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Anime Yume’s 6th year anniversary!

Yup, today my site ( turns 6 years old. I can’t believe it’s been so long! 0_0 Six years ago on June, 30th 2002 I bought a domain name from geocities and started my own anime web site for the first time. Though the blog here is only about a year and a half old, the main site has been going fairly strong all these years and I intend to keep it going ^_^ Unfortunately during the past couple of years I’ve mostly only had time to do posts here on the blog rather than major work on the main site. But the main site already has over 4GB worth of anime images, media, and info, and I’m hoping to add more whenever I have the time =)

I was hoping to do a big “6th year anniversary” update today on the main site but I only had time to do a small update. I’m leaving for Anime Expo in a couple of days so I’ve been really busy preparing for that. But anyway, you can check the main site here for the small anniversary update and I’m looking forward to more wonderful years on! ^_^ Thanks again to all my loyal visitors!

The spring ’08 season so far

Right now I’ve seen about 11 episodes from each of the spring anime shows I’m currently watching. I know some of the spring shows are scheduled to end in the next week or two, but most of the ones I’m watching will continue to run for at least 25 episodes. When the spring season started, I was too busy with schoolwork to write any initial reviews of them, so now, before the summer season kicks into gear, I felt I should write a little something about each one…

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Game review: Okami

Okami is a very stunning RPG game that I recently got addicted to. In the game you play the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, whose spirit has been reincarnated into the body of a wolf that once saved ancient Japan from the wrath of an evil monster. Utilizing the Wii remote as well as the nunchuck, you control Amaterasu as she travels around ancient Japan, helping people and animals, fighting monsters, and searching for the “Celestial Brush Techniques” which she must master in order to restore the world to its natural peace and beauty. It sounds like a typical RPG but Okami has very unique aspects…

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Haruhi Suzumiya: masterpiece, piece of junk or simply overrated?

This is the “Question of the Week” for the Hey, Answerman column on Anime News Network. I usually don’t have the time or motivation to submit my own answers to things like this. But…since I’m on vacation now and I was kinda bored today, I decided to give this question a try. I’ve been rather Haruhi-obsessed this past year so I probably could’ve written a lot more than this but I didn’t want to overdo it XD Hopefully Zac will post my response, and if not, at least I used it as a blog post so it wasn’t a total waste ^^a You can check ANN next week to see other answers to the question. Anyway, here’s my (kinda long) answer…

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The end of Inuyasha

After 12 years, 56 volumes, and over 550 chapters, the final chapter of the Inuyasha manga (chapter 558) has been released, completing Rumiko Takahashi’s longest series. I’ve been avidly following the Inuyasha story since the anime was released in the US in 2002, and although its been one of my favorites for many years, I’m both relieved and a bit sad that it’s finally over…

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Game review: My Pokemon Ranch

Skitty on Dialga ^^
My Pokemon Ranch, the first Pokemon Wii-Ware game, available for download off the Wii Shop channel for 1,000 Wii points (about $10). Is it worth it? Well, if you have a copy of Pokemon Diamond and/or Pearl, and if you’re a Pokemon fan who likes seeing the little critters be as cute as they can be, then perhaps you should consider this simple yet totally adorable game…

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Bleach movie: Memories of Nobody US theatrical release

Last night I went with my one of my friends to see the US theatrical premier of the first Bleach movie at a theater in Woodland Hills, CA. Like the US premier of the Death Note live-action movies back in May, Viz premiered the English dub of the Bleach movie for two nights (June 11th and 12th) at a few select theaters across the country…

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Back from uni and ready for some site work!

Yes, it’s been a while. I can’t believe my last post was in April! 0_o As much as I wanted to keep blogging during my first year at university, schoolwork and club activities kept eating up my time. Since last September I’ve only managed to do a handful of posts and site updates during my winter and spring vacations. But now finals are over and I’ve got a nice 3-month long summer vacation ahead of me, which means plenty of time for site work! ^_^ I’ve got quite a few plans for both the blog and the main site this summer…

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