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True Tears review

I finally finished True Tears today…and I’m sure many will agree that it’s definitely one of the most special series’ to come out recently. Despite it technically being a harem/dating anime, it has qualities that put it above average in this genre. Even though there’s virtually no action nor major accomplishments in it, I found True Tears a joy to watch because of its calming atmosphere, gentle pacing, and dramatic but not too angst-ridden scenes.

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Big update on (and savoring the final days of spring break)

I’m finally back with a big update on the main AnimeYume site! There’s new anime sections, new mp3s, coverage of Anime LA, and also some random spring cleaning on various pages. My spring break is going by way too quickly so hopefully I’ll have time to do at least one more site update (and maybe a blog post or two) before I have to head back to school on Monday and return my sites to hiatus. Anyway, check out the main AnimeYume site here to see what’s new. I’ll be back soon (hopefully with the special project I’ve been working on since December!)

Happy Easter! (and briefly off of hiatus)

Happy Easter!
I’m not big on Easter at all but it gives me an excuse to post this adorable picture XD

Anyway, yes I’m on spring break now so I’m briefly taking my sites off of hiatus to do some much needed work on them. Unfortunately my spring break is only about a week long but I’m going to work on the sites, especially the main AnimeYume site, as much as I can during that time. So check back soon for updates =)