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Off to AX! (find me there if you can ^^)

AX 07!
Well, tomorrow morning I’ll be up bright and early, carpooling with my friends to Anime Expo 2007! This is the first time I’ll be spending all four days at the con (and only my second time attending AX). It’s sure to be quite a memorable experience ^_^ I’ll be going with my friend and fellow anime blogger, pkjd from moetron. We’ll be attending the anticipated SOS Brigade Invasion Tour concert as well as lots of other great events. Also, The Anime Blog is hosting a gathering of anime bloggers from all over =) You can find details about the meeting here. Unfortunately the time overlaps with the SOS Brigade concert but I’ll see if I can make it last minute ^^

If you’re interested in trying to find me at AX, here’s a photo of me (I’ll probably be wearing that same kimono at some point at the con). If you find me, don’t be afraid to come over and say hi ^^ I always enjoy meeting visitors to my site and talking with other anime fans.

Obviously, since I’ll be away at AX from June 29th until July 2nd, I won’t be able to answer e-mail, write posts, or moderate comments during these 4 days. Sorry for any inconvenience. But I’ll be back soon with more posts and of course, in-depth AX coverage! XD

New site theme and more site news

In commemoration of my blog reaching 100 posts (and my main site being less than a week away from turning 5 years old), I decided to change the layout here on the blog. I finally got rid of that plain-old header image I was using since I started the blog, and replaced it with an anime-related one (El Cazador!) I also changed the theme/layout of the site as you’ve probably noticed. I think this one looks better, especially when it comes to the organization of the sidebar links. Let me know what you think of it ^^ I also added a new Page called “Home –” It’s basically just some info about how the main AnimeYume site and this one are related/different and a link to the main site too (I really should’ve added this page a long time ago =P) And lastly, I finally updated my profile page. I can’t believe I never noticed how many typos I had there ~_^

Anyway, I’ve been sort of lazy these past few days, hanging out with friends and enjoying my summer break, so sorry if I’ve been neglecting the site =) Tomorrow and Wednesday I have work and Thursday I need to finish packing for AX. Also, Pokemon Battle Revolution comes out tomorrow and I know I’ll become addicted to it right away ^^ But I’ll try and find time between all these things to do a couple more posts before I leave for AX on Friday.

100 posts + site news

Well, Mainichi Anime Yume finally reached 100 posts a couple of days ago. When I first started the blog back in October of last year, I knew I would continue to keep it up, although a few months ago I got really busy with school and work, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep working on it after all. But with some proper time budgeting I’ve been able to keep it running for over 9 months now! So a big thank you to everyone who’s been visiting, and also to those who visit my main site,, which is now almost 5 years old! I wouldn’t have nearly as much motivation to continue working on the blog or the main site without your continued support and feedback! ^_^ Anyway, if you’re interested in my current/future plans for both MAY and AnimeYume, read on…

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Inuyasha ch. 508 – 509 review

*images courtesy of MakiMaki*
Volume 51, chapter 508 The Miko’s Barrier, chapter 509 The Bow’s Spiritual Power

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Ouran High School Host Club: the halfway mark review

I know, I’m really late with watching Ouran. I only have time for so much anime at once, and I just didn’t have time for this one back when it first came out. Also, for some reason I thought it would be too “fan girlish” for my taste…but after watching half the episodes, I’m happy to say that my opinion of Ouran has changed =)

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Nintendo DS Web Browser review

I recently picked up my copy of the DS’s latest accessory, the DS Web Browser. I’ve tried it out a few times already (though only with my Wi-fi USB connector at home) and I’ll say that it could certainly use improvements, but it’s a neat little device anyway and definitely a technological amazement.

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Plans for AX!

The Anime Expo 2007 web site finally posted lists and descriptions of all the events that are going on during each of the four days. So today I started planning my schedule, taking note of all the events that I want to attend. I’m going for the full four days at AX this year, along with my friend pkjd from moetron.

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Hare Hare Yukai parody – Pokemon version

I think the post’s title speaks for itself. Pika Pika Yukai! XD

Pikachu as Haruhi
Minun as Yuki
Plusle as Mikuru

And cameo by Itsuki

This is a good video considering it uses all original drawings and still flows with the song well. Whoever created it must’ve been dedicated to having their own unique Hare Hare Yukai parody video ^^

Inuyasha ch. 506 – 507 review

*images courtesy of MakiMaki*
Volume 51, chapter 506 Examinee #77, chapter 507 Hitomiko

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More thoughts on Bleach…

This is sort of a follow-up to my old post, “Bleach review: an overrated shounen anime.” I had written that review after seeing 100 episodes of Bleach (in the middle of the Bounto arc) and now I’ve seen 126 episodes. My thoughts about the series haven’t changed that much after 26 episodes, even with the new Vizard/Arrancar arc, but they have changed a bit so I thought I’d expand a little on my previous Bleach review. I’m not gonna repeat the things I said in the old review, but I will talk about any new opinions I have…

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