romantic” title? you just have a deep friendship

  81. Ivy says:

    Since I was about eight years old, I’ve watched the anime series, staying up days and nights at a time (with a record of 4 days in a row) just so I wouldn’t miss an episode. Let me tell you, I WAS OBSESSED. Due to some circumstances I had to move in with a relative who didn’t own cable, which meant no Cartoon Network, which meant no Adult Swim, which meant no Inuyasha, and which meant I had to part with my beloved anime. I bawled my eyes out and moped for days, maybe weeks. So, you can tell that I absolutely loved the series. Recently I just finished the entire anime series after years of yearning for the ending. I liked the ending enough, but there were a few things that I thought could have been better and questions I still have. First, I thought the end of the Shikon Jewel would be Inuyasha’s wish to be human, since his and Kikyo’s conversation came back up a lot in the series, and I just thought that would be the conclusion. I loved Sango and Miroku’s ending, so no complaints there, but I wanted to know a lot more about Shippo’s growth from his experience. But since it only progressed 3 years into the future… I could see how you don’t see him grown up. Probably my biggest complaint was Sesshoumaru and Rin’s ending. I wanted to see what their relationship would come to. Would they end up together once Rin was older? Would Sesshoumaru guide over her as a guardian\brother? I’m not gonna say that I liked the first conclusion more than the second because I also sort of saw Rin and Kohaku ending up together because of their experience, either of it being good in my opinion. My last complaint would be the whole Kagome and Inuyasha ending up married in the Feudal Era, I honestly thought it would be in Kagome’s time because, well, it just seemed logical to me. Even so, I still think Inuyasha is the best. The ending was lacking but it left you at least, for the most part, satisfied.

  82. H says:

    Wow this was such a completely agreeable post!!! I find that the ending was quite disappointing indeed a bit lame. I do like your ending though! Thanks for a great post on one of my own greatest favorites! :)

  83. Malvika says:

    I just finished watching the anime for the second time and this time I could find some gaps where Takahashi could have been more precise. As you mentioned in your review, Inuyasha never really told Kagome that he loved her or for a matter of fact none of them actually confessed their love. Even while inside the jewel shard when Inuyasha actually says how Kagome changed his life and made him more compassionate he never actually says that he loved her. Even if we were to belive he did love her, then why did he kiss Kikiyo when she dies for good? He should have very well known by then who he loves and who he chooses to give his heart to. That bit was a little confusing. The part where they reunite after three years is also aloof as you said, if they wanted to meet they could’ve before three years is a long time but why that particular day. I also felt that the epilogue should’ve been more stronger and more elaborate. They should’ve shown how Inuyasha had a family and how they lived together for all the eager fans. They should have also shown how the relationship between Sesshamaroo and Rin would’ve changed years after she grew up. That would’ve been very nice.
    But all in all, Takahashi did an excellent job which is why Inuyasha remains my most loved anime and manga of all.

  84. Beverly1619 says:

    Hi ^^..I just finished reading the manga and I like it more than the animated series (I also finished watching the animated series of InuYasha).. I first saw InuYasha when I’m in elementary grade and finished it now that I’m now already 24 years old^^..and I’m proud to say that I’m an InuKag fan^^. compared to animated series, I really felt the growing love in manga series between inuyasha and kagome. There was also some good scenes in manga that are not shown in animated series. Even though there was no kissing scene at all between inuyasha and kagome, it’s ok for me because there was a time that they have a sweet physical interaction that you can see how important kagome to inuyasha and made me smile^^. On kikyou thing..even kagome knew that she can’t make InuYasha forgets kikyou and accepts that(In that way we saw the matured and open-minded side of kagome) but we can’t blame her if she still get jealous when kikyou is around. Kikyou is InuYasha’s first love and always have a special spot in his heart. when kikyou died, inuyasha kissed her and tell her that she is the first woman that he my opinion inuyasha said all of that stuff to assured kikyou that his feelings for her was true and erased all the negative thoughts that naraku planted in their hearts so that kikyou can now rest in peace but still after kikyou died he has the guilt feelings for not saving kikyou from naraku and wanted a revenge for her. Of course after you have lost someone you love you will also feel sadness like inuyasha felt and that we seen on episode where their enemy is the flower prince but after that inuyasha said his sorry for kagome for being insensitive and selfish for not thinking the feelings of kagome and inuyasha recovered and came back to his normal attitude and continue to their journey to defeat naraku. On the last chapter, when Inuyasha told the demon in sacred jewel what is kagome to her and that they are destined to meet each other, I was moved and envy kagome for that^^. I’m so happy that they ended up together and be with each other towards tomorrow (and many more tomorrow)^^.

    InuYasha will always be my favorite manga and i’m super thankful to Ms. Rumiko Takahashi for creating such a wonderful manga series^^.

  85. nick says:

    I agree, i think it would be better if inuyasha and sessiumaru became good brothers

  86. Nata says:

    I’ve just finished whatching the anime. I love the anime since I was 15 years old. And still love it.

    I agree with some thoughts that Inuyasha love Kikyo the most than Kagome. But, I do believe that Inuyasha can’t choose between them. It’s been told in an episode, while Inuyasha’s been asking by Miroku, who will he choose? Inuyasha answered, can it be both?

    In some stories, Takahashi-san success make me believe that Inuyasha really loves Kagome. We can tell it in eps. 125, where Kagome ask Inuyasha to go after Kikyo, Inuyasha go for it. But, unfortunately, it is a way to make he become far away from Kagome for some times, so that Naraku can harm Kagome. But, in eps 151, after Kagome heal Kikyo. Kagome ask Inuyasha go after Kikyo, Inuyasha refuse it. And ask Kagome to take back her words that she hate him, because they hurt his feeling. Yes, we can tell how Inuyasha was afraid if something happen to her. It tells everything that as long as Kagome is more important than Kikyo.

    But it become some crap after Kikyo’s death. Hunting Naraku is like to revenge for it. Yes, it is, there an episode that tell Inuyasha will protect Kagome for the rest of his life. But it feel like Kagome is the only one who can purify the Sacred Jewel now. And the kiss? It just like, Kikyo is dead now, it will be you, Kagome.

    I agree that Inuyasha anime is a great anime with the great story and strong characters in it. The eps in 6 seasons really great. Some eps just like being prepared. But some eps just like, Takahashi-san is stuck with some ideas, and don’t know what to write. And it continued in Final Acts. I agree some comments said that they were some rush and lazy eps. Some eps were made for nothing. Takahashi-san just like being bored with it, and urge to finish it immediately. So that why we can see some characters is just like being prepared for the final battle. Eventhough it can be build for few eps more. Some stories before the final battle is just like too forced to happen. It differs from before. The stories between the eps, be developed so natural and not too rush in it. So that’s why, I enjoy watching Inuyasha from 1 to 167. But I feel tired and confuse when in Final Acts.

    But, I do love the concepts of the whole stories, the strenght of some characters, the bond between them, the conflict that made this anime unforgetable, even it has ended. I can’t forget the darkness of Inuyasha-Kikyo sadness, the tears of Sango for her brother, Kohaku, and how Kagome try her best not to being selfish to handle her feeling about Inuyasha and Kikyo. Sure things Takahashi-san do her best to make this story to be amazing. I just don’t know what happen in Final Acts.

    Well, yes i love the scene when Kagome call Sesshoumaru Onishan. It is … (I’m speechles. LOL!). And I’m sure actually Sesshoumaru enjoy it. We can know it when he said, “Shut up or I kill you!”. Sure things, he isn’t the one who can say loudly how he feel, and for some reason he just like Inuyasha. Well, they are brothers. Hahaha …

  87. Tsuki says:

    Well, there were quite a few knots that were not tied but as a fanfiction writer, I have to say that the ending was marvelous.

    I think an anime/manga that ends with no space for questions is quiet sad. A little wiggle room for writers is marvelous. This is why the Sesshomaru/Kagome pairing has had quite a few successful stories made: Tales from the House of the Moon along with Raindrops for example.

    All in all, I think it was wonderful anime and manga.

  88. stephanie says:

    i have loved this anime for over a decade i have to watch it in parts and take a break so i dont get bored of it like with any anime…. i always want to see how t ends and end up ruining it for myslef but i didn’t with this one. my ONLY problem with the whole series is that for kikyo to come back she needs some of kagome’s soul and so when kikyo finally dies why doesn’t kagome get her soul back…..!!!!!!!!

  89. diana says:

    okay i only don’t really agree on 1 thing which is if inuyasha would stay loyally with kagome or have a hard time choosing if kikyo were to return, in one of the episodes when kagome has to go get the bow from a sacred mountain in order to save kikyo from the misama of naraku, inuyasha was taking care of kikyo while kagome went to find the bow, kikyo then realizes that kagome is in trouble and tells inuyasha. inuyasha quickly rushes over to where miroku, sango, shippo, kirrara and kouga are waiting for kagome. In the past whenever he would leave kagomes side to go to kikyo he would say “forgive me kagome” for him feeling bad he has chosen kikyo and so when he gets to the mountain he leaves on his own to find kagome, as hes rushing up the mountain he says “forgive me kikyo” indicating that he has chosen kagome.

  90. Sarah says:

    I must say THANK GOODNESS for you writing this review. None of my friends are watching or have watched Inuyasha and I had nobody to vent or relate to… You basically hit all of the same points I thought of. I liked that it was a happy ending for all of the characters, but, as you said, Inuyasha never had to choose between Kagome and Kikyo (I also thought it was kind of weird how Koga ended up marrying Ayame, even though you could still see he wasn’t all that found of her in his last scene XD). I personally believed his love was always with Kikyo. Not to say he didn’t care about Kagome, which was obvious, but in more of a protective way, and that he appreciate the many things she had taught him and helped him grow. He fell in love with Kikyo and never stopped, he mourned her loss greatly. I think if Kikyo ever appeared again, it would have been the same back-and-forth between the two as usual. But, I am happy Inuyasha and Kagome finally got to be together. :)

    • Sarah says:

      DISCLAIMER: All of my Inuyasha is based on the anime series, I have not read the manga.

      I also wanted to add that I felt like the show sort of lost quality over time because as some said, it seemed like episodes with unrelated or unimportant stories were told and became very frequent, and in my eyes somewhat repititious. With that said, I would probably not go through and watch the anime again because of how long it as and because of how bland some of the episodes were. However, still one of my favorites and I appreciate it nonetheless. ^.^

  91. Panait Ciprian says:

    Ok, so you made a lot of points that need to be addressed so here goes:
    1. when it comes to Naraku you must understand he is somewhat someone with a dual personality: you have the demons and Onigumo. If look to the Muso arc you will see that Onigumo/Muso deserves a bit of sympathy. Also the ending was not so spectacular because the real villain was actually the Shikon No Tama. Naraku as many others was just used by the jewel. I also loved how Magatsuki died
    2. Inuyasha’s attacks (except the flaming sword ones) are incremental and he does use them quite a lot. The Kaze no Kizu and Bakuryuha are still the main attacks. The red tetsuaiga is not used so much because is purpose has ended. The kongoshoha is still used a lot until the end. Also the dragon scale tetsuiga. But since the meido Zangetsuha is so amazingly strong the rest are not used that much.
    3. the kid with the freaky eyes is shishinki if i am not mistaken and is killed by Seshomaru. What more should be said of him? Kagome’s father is dead, Seshomaru’s mother is not important for the plot and he is not that close to her, Houjo will eventually get married with someone ironically called kagome and then give birth to houjo in her own time.
    4. Not everyone grieves the same way. Also with the children of the monk they were kinda busy. I think that Inuyasha goes to the well often is enough.
    5. But he did chose Kagome long before Kykyo died. not sure the episode but he does do that. But as he tells Kagome he cannot forget he loved Kykyo and tries to protect both of them until the end. You know men are not cold as women. Just because you found someone else and you have no romantical intention towards the ex does not mean you want harm coming to them.
    6. They do kiss a couple of time and they do confess. You need to pay more attention!
    7. About why she is able to go back in the end is kinda a stretch. Rumiko was undecided where she leave Kagome in the end: with Inuyasha or her family until close to the end of the series so the coming back is a bit forced. But the idea is the reason she could not come back until then was because she was undecided. Kagome wanted both her family and modern friends and Inuyasha and the sengoku friends. Of course that is impossible so she was forced to choose. And in the end she chose Inuyasha. As I said is a bit a tretch of logic but I guess you agree we can let this one pass.

  92. NL says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I am a big Kagome fan so I could be biased by stating that Inuyasha chose Kagome. I think it is possible for Inuyasha to love both Kikyo and Kagome, especially because of how “Inukyo’s” relationship was unresolved for 50 years. KIkyo was Inuyasha’s first love and the relationship was abruptly ended on a negative, hateful note. Of course he still pines for her because his love for her was still in hibernation and frozen in time. In the beginning of the show, I kinda liked Kikyo (even though she was quite boring and bland), but I became resentful of her after she was resurrected as a vengeful, unloving, cold sack of earth, bones, and souls. She was so hateful towards Inuyasha and Kagome, even after she knew the truth surrounding the circumstances of her death. After her resurrection, all she wanted was to take Inuyasha with her to hell. Inuyasha promised her he would go with her because he knew that’s what she wanted, and felt loyal to her because he felt bad that she was killed.

    I’m happy that Inuyasha and Kagome ended up together. I do believe that Inuyasha did choose Kagome because he could have killed himself to be with Kikyo after her death (he promised, and stated several times that he was going to go to hell with Kikyo), but he didn’t. I’m upset that there wasn’t much obvious passion between Inuyasha and Kagome, but you can see that they loved each other very much. I think that If Kikyo was still alive, Inuyasha would still be torn between the two women, but he would have eventually chosen Kagome. The “Inukyo” love story was between to very lonely, sad people that came together because they were alike and didn’t have anyone else. Inuyasha kept pinning over Kikyo because their story was unfinished and he was dealing with that relationship (or lack there of) while falling for Kagome. “Inukyo’s” love story is one that is filled with love, sadness and doom. If Inuyasha had chosen Kikyo, he would never be truly happy because he would not be truly happy. Inuyasha felt that he deserved to stay and die with Kikyo (in some episodes) because he felt that was all he deserved (he said as much in one episode that I can recall). “Inugome’s” love was one the only one that would have worked (forget the past/present issue and the whole mortal/immortal aspect). Their love was truly pure, and was beyond words. We all know that Inuyasha loved Kagome without him saying a word. I think the story line stayed true to “Inugome’s”characters. Inuyasha is simple minded and not one to express himself in words, and Kagome knew that. If Kagome had a problem with Inuyasha’s lack of declaration of love then she would said something. They both understand each other on a level that was not apparent in “Inukyo’s” love story. I don’t remember Inuyasha actually ever declaring his love for Kikyo, except innuendos (I could be wrong tho). I do not believe that Inuyasha settled for Kagome because Kikyo died. I think that Inuyasha would have picked Kagome if Kikyo was still alive because “Inukyo’s” love story was full of love, sadness, anger, and death; while “Inugome’s” love story was full of pure love, happiness, friendship, and a deep understanding of each other without words. In short, Inuyasha became who he was because of Kagome, and I do not believe Kikyo would have enabled him to be who he was truly meant to be.

    Would i have wished for more passion (words, kissing, etc.) from Inuyasha to Kagome? Of course! But, that’s not who he is. You can feel the passion by the way that he looks at her, holds her, fights anyone who touches her, and the way he never gave up on her (the same can’t be said about Kikyo, since he did not think of her after her final death). Besides, I don’t recall Kagome actually declaring her love to Inuyasha either, besides innuendos. Kagome could have declared HER love to Inuyasha but it was unnecessary because he knew. Their love was beyond words.

  93. Willi28 says:

    I thought the same.

    In the end, still everyone are happy. However, I must say: For the last volumes, the linger of sadness is still there because the story grasps all the happy ending in only 35/200 pages… especially when they’ve fought for too long (after 56 volumes). Moreover, for the main canon, they still need to wait for Kagome for another 3 years to reach their happy ending is in just 10 pages overall =.=”

    The explanation for this waiting is for their pure love… is quite lame to me. Because I don’t see much proofs beside Inuyasha comes to visit the well often. But rather than that, he seems quite normal. He accepts that he isn’t the only who thinks that Kagome is important. Kagome again says that “I want to be with Inuyasha” before their link is reconnected. At least, in the end, personally, I think if they really want to prove this couple is the canon, they should let Inuyasha to do the phrase this time… but they did not.
    And as you’re saying, I still don’t get the romantic, desired feeling between Inuyasha and Kagome. I agree with some people that said their relationship is based on the friendship, and It’s a very strong connection. However, it didn’t mean there should be lack of romantic actions such as hugging and kissing. I see no couple like that especially after such a long time of waiting.

    For Kikyo/Inuyasha/Kagome triangle:
    I recognized that he did choose in some points, but in the later chapters, I probably might have the different actions from Inuyasha. I personally think those decisions shouldn’t be counted at all because they were lack of consistence. After Kikyo actually died, the question seems to be unresolved.
    Although people explained that Inuyasha lamed himself too much for Kikyo’s death, and it was because of guilty not love. I still wonder: Could you really want to give up everything for someone out of guilty without strong love for him/her? Would you like to have all the private times being alone with him/her? When he was with Kikyo, he’d looked deeply at Kikyo in the ways as if there were only two of them in this world (By calling out her name and keeping looking in each others’ eyes) In reality, It would be hard to look in someone’s eyes when you only feel the guilty over them =.=”
    And in Kikyo’s last moment, I bet there were many people want to have a word with her after recognizing all she had done for them. At leat: “thank you” perhaps. But, Inuyasha took all Kikyo’s time for himself. He confessed his love for her. He cried in pain for loosing her and kissed her. I don’t believe when people said that Inuyasha just wanted to comfort Kikyo. Inuyasha is not a character who would tell these words out of that reasons.
    And even after Kikyo died, we have whole 3 chapters to describe Inuyasha’s depression. Personally, I think: Inuyasha didn’t wake up himself. He woke up after hearing Kagome’s voice. If he didn’t, would he lost to his pain for Kikyo’s death? He never answered that if he wanted to go with Kikyo or not. Kagome knew: He did want it. And let’s be logic: If you don’t want to die, it won’t prove that you love the living person greater than the dead person, it only shows that you still love “life” and yourself.)

    In conclusion: For Kagome to be his canon, this ending seems too automatic.

  94. AB says:


    I am not yet finished with the manga or anime. I’m close to being done with the anime but I just wanted to say that I’ve read a bunch of spoilers and even though so far this has become my favorite anime/manga..I do notice a trend with all the ones that I’ve watched/read just like the whole Inuyasha/Kagome thing. You keep waiting for this big passionate moment that never really happens and you feel so dissatisfied in the end. This is my seventh anime/manga like this where the main characters never fully embrace each other , you know they like each other but you keep waiting for this big moment.
    So far I’ve been disappointed that Inuyasha seems much more enamored with Kikyo than with Kagome. He’s a lot more passionate with her(kikyo) but at the same time does not want anyone else liking Kagome. I just wish you would see an actual progression or change with him changing to be more affectionate towards Kagome. The little things you do see are not ever enough to make it believable. However, I still love the characters & the show/manga in general.

    • cyp says:

      It will develop in time don’t worry. About watching the anime do not forget to also watch the 4 movies and the end of the anime which was made much later and is called Inuyasha -Final Act. The anime went way ahead of the manga and had to take a hiatus of a few years until the manga was completed. You can see the progression of him being more affectionate to Kagome, but more towards the end of the series.

  95. Schmee says:

    Just wanted to leave my mark on this epic comment section that’s lasted nearly a decade now. I just finished the series. My heart hurts. I’ve been binging the show since last Fall. I feel like I’ve lost a little piece of my life. I didn’t even like the show that much to be honest. It had a ton of dumb filler & got too comedic at times. But it really grabbed me back in for the Final Act. More blood, guts, emotions, etc. The series had amazing episodes, but they were spread out over many episodes. No regrets though. Bye y’all.

  96. NightOwl says:

    My hopes were for Kagome and InuYasha’s love to grow. I believe the ending was too rushed and it did a lowsy job of character development in the end. The way that it finally ended leaves me with this theory about the Kagome, Kikiyo & InuYasha love triangle.

    InuYasha and Kikyo met and fell in love. Theirs was the one true love in the story. InuYasha was not afraid of loving and showing his feeling. He proved it many times in the way he treated Kikyo before she died in the flashbacks and after she came back, except during that small period of misunderstanding.

    Kagome never trusted InuYasha. Without trust there can’t be love. She trusted he would save her since he proved it to her many times during the anime and the manga. However she never removed the beads of subjugation from his neck.

    She loved InuYasha but as a master loves their loyal and trusting pet not at a woman loves a man. Kikyo trully loved InuYasha that is why she refused to give him the beads. She wanted him to trust her and love her and obey her out of his own free will. Kagome would often abuse the sit command on Inuyasha instead of hearing him out. She basically trained him to be her loyal and loving dog.

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