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Inuyasha Drama CD: Aka to Shiro no Utagassen!

Wow, I can’t believe they’re still making new Inuyasha CDs! Actually this one came out in April, but still, it’s been over three years since the anime ended! 0_o And they’re still keeping all the old seiyuus together? Methinks that means there’s a good possibility for a new anime series in the works =) Maybe they’re just waiting until the manga finishes ~_^ Since Inuyasha has been losing its popularity over the past few years, I’m always on the lookout for new IY products to satisfy my obsession ^^ I heard about this CD a while ago…I just kinda forgot about it until a few weeks ago =P Better late than never I guess! Anyway, read on to see the track listings, my review, and brief synopsis of the CD, and also to download a RAR file of it…

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Anime Preference Survey ’07 results posted!

I finally posted the results of the General Anime Preference Survey ’07, which I started back at the beginning of the month. Very interesting statistics if I do say so myself ^^ As a whole, the results turned out to be quite varied, meaning my site is visited by a good variety of anime fans. Anyway, you can find the results on the main site, or just follow the link here.

By the way, finals and graduation are coming up so next week I might not be able to post, but we’ll see how things go. However, my summer break is right around the corner so I should definitely have time to do some good posts then(and get out of this rut of “mediocre” posts I’ve been stuck in lately ~_^) Even though I’ll be taking a summer session at my college, it won’t be until mid-July. I’ll also be attending the full four days at Anime Expo this year so expect good coverage of that too! =)

Inuyasha ch. 504 – 505 review

*images courtesy of MakiMaki*
Volume 51, chapter 504 The Meidou’s Light, chapter 505 The Fox Inn

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Game review: Wii Play

If you enjoyed Nintendo’s complementary Wii game, Wii Sports, then Wii Play is the next best thing. You should still buy Wii Play anyway because it comes with a free Wii remote! ^^ But truthfully, I think it’s just as fun and clever as Wii Sports. Though the games are a bit less complex and less physically-involving than Wii Sports, Wii Play is still very addicting and makes great use of the Wii’s amazing wireless technology!

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Another media update!

First of all, before I get to the new media files, I’ve got to apologize for the lack of posts these past few weeks. Some of it’s due to my addiction to Pokemon Diamond, plus the usual stuff like school, work, preparing for university next semester, and trying to catch up on all the anime in my “To-Watch” folder. Also, strangely, I just haven’t been able to think of good things to blog about lately. And now with finals coming up, I really won’t have much free time. But I’ll have some days off in the summer so I’ll definitely use that time to works on posts and other things. Anyway, as for the new media files…

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Inuyasha ch. 503 review

*image courtesy of MakiMaki*
Volume 51, chapter 503 Black Blade

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Game review: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl(US version)

I wrote a review of the Japanese version of D&P back in October though I hadn’t covered many of the new features. But now that I’ve been playing the US version and have gotten a lot further in the game, I figured now’s a good time to complete my review of these incredible new games ^.^ I’ve already discussed the games’ graphics, storyline, and some new features in my Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (J. version) review so I’m not gonna go over those things again in this review. Instead I’m gonna talk about some of the new features I haven’t yet mentioned, mostly about the games’ online Wi-fi capabilities ^^

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The General Anime Preference Survey, ’07 version!

A little over a year ago I made a poll/survey on my site asking about the general anime preferences of my visitors, such as favorite series, genre, sub vs dub, first series ever watched, etc,. I got a lot of responses and it was interesting to see the results. But the survey’s been long overdue for an updated version, which I finally got around to finishing today ^^ I tweaked some of the older questions (obviously taking into account new anime that’s been released since last year) and added a whole bunch of new questions too. So if you’ve got a few minutes, take a look at my General Anime Preference Survey ’07 and answer as many questions as you like (you’re not required to answer all of them to complete the survey). And once I get the results posted, I’m sure you’ll find them quite interesting, especially compared to last year’s results ^_^