Classic Disney songs in Japanese

While randomly searching around the Internet not too long ago, I stumbled across just that…Disney songs in Japanese. For someone who loves Japanese (and is also a veteran Disney fan), this was quite an interesting find (BTW, in Japan, Disney and all other forms of animation are considered “anime”. It’s only in America and other countries that “anime” refers to Japanese animation only ^^)

Anyway, it began with YouTube. Somehow, starting with my channel subscribers, and then randomly looking through different people’s channels, I found Maetel999, a user who has over 400 videos of Disney songs in different languages (how she, or any of the many other people who have Disney videos, don’t get their accounts suspended, I don’t know ~_^). I checked out all of the Japanese ones of course. I was surprised at how they were able to keep the melody of the songs the same, and yet still translate them pretty faithfully (if you watch enough of the videos, you’ll notice that the Japanese seem to care more about good translation than precise mouth movements). Also, if any of you read that rant I wrote about how American animation, especially Disney, has deteriorated over the years, you’ll understand why watching these videos of classic Disney songs (in my beloved language, Japanese!) made me nostalgic and also sad for how good Disney used to be XP

Well, while searching through other users who have multi-language Disney videos, I finally found a link to this site, Japanese Disney. I really wanted to find mp3s of the Disney songs in Japanese, and luckily, this was the right site for that. The webmistress does a rotation of different Japanese Disney mp3s, but if you’re looking for specific songs, the forum is the place to go. I posted a list of all the Japanese Disney songs I was looking for, and within just a few days, I had a bunch of different people sending me the songs! I wish everyone on forums could be this nice =P Now my list is pretty much complete and I’m going to try and write English translations for some of the songs. I already did a couple, but I don’t know when I’ll have time to do more. It will definitely be good practice once in a while though ^^

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few of the Japanese Disney songs with you. I mean, these are songs that most of us grew up on and are a pretty familiar part of our culture. And since Japanese is so special to us anime fans, that also makes the songs worth listening too =)

I uploaded 5 songs into this ZIP file here. The ones included are:

  1. “ホール ニュー ワルドー”*新しい世界”A Whole New World”(from Aladdin)
  2. “ハクナ マタタ””Hakuna Matata”(from The Lion King)
  3. “美女と野獣””Beauty and the Beast”(from Beauty and the Beast)
  4. “アンダー ザ シー””Under the Sea”(from The Little Mermaid)
  5. “カラー オブ ザ ウインド”*風の色”Colors of the Wind”(from Pocahontas)

As you can see, I chose some of the most well-known Disney songs ^^ Enjoy! Let me know if there’s another one that you really want to hear, and if I have it, I’ll upload it for you =)

UPDATE 04/24/08: This has definitely proved to be one of my most popular posts. It’s difficult for me to address everyone’s requests so if your request does not get a reply after a while, that means I either don’t have the songs you requested or I already uploaded them (in which case, look through the comments section to find them). If one of the song links is broken, let me know and I’ll replace it. And again, any song I don’t have can most likely be found if you ask around on the Japanese Disney forums =)

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  1. Hinano says:

    Oh man I loved Hakuna Matata when I first heard it in Japanese a few years ago. “Nante ii hibiki nandaze!” If you buy the Lion King DVD it has a special feature which lets you see lion king songs in a bunch of diff languages..and the hakuna matata part was in Japanese :D

  2. shiawasekun says:

    Thanks for the music files. They sound really great =]

  3. Hung says:

    Whoa, this is pretty cool.

  4. Yumeka says:

    Glad everyone likes the songs ^^ I have over 40 Japanese Disney songs on my computer, so if there’s any others you want me to upload, just say so.

  5. Ari-chan says:

    Awsome songs. I love Disney, and they sound so cool in Japanese (I’m a disney fan too). Do you happen to have any Oliver and Company songs, specifically “Why should I worry”? I would love to here that one as well as Sleeping Beauty’s “Once Upon a Dream”.

  6. Crayola says:

    Haha, is there a Japanese version of “Be Prepared” from the Lion King?

    “I know that your powers of retention
    are as a wet as a warthog’s backsiiiiiiiiiiiiide. But as thick as you are, pay ATTENTION; my words are a matter of priiiiiiiiide.”

    It’s my favourite Disney song, though I wonder if any Japanese voice actor could sing it as deliciously evil as Jeremy Irons, hehe.

  7. Yumeka says:

    For Ari-chan:
    Here’s “Why Should I Worry?” and “Once Upon a Dream”

    The quality of “Why Should I Worry?” isn’t very good ’cause it’s ripped from a TV rather than a CD. But it’s good enough I guess ^^

    For Crayola:
    Here’s “Be Prepared”

    LOL, the singer isn’t as good as Jeremy Irons, but he’s okay.

  8. Rosakai says:

    I like these a lot. When I watch my Disney dvds I always switch around the audio tracks to hear the songs in different languages.Do you have any songs from Brother Bear and other Lion King songs?

  9. Yumeka says:

    Yeah, I do ^^ The only Lion King song I don’t have is “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”. And I have all the Brother Bear songs. Just let me know which ones you’d like and I’ll upload them here.

  10. Rosakai says:

    Ok, thanks! From Brother Bear, I’d like Look Through My Eyes, Great Spirits, Both versions of No Way Out, and On My Way. (That’s no too many, is it?)

    From the Lion King, I’d just like the movie version of Circle of Life and Can You Feel the Love Tonight.

    Thanks again!

  11. Yumeka says:

    For Rosakai:
    Here are the songs you wanted. There’s no Japanese version of Look Through My Eyes, so it’s not included. Also, I only have the movie version of No Way Out (but unlike the other songs, it’s sung by Phil Collins in Japanese ^^ He sounds pretty good too).

    Well, hope you enjoy them =)

  12. Piper says:

    KYA!! I downloaded them!! It’s soo much fun!!!! Thank you for putting them up!!!! They are my new fave songs!!!! ~_^!!!

  13. Jam says:

    nice! the songs were great do you have peterpan 2 i’ll try in japanese or even toy story 2 when she loved me? thanks!

  14. Yumeka says:

    Sorry, I don’t have any from Peter Pan 2 or Toy Story 2. If you really want them, ask people on the Japanese Disney site (you can find the link in the post).

  15. dorobo says:

    Great find! Unfortunately the youtube user’s account has been suspended and the Japanese Disney site doesn’t seem to be working xO. You wouldn’t happen to have any songs from Tarzan would you? I’d really appreciate it – once again great work =D!

  16. Yumeka says:

    Yeah, I know the account got suspended…too bad. But there’s a chance she might make a new account anyway, so I’ll have to look for it =)

    I’ve got some Tarzan songs. Which ones do you want?

  17. dorobo says:

    “You’ll be in my Heart” would be great if it’s not too much of a hassle ‘__’!

  18. Yumeka says:

    Here you go!


  19. dorobo says:

    Thanks a bunch! :D!

  20. korana says:

    Hi! I am looking for Japanese version of “I just can’t wait to be king” form “the lion king” in romaji. Can anyone help me? I would be thankful :)

  21. Yumeka says:

    Sorry, I don’t have “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” in Japanese. Try asking on the Japanese Disney forums (link is in the post).

  22. dorobo says:

    korana, if you can find the original name, I can romanise it for you. Right now I’m having no luck finding it for some bizarre reason.

  23. dorobo says:

    Nevermind, found it!

    Ousama ni naru no ga machikirenai

    Methinks. Hope that helps!

  24. Pepper says:

    Hey, do you have from lion king (I think it’s two? Not sure xD) “We are one” and the lullaby that one creepy lady tiger sang to kovu.. titled something like “My lullaby” in japanese?

    Thank you :3

  25. Pepper says:


    ahahahaha the tiger king xD

  26. Yumeka says:

    Sorry for the delay, Pepper. Here are the songs you wanted. Enjoy! =)

  27. Chanchan says:

    Do you have “kiss the girl” “just cant wait to be king” and “friend like me” ?

  28. Yumeka says:

    Sorry, I don’t have “Friend Like Me” or “I Just Can’t Wait to be King,” but here’s “Kiss the Girl”.


  29. Emanuela says:

    Hey man (chicka) lol….here’s one big thank you to you my friend, these songs are a true treasure and being able to download them like this is a big privilege….if it is possible please email me with any other songs in Japanese you have, I’d love some….am a current student of the language so being able to listen to well known songs like this its fun to try and understand…so yeah…thank you once more!


  30. Maribel says:

    Hi! Do you have, by any chance “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” “The Merry Unbirthday song” and “Just Around the Riverbend” Please and Thank You (Oh and if you have any recomandations, I’ll be happy to have them”

    Do you know of a site that has some spanish songs as well?

  31. Yumeka says:

    Maribel, I don’t have “The Merry Unbirthday Song” but I do have the other two. You can get them here. Enjoy! =)

    As for Spanish songs, I don’t have any but some people on the Japanese Disney site (link in the post) have them. I’m sure if you ask in the forum, you’ll be able to get them.

  32. Maribel says:

    Thanks so much, I really apperiate it ^_^

  33. Jenna says:

    Hey! I was so thrilled to find these! I was wondering if you had Part of your world and Poor unfortunate souls from the Little Mermaid and do you have
    Friend Like Me from Alladin?

  34. Renaki says:

    Hey! I was just wondering if you had any of the songs from the Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride in Japanese. I’ve been looking for them all over the place and haven’t had any luck. If you have them please let me know! ^__^

  35. Yumeka says:

    For Jenna: I don’t have “Poor Unfortunate Souls” or “Friend Like Me” but here’s “Part of Your World”

    For Renaki: I already uploaded “We are One” and “My Lullaby” in a previous post here. The only other Lion King 2 song I have is “Love Will Find a Way” here.

    Enjoy! =)

  36. Jenna says:

    Ohh the reprise to! Thankyou so much!

  37. Renaki says:

    Thanx a lot! ^^

  38. Zoamelgustar says:

    Thanks a lot! Please post more songs. Example the Jungle book( that’s my favourite:P) and my girlfrien likes Goofy and from Aladdin the Street Urchins “when he steal a bread” song :) aaand the Cruella DeVil song from 101 dalmatians. THX!

  39. Najang says:

    Omg, this is a blessing! When I first heard the Peter Pan 2 – I’ll Try in Japanese version… I cried so I thought there had to be other versions out there some where of other great Disney titles~ By any chance do you have this song, I’ll Try?

  40. Yumeka says:

    Sorry Najang, I don’t have that song.

  41. Gothicruby says:

    Hey, I love the downloads here; and I was wondering, dya have any of the Aladdin songs in Japanese? =D It’s alright if ya don’t; just wondering. But if so, can ya send them to me? Please? =D

    Thankyou all the same ^^

  42. Yumeka says:

    Gothicruby, the only Aladdin song I have is “A Whole New World,” which I already uploaded in the post. I don’t have any others…sorry.

  43. edward says:

    I have around 8 of the japanese Disney VHS tapes available Little Mermaid, Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland ect. Do you know anyone interested in purchasing the Lot

  44. Maribel says:

    Ehh, I hope you don’t mind but can I have two more songs if ya have it
    Let me be good to you: The Great Mouse Detective :
    Reflections (Sp): Mulan

  45. Yumeka says:

    I don’t have any Great Mouse Detective songs but here’s Reflection.

  46. Maribel says:

    Ah, Thanks again then

  47. Kaycie says:

    These downloads are great! Would you happen to have any of the other songs from Mulan?

  48. Mary says:

    I’d absolutely LOVE IT if I could have The Lion King 2 song “We Are One” in Japanese since A) I love the lion king and B) I’m learning japanese
    thank you much =]

  49. Mary says:

    oh nvm i just read the message above where someone else asked, thnk u much for the songs tho =]

  50. Wolfie-san says:

    You said you have all of The Lion King songs except ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King, right?
    Do you have ‘Upendi’ From TLK 2? Thanks in advance. :3

  51. Morwynn says:

    I was wondering if you had any songs from Anastasia?

  52. Yumeka says:

    Sorry Morwynn, no Anastasia songs.

    And Wolfie-san, here’s Upendi.

  53. Wolfie-san says:

    Thank you! :D

  54. KazuhiroKairi says:

    hi, thanx for all the great disney songs ^^

    umm.. do u have “he lives in you” from Simbas pride? and do u know any sites where i can get it in italian? thanx :)

  55. Karlsson på taket says:

    Do you have any songs from Peter Pan, Peter Pan: Return to Neverland, Treasure Planet, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The Fox And The Hound, Tarzan or Toy Story 2?

    Thank you! :)

  56. Yumeka says:

    I have songs from Tarzan but not from any of the others. I already uploaded the Japanese version of “You’ll be in My Heart” (see previous comment about Tarzan songs). Let me know if there’s any other Tarzan songs you want.

  57. Karlsson på taket says:

    Do you have “Strangers Like Me” or “Son of Man” from Tarzan? :D
    Thank you! :)

  58. Yumeka says:

    Here are the Tarzan songs. Enjoy!

  59. Nat-chan says:

    Do you have any songs from the jungle book?I can’t believe no one’s asked yet..I’d any or all of those songs ^^ if it isn’t too much trouble.thanks in advance =3

  60. Yumeka says:

    Sorry, I don’t have any Jungle Book songs. Try asking on the Japanese Disney forum.

  61. xMidnightEnvyx says:

    I have to say thank you SO MUCH for these songs. I really appreciate it =D You’re awesome

  62. Hisana says:

    Other than the Tarzan songs you uploaded, do you have “Two Worlds”? I’ve been looking forever for it. ;_;

    Thank you in advance! :3

  63. Yumeka says:

    Here’s Two Worlds. Enjoy! I included the finale version as well as the regular version.

  64. Raazu says:

    Any chance you could torrent all the Lion King songs or the soundtrack? Thanks in advance.

  65. charlotte steenholdt says:

    any cance that you have this song; kiss the girl (from the little mermaid)?

  66. Cyberia says:

    I was wondering if you have Part of Your World from Little Mermaid or One Jump Ahead from Aladdin


  67. Yumeka says:

    Cyberia, I don’t have One Jump Ahead but here’s Part of Your World (it was already in a previous comment).

  68. una says:

    thank you so much!!

  69. una says:

    oops sorry to post again. if its not to much trouble and you have it, could you put up “honor us all” thank you!

  70. Usagi Sensei says:

    I noticed your web design has changed since last I was here (which has been a while). The actual reason I logged in today was to see if you had anything about Negima which I have discovered on Funimation. Then I thought I’d check out your mp3’s and found this lovely section of Disney songs. I started clicking and scrolling and clicking some more. My daughter walked in during Bijo to Yajuu and said “that’s in Japanese! Can you see if they have Reflection”. Ask and you shall recieve for it was there amongst the many posts. Thanks so much. The songs are even more beautiful in Japanese. Now I just need the lyrics so I can start singing them right, but knowing the english is helping me pick out the words in Japanese that I do know. Sorry this is so long winded but I just had to let you know. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

  71. Yumeka says:

    una, here’s Honor to Us All.

    And thanks for the compliments, Usagi Sensei (and everyone else too!) I haven’t been able to write any English translations of the songs yet, but the Japanese Disney site already has a bunch if you’re interested.

  72. KurenaiHana says:

    Oh~ You have such a collection here!

    You wouldn’t happen to have ‘I Won’t Say I’m in Love’ from Hercules or ‘Always There’ from Lady and the Tramp II, would you? Please and thank you!

  73. Yumeka says:

    KurenaiHana, sorry I don’t have any Lady and the Tramp 2 songs but here’s I Won’t Say I’m in Love

  74. KurenaiHana says:

    :3 It’s okay~ Thank you for the other one, though!

  75. Alan says:

    Hi, do you have a the song “something there” from beauty and the beast.


  76. Yumeka says:

    Here’s Something There. Enjoy!

  77. kouji says:

    do you have maybe “Go the Distance” from Hercules??
    I have 35 japanese songs so I can upload them to if you want ^^”

  78. Yumeka says:

    kouji, here’s Go the Distance. And sure, if you want to send me your songs, that would be fine. You can post the link here or send it to me via e-mail if you want.

  79. kouji says:

    ok… so I’m lazy…
    it’s the list of all my japanese disney songs ^^”
    some are frome here, some I found I can’t remeber where (mostly
    If you want me to upload something just ask

  80. Yumeka says:

    I actually have all of those, but thanks anyway =)

  81. Renaki says:

    Hey, it’s me again; I was just wondering if you had any of the Lion King songs from the Broadway Version? I’d really appreciate it if you did! ^^

  82. Yumeka says:

    Sorry, I don’t have any Broadway version Lion King songs.

  83. kouji says:

    ok, I have some new songs:
    Aladdin: One Jump Ahead; Friend like me; Prince Ali
    Anastasia: Learn to do It; Paris Hold the Key (to Your Heart)
    Beauty and the Beast: The Mob Song
    Hercules: Zero to Hero; A Star is Born
    Lady and the Tramp: He’s a Tramp
    Lady and the Tramp II: World Without Fences; Always There
    Mulan: I’ll Make a Man Out of You
    Prince of Egypt: When You Believe
    The Fox and the Hound: Best of Friends
    if you want something just ask and I’ll upload them somewhere

  84. Yumeka says:

    Awesome, thanks kouji =) If you could send me One Jump Ahead, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali, The Mob Song, and He’s a Tramp, that would be great!

    BTW, the reason your comment took a while to appear was because I have to moderate each comment before it’s allowed to be posted (to filter out any bad comments). Sometimes it takes me longer to do it depending on how busy I am.

  85. kouji says:
    these are those songs you’ve asked
    hope that there will be no problem with them ^^”

  86. Yumeka says:

    It works fine! Thanks a lot! =D

  87. Aurora says:

    Is there anyway anyone could upload ‘I Just can’t Wait to be King from TLK please?

  88. kouji says:

    I can and I’ve done it
    here is link for rapidshare (if you know better place for uploading then just say it)

  89. Ying Fa says:

    Hiya. Love this website, just to say for starters…

    I was wondering, does anyone have the songs from The Swan Princess? Or from Thumbelina? (I realize its not ‘technically’ disney…but it never hurts to ask…^^’) Or Cinderella? I know the first two are…very out of date, but I’ve been youtube-ing and i still cant find any…Thanks!

  90. Ying Fa says:

    Hey Kouji-san, could you upload these for me? Thank you!

    Anastasia: Learn to do It; Paris Hold the Key (to Your Heart)
    Hercules: Zero to Hero; A Star is Born
    Prince of Egypt: When You Believe

  91. Aurora says:

    Thank you very much, Kouji! :3

  92. kouji says:

    sorry Ying Fa-san I don’t have anything form those you’ve mentionet (Cinderella, Thumbelina and The Swan Princess) but here you have songs from Anastasia, Prince of Egypt and Hercules:

    btw. do you, Yumeka-san, have somwhere “Hunchback of Notre Dame – God Help the Outcasts” japanese? I can’t find it anywhere :(

  93. Yumeka says:

    Sorry, I don’t have any Hunchback songs. If you do find a Japanese version of “Out There” I would like that =) And thanks for uploading more songs, kouji!

  94. Ying Fa says:

    Thank you very much Kouji-san!! ^^

  95. Vanessa says:

    Hi…thanks for adding those you have any korean sngs?? anyways…do you have the song…We are one in japanese? if you do please upload and if you have it in korean also can you add it as well?? anyways thank you:)

  96. kouji says:

    Japanese “We Are One”
    as for Korean.. I don’t have anything but I can search for them…

  97. haineko says:

    do you have any songs from little mermaid 2, robin hood, or any other songs that haven’t been uploaded yet would greatly be appreciated….thank you. my english disney song collection is giant and now i’m starting on them in japanese

  98. Yumeka says:

    Sorry, I don’t have any songs from those movies. If you’re looking to make a collection of Japanese Disney songs, definitely start asking around on the Japanese Disney site (link is in the post). I’m sure you can find someone who has any song you want there =)

  99. Candy says:

    Does anybody have Alice in Wonderland japanese songs? I Love the first song, “In A World of My Own” and that song the flowers sing, sorry I’m retarded and I don’t know the name >_

  100. Yumeka says:

    All I have from Alice in Wonderland is “In a World of My Own” which you can find here. It’s really short XD

  101. Candy says:

    Thanks Yumeka!

  102. Lyncher says:

    Does anyone have “Its a Small World” with Japanese lyrics?

  103. chibi says:

    Is there anyway anyone could upload ” Thomas O’Malley ” from The Aristocats please? :) :)

  104. Hanabi says:

    thanks alot for the file… could not find anywhere else

  105. Ryui says:

    Hello, I want to thank you for all these wonderful downloada!! Tank you very much~!

    But I would like to know where to downloand the english versions. Do you know where to find, or do you have them yourself?

  106. KaitoJeanne says:

    I’d like to have Lion King – Can you feel the love tonight and from Mulan 2 Lesson No. 1 and Like other girls.

    Thanks everyone

  107. Tigress says:

    Could you possibly get me the Japanese version of ‘One of Us’ -Lion King 2?

  108. Jen says:

    I’d like to get “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King

  109. Yumeka says:

    Sorry I haven’t answered comments for a while. But as for the past few song requests, I don’t have any of them but you can always try asking on the Japanese Disney forums. And Ryui, I have the English versions of many Disney songs if want some…

  110. Chiharu says:

    Hi~! I just discovered this site, and I wanted to say thanks to both the uploaders for all the great songs. What an amazing collection! You are so awesome to share with us!

    I wondered, though, since my listening comprehension isn’t that great (I’m buffing up my Japanese with Disney movies 8D ), does anyone know where I can get the lyrics for the Japanese songs? I read all the posts, but I may have missed this information. If so, I apologise. And thanks again!

  111. Yumeka says:

    The Japanese Disney site has a bunch of lyrics here. Not sure where you can find others though…

  112. Dokainu-chan says:

    Hello! Can you find music from “High School Musical” ?

  113. Oriba says:

    Hi! Does anyone have The Little Mermaid – Part of Your World (1997 Version)
    and Aladdin – One Jump Ahead? Please do upload them in zip file if ever. Thanks! :-)

  114. Oriba says:

    Oops! I don’t think I got the year version right. Either it’s 1997 or 1991.

  115. Hikaru says:

    Hello I love this site SOOOOO much!!! All my favorite Disney songs in Japanese – it’s so awesome!! Arigatou!

    I do have one request though….do you have “Belle” in japanese? and how do i open the files that are .rar files?

  116. Rin says:

    Hi, my name is Rin and I just happened to stumble across this site. I’ve been desperately searching for ‘One of us’ in Japanese from The Lion King II, and I see that you don’t have it. I was about to go find the forums, but for some reason i’m having trouble locating exactly where the link actually IS on that Japanese Disney site. Could some one point it out for me?

  117. Hikaru says:

    oh I figured out how to open the .rar files. Thanks so much for all the Disney Japanese songs!!!! I love them all so much!!

    I am still looking for “Belle” (the full one – no reprise) from Beauty and the Beast in Japanese. I noticed it on kouji’s image of songs that he/she posted earlier. Can I get that? Please and thanks!!!

  118. Yumeka says:

    Oriba, here’s One Jump Ahead and Hikaru, here’s Belle. And Rin, when you go to the Japanese Disney forums, you have to write a post on the forum asking people for the songs you want, then wait for them to reply. Don’t worry, I’m sure someone on the forum will have the songs you want.

  119. KoNeKo08 says:

    Hi, does anybody happen to have the ‘we are siamese’ song from lady and the tramp, and…there were other ones I wanted…but I can’t remember them right now…LoL so I’ll check back later haha thnx =]

  120. KoNeKo08 says:

    Oh, and btw, for some reason the version of Reflection somebody put up here won’t play on my itunes…I’ve played other ones from on here, so is there another file i can have or something…? =[

  121. KoNeKo08 says:

    Aha! I thought of some! Do you have any from Cinderella, Mary Poppins, of The Hunchback of Notre Dame?? That would be awsum! thnx again! ^_^

  122. mitskunin says:

    hey, does anyone have the japanese songs from the nightmare before christmas? I’d love tem forever if they did.

  123. Hikaru says:

    OMG thanks so much for the song!!!! *lots of praise*

  124. Segis says:

    Thx alot for the uploads :D:D:D

    Could you make a Pack with all your disney songs? :D
    that would b awesome ^^

  125. L.Lawliet says:

    Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!
    Banzai Disuni Songu ^_^

  126. Tricia says:

    thanks so much these are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Oriba says:

    To Yumeka: Domou!!! Domou arigato gozaimasu!!!

  128. Sheryl says:

    I’m from America but I’m completely opsesed with Japan I love this website it gets me so excited, someday I want to go to Japan maybe even live there. like I
    JAPAN AND THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. elise says:

    wow i love your site! :) i’ve downloaded a few songs and thanks a bunch for uploading! domo arigatou gozaimasu!! *bows*

  130. yumi says:

    Waw… Thank you a million times yumeka… I have been searching for something like this for a long long time.

    I have a question. This might sounds silly, but do you know how I could buy the CDs of the Disney animes in japanese ? It’s kinda hard to get from outside of Japan.

    btw, I have a few Disney songs in french (a mix of old ones, and Pocahontas), one or two soundtracks in english (the lion king, the road to el dorado and brother bear) and I also have the broadway version of “the lion king” that someone asked for before… how can I give you that ?

  131. Joysi says:

    hi, i was wondering if anyone has

    when you believe (japanese) –> prince of egypt

    and i love this site, it has all my favourite song lol in my favourite language

  132. Yumeka says:

    Yumi, sorry I’m not sure where you can buy the Japanese Disney CDs outside of Japan. You can try asking on the Japanese Disney forums though.

    And I don’t really need any of those songs you mentioned, but you can keep checking this post if you want and see if anyone else asks for them.

  133. yumi says:

    Thank you Yumeka. I’ll find the songs eventually. In the meantime I am interested in any disney song that you can have in japanese… I’d like “when you believe” as well if you have it.

    Thank you very much for this website.

  134. yumi says:

    Hi Yumeka,

    Stupid me didn’t saw that you already gave us “when you believe”. My apologies for bothering you with that. Enjoying the song very much.

    There are 4 songs I would be very interested in, if you happen to have them :

    Welcome (from brother bear)
    He lives in you (from Lion King 2)
    God bless the outcasts (from Hunchback of notre dame)
    If I never knew you (from Pocahontas)

    Thank you very much !

  135. Yumeka says:

    yumi, all I have from your list is Welcome. You can get it here.

    I only have the English version of If I Never Knew You. I’m not sure if they ever made that in Japanese.

  136. yumi says:

    Thank you Yumeka, you’re an angel.

    Bah, I’ll get my hands on all of them when I find out how to buy the CDs, even if I have to go all the way to Japan for that !

  137. sakuchin says:

    hiyas, awesome site ^^ just curious, do you happen to have “fushiawase na tamashii” and/or “o-ki no doku kawaisou” from the little mermaid? (1999/1989 “poor unfortunate souls”)

    thanks a ton for any reply ^^

  138. kristen says:

    hey do you have ‘The Swan Princess’ Soundtrack? it’s not disney but I’ve been looking everywhere for it and I can’t seem to find it. I noticed too that everyone keeps asking for it. they’re unrationally priced online being that it’s from ’94. well if you could help me out i’d greatly appreciate it. :-)

  139. Lyndsay says:

    Thanks so much…
    i was wondering if u have reflections, and I wont say im in love!
    Thank you again

    XOXO lyndsay

  140. Kana-chan says:

    I would love the song ‘Always There’ from LT2, it would make my day if you could upload it!!!

  141. D3moNicBass says:

    Hi all :)) im looking for japanese version just around the riverbend pocahontas coz i dont know find it:((…. im in love with this song :D Thanks thanks thanks so muuuuuuch :))

  142. Aoibynay says:

    Hey there!

    I was wondering if you have “Children of God” from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame in japanese or “Out There”?

    If you do I’ll love you forever!

  143. S.Lau says:


    kouji or yumeka, do you have ‘Always There’ from lady and the tramp II? I LOVE that movie!!! and i need the song… very important…

    by the way. do you have the english version? if don’t have then just send whatever version you have. it would be just fine… :) thanks!

  144. chibi says:


    Do you have “Love is a song” from Bambi in japanese? :)

    Or “A world without fences” from lady and the tramp 2 in japanese? ^^

    Or “Streets of gold” from oliver & company? :P

    This is very important, THANKS ;)

  145. Mei chan says:

    Hello !

    Do you have song about The Hunchback of Notre-Dame ???

    Thank you !!!

  146. Rachel Barch says:

    hey, you wouldn’t happen to have any of the lyrics for the songs, would you? That would be amazing. Thanks

  147. koneko08 says:

    i just wanted to say…
    everyone that just posts comments asking for
    songs and stuff…please read above because
    i’ve noticed alot of people just ask without
    realizing that the song(s) they’re asking for
    have already been asked for, and no one
    has them. So, please read above and see
    for yourself! :]

  148. S.Lau says:

    erm… kouji said that he had but didn’t post it i guess… :(

  149. Senchou says:

    hello, I just found this website and love it! I’ve downloded a bunch of songs! thankyou sooooo much! but sadly I have a problem…I can’t download any of the songs that are in rapidshare… do you think you could uh….put those in the zip files like most of the other?? ^.^; so sorry not I hope I’m not asking to much…

    oh and do you have any merry poppins music?? I love that movie :3

  150. Jadeth says:

    I downloaded every song I could, and I absolutely love them!
    I’ve been watching Disney since I was a little girl, and when I got older, I wanted to hear them all in Japanese. Me and my mom can’t stop listening to the songs, and are glad that there is a website with the songs we love the most.

    Thank you Yumeka and everyone else who set up their songs.

    I am in eternal gratitude to you!

  151. Kiyo-chan says:

    Doumou arigatou gozaimasu… I’ve been teaching myself Japanese for a little while, but it’s painfully slow… forgive me if I double up requests that have already been said….
    Do you have:
    Once upon a December – Anastasia
    Beauty and the Beast
    Be our guest – Beauty and the beast
    Gospel Truth I, II, III – Hercules
    Steady as the beating drum – pocahontis (I know I spelled that wrong…)
    A star is born – hercules
    zero to hero – hercules
    court of miricles – hunchback of notre dame
    good company – oliver and company
    Jack’s lament – Nightmare before christmas
    This is Halloween – nightmare before christmas

    Arigatou…. (again, sorry for the multiples…)

  152. Sonia says:

    The site has a few songs in japanese, a lot that were requested here. I dont know about other languages because i havent looked. but its possible. I hear Koda Kumi (i think) sang ‘Its a small world’ for the person who was looking for it.

  153. いうりあーちゃん says:

    有難うございます! :=)

  154. Jessi says:

    Hey Kouji…do you have “Deliver Us” from Prince of Egypt in Japanese? Or anyone else have it? I’d love to get an mp3 file of it. Thanks!!

  155. Jared says:

    I have been looking for some of these songs in Japanese forever, and I just want to say THANK YOU! for uploading them!

  156. Daidairo says:

    Thank you so much for all the songs listed! I tried to enter the Japanese site, but it wouldn’t open for some reason… If it’s not too much bother, could you send me an email with all the songs not uploaded above?


  157. Ning says:

    Yesterday I went to the gift-shop in BKK. The shop opened the song sounded like “The world of two magicals..” or something. I heard the song said about ‘Tokyo Disneyland’. Some words were in English and somes were in Japanese. Umm. More hint, I can catch only ‘Shiawase’… (Does that help?)Have you guys ever had this song?? I liked the song very much.

  158. xxAkitoxx says:

    Konnichiwa every1!! Can somebody please send me “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella and “Someday My Prince Will Come” from Snow White? I’d really like that!
    Also,does any1 know where I can find songs from Enchanted in japanese?

  159. Kit says:

    Thank you very much, i would love it if you can upload I can go the Distance from Hercules? I would very much appreciate it ^_^

  160. cndags says:

    thank you very much for these songs!!! even though i don’t understand japanese, i’ll be keeping them, and i plan on learning japanese too. i can’t wait to go to japan…hehehe.

  161. Tenshi says:

    The account of Maetel999 has indeed been suspendend xD

    But thx for the songs! I couldn’t download them anywhere bc I simply couldn’t find them. They sound great! :D

  162. Kira says:

    hello! and thank you for the uploads, there are some songs from rapidshare that i can’t seem to download T_T, i would really like those songs, so if you could upload them differently

  163. Nika says:

    thanks so much for all of these songs,
    I’ve been searching for ages so your post is truly a gift of the heavens ;D

  164. Pocky-chan~ says:
    Thats two worlds from Tarzan : D
    It is such a good song

  165. Kitsune Uchiha says:

    Hello, I was wondering if maybe you could find the lion king song “Not one of us’ in japanese from the second movie? I saw it on youtube and fell in love with it to Gaara and Naruto from the Anime Naruto… If you don’t have it can you derected me to a sight that could??

  166. Mayonaka says:

    Hey! Thank you so much for uploading these, I haev almost all of them on my computer now ~

  167. Mayonaka says:

    Did my post work?
    Aladdin: Friend like me; Prince Ali
    Anastasia: Learn to do It; Paris Hold the Key (to Your Heart)
    Beauty and the Beast: The Mob Song
    Hercules: Zero to Hero; A Star is Born
    Mulan: I’ll Make a Man Out of You

  168. Yumeka says:

    Mayonaka, here are some of the songs you want. Sorry, I don’t have the Anastasia songs, The Mob Song, or Zero to Hero.

  169. Mayonaka says:

    Tell me if you ever do!

  170. Umi-Chan says:

    i just found your site randomly today and i absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! i am a disney buff and (as many people who know my obsession with Japan and anime would say) an anime freak. thank you all so much for these songs.

    I was just wondering if you have any songs from Mary Poppins in japanese. preferably supercalifragilisticexpealidocious (i saw the youtube video and fell in love with it) anyway if you could upload that for me it would be greatly appreciated.

    btw. if you need them i have a bunch of random disney songs in japanese (ill post the list later) if you want them (once the list is up) ill be glad to share them with you. also there is a user on a website that has uploaded a bunch of disney songs in many different languages (including japanese, korean, spanich, french, dutch, greek etc. etc. etc)
    heres the link for that site:;jsessionid=021426A70A03AC5E5E7A281BB11C8572#files

  171. darkheart says:

    does any 1 have the japanese version of streets of gold i cant find it anywhere

  172. Usagi says:

    Does anyone have That’s How You Know in japanese?

  173. lisa4011 says:

    Thank you so much!!! I’m trying to expose my little girl to Japanese to give her a head start in life, what a great resource!

  174. MrsChumphy says:

    This site is completely awesome, I owe you big time Yumeka!
    Most of my favourite songs have already been posted (thank you!!) so I thought I’d just ask for:
    Halloween Town – Nightmare Before Christmas
    He’s a Tramp and The Siamese Cat Song – Lady and the Tramp (I heard this on Marii26’s youtube page but she’s taken it down I think =[)
    I’d also like anything from Enchanted if anyone’s got any, please!!
    Thanks so much for everything.
    p.s. Phil Collins is AMAZING, ne? He always tries to do his Disney songs in different languages (I know he did the German, Italian, French and Spanish versions of his Tarzan songs). I prefer his Disney work so much than his pop stuff XD

  175. MrsChumphy says:

    Oh, to Usagi: I don’t have the mp3, but just in case you haven’t seen this already:

  176. namiai says:

    iv been looking all over for these 2 songs

    Prince of Egypt – When You Believe
    anastasia-once upon a december

  177. gloria says:

    thank u so much… i’ve been lookin all over for japanese version of disney songs… can u upload more…. thanks in advance… arigatou ne…

  178. Jadechan says:

    Hi there^^
    does anybody have the song Scales and Arpeggios from the Aristocats in japanese? I’ve been looking for it for ages >.

  179. OriSama21 says:

    Man i would love it if someone posted some Nightmare Before Christmas songs!!

  180. Angel says:

    HI, thanks for all the songs lyrics etc. i wish you can post or send me japanese versions of all barbie songs….and enchantes..with the lyrics too! thanks! from Firipin with love…

  181. Meagan says:

    Hey, if people are still looking for Disney songs in foreign languages, I have quite a few in many different languages. I could upload a lot of stuff too, so…just ask.

  182. A1CmustangPilot says:

    Hey Meagan do you have any Disney songs in German? I’ve been mainly trying to find German versions of “Aladdin”, “Tarzan”, “Brother Bear”, and “Simba’s Pride”. The only German songs I have are from the first Lion King movie.

  183. clara says:

    hi =) i love your site :) thx for all songs ^-^ sry, my english is not very good… i’m from austria.. ^^° i have downloaded every song… yeah, i just love them… did I say that ? xD

  184. Fresca says:

    Hey, I too love your site, and I think its great.
    Do you have any of the Japanese Mulan songs, especially,
    “I’ll Make a Man Out Of you”, and “Reflection”?
    Thanks for taking the time,

  185. Kiyomi-chan says:

    I would love the songs in German, and someone mentioned that they had a bunch of songs in French if I remember right…. Meagan, if you would be so kind as to post a list, that would be much appreciated…
    I love this website… there is getting to be too many posts.. it takes forever to get to the bottom of the page… it would really help if people read all of the posts because many of the songs people are asking for are already up…… arigatou goziamazu….

  186. MkprO says:

    Does anyone have Kidnapped The Sandy Clause – The Nightmare before Christmas is Japanese?_?

  187. shin ryuu says:

    hey everybody^^ does anyone has the japanese version of “Through Heaven’s Eyes” from Prince of Egypt?? I love that song, I think it has a great power underneath the powerful voice of that japanese singer…
    I’ve only heard it on youtube and I fell tottally in love with it…
    by the way, and if it’s not asking too much, does anyone have the lyrics of the song?

  188. Sakura -San says:

    Hello everyone i have found this brill site and wanted to help someone out here’s a link to kidnap santa claus in japanese hope you get it ok

  189. jigokushinigamiai says:

    hi i like your blog entry and also disney jap. do you have “can you feel the love tonight”? jap version i really like it and i’m having hardtime to find one arigatoo :)

  190. Kurisuteru says:

    Konnichiwa!!! O Genki desu ka?

    Watashi No Namae Wa Kurisuteru desu!

    I was wondering if anyone has these songs in Japanese.

    Colours of the wind – Pocahontas

    Reflections – Mulan

    Daughters Of Triton, Part of Your World, Under the Sea, Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid

    A Dream is a wish your heart makes, Sing Sweet Nightingale – Cinderella

    Belle – Beauty and the Beast

    A Whole New World – Aladdin

    April Showers – Bambi

    If you do can you please give me then in a zipped file??

    Arigato gozaimasu!

    – Kurisuteru

  191. Juichi says:

    Thank you for sharing these. I have the Hakuna Matata one already, but I would love to listen to the rest. ^_^

  192. Ben says:

    This is awesome :) Many thanks. If you don’t mind I will make a post linking to this.

  193. bahahaha.
    yumeka can tell this to ppl if she feels but uh.

    if you REALLY want the japanese version of a disney song,
    find it on youtube, copy the url and then take it to

    youll save everyone time

    i just did that with “thats how you know”

  194. Jasupa says:

    can you please get ‘not one of us’ from lion king II? i can’t see it posted anywhere…Arigato!

  195. Chu-chan says:

    This site is amazing! I’ve gotten a ton of japanese disney songs off of here and I’m squealing in joy!

    But I could not find two songs that I really like. Does anyone have these songs in japanese?:

    Vanessa’s Song -Little Mermaid
    For a Moment- Little Mermaid 2

    If you have them, please send them. Thank you!!

  196. Lillgoban says:


  197. xXxEmoKittenxXx says:

    I’ve visited this site more than once, and now I’d like to chat. I know you must all be REALLY busy but I’d like to have the songs from

    ~Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamps adventure~ ((REALLY WANT!))

    *Always There (family)
    *World without fences
    *I never knew
    And I’d like the lion king songs (you don’t have to, I want the songs above more than these but I’d like to have them if you’re not too busy. :O


    *One of us (Lion King 2)- Aitsu wa yosomono
    *My lullaby (Lion King 2)- Watashi no rarabai
    *Circle Of Life (Lion King)- Meguru inochi?
    *We are one (Lion King 2)- Watashi-tachi hitotsu
    *Be prepared (Lion King)- Junbi da
    *Love will find a way (Lion King 2)- Ai no kagayaki ga
    *Can you feel the love tonight? (Lion King)- Ai wo kanjite

    I know its alot, but I’d really like these! (Except the lady tramp songs, I haven’t heard them!) And quick question, y’know the song Once upon a time in newyork city from Oliver in Company, does it sound good in Japanese? I didn’t like the singer that sang ‘why should I worry’ that much and didn’t feel like asking for it if it sounds bad. Thanks and luv ya guys!

  198. Laura says:

    hi! ^_^

    Does anyone have the japanese versions of these songs:

    “I’m still here” – Treasure Planet

    “Always Know Where You Are” – Treasure Planet

    Thank you so much!

  199. Angel says:

    Anything from Prince of Egypt such as “When you Believe” or “Deliver Us”?

  200. Kurisuteru says:

    I have another request!

    Ariel’s Lullaby – Little Mermaid 2

    Pretty please

  201. Lacey says:

    Do you have any songs from Enchanted?

  202. Marluxia says:

    Alice in Wonderland songs? Aristocat songs? I weeeely love these! thank you!

  203. Roxas says:

    I was wondering if anyone has the Japanese version of The Mickey Mouse Club March? Please and Thank you! ^.^

  204. Cranks says:

    Thanks for the songs :)!

  205. Sayomi says:

    Please, do you have “So close” from the movie “Enchanted”? I asked on the Japanese Disney site, but I don’t know if they’ve read it yet…

    Please and thank you :)

  206. Katie says:

    Do you think I could possibly have One Jump Ahead, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali, and The Mob Song? I know there was a rapidshare link earlier in the comments, but it doesn’t work for me, and I’ve been looking for those songs everywhere. :/

    I would really appreciate it!

  207. Yumeka says:

    @Katie: Sorry for the wait, here’s a link to the songs you requested.

    To everyone else, if you have requested Japanese Disney songs and have not received a reply comment, then that means I probably don’t have the song(s) you asked for. Please ask on the Japanese Disney forums instead =)

  208. Katie says:

    Thanks so much, Yumeka!!!

  209. Michelle says:

    I have these songs if you still need them;

    Not One of Us
    Friend Like Me (Aladdin)
    Poor Unfortunate Souls
    I Just Can’t Wait to Be King
    Once Upon a December
    In the Dark of the Night

    As well as songs from Dumbo, Snow White, Cinderella and Nightmare Before Christmas..Just lemme know (: Thanks muchly for the songs you’ve provided ^^

    • makoto says:

      thx i have been looking everywhere for the song In the dark of the night, if you could upload the link for me, me and my sister would be very grateful, arigatou

  210. Jade says:

    You have just saved my life. I’m signed up for a language school this summer that forbids use of English. Finding these songs is wonderful because it means I can listen to songs I know without breaking the language pledge. Thank you so much.

  211. mizar says:

    I am looking for Japanese versions of:
    (megaupload, please!)

    Baby Mine
    Pink Elephants on Parade
    When I See an Elephant Fly

    A Rumor in St. Petersburg
    In the Dark of the Night
    Journey to the Past
    Learn to Do It
    Learn to Do It (Waltz Reprise)
    Once Upon a December

    Everybody Wants to be a Cat
    The Aristocats
    Scales And Arpeggios
    Thomas O’Malley Cat

    Jack’s Lament
    Jack’s Obsession
    Kidnap the Sandy Claws
    Making Christmas
    This is Halloween
    Town Meeting Song
    What’s This?

    Bambi – April Showers

    A Pirate’s Life
    Following the Leader
    Second Star to the Right
    What Makes the Red Man Red
    You Can Fly

    Give a Little Whistle(RIP)
    I’ve Got No Strings(RIP)
    Little Wooden Head(RIP)
    When You Wish Upon a Star

    The Return of Jafar
    Forget About Love(RIP)
    I’m Looking Out For Me(RIP)
    Nothing Like a Friend(RIP)
    Second Rate

    Follow Your Heart
    Follow Your Heart(Intro)
    Jacquimo Tells the Story
    Let Me Be Your Wings
    Let Me Be Your Wings(Reprise & Finale)
    Marry the Mole
    On the Road
    You’re Beautiful, Baby

  212. Kimiko-chan says:

    Hello! I was wonering if you have the japanese verison of Lesson nuber one – Mulan 2?

  213. sarah says:

    i would love to have the anastasia songs u have michelle.
    Once Upon a December
    In the Dark of the Night

    hopeu can put a link soon thanks loads xx

  214. Tanya says:

    Hi, Yumeka. :)

    I know the original post is a bit old, but I just stumbled across it (though it does look familiar, and I can’t believe I never found it before…huh). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you (and others too) putting up download links. I’ve been looking for most of these Disney songs in Japanese for a while now, and I’m so glad to have finally found them. It’s like Christmas came early. :D

    So, thanks! And great blog, by the way. I’m adding it to my list. ;)

  215. Yumeka says:

    Thanks so much for the compliments, that really makes my day ^.^ With 200+ comments on this post, it’s nice to have a few that are compliments and not requests.

  216. Maureen says:

    Hey there! I was looking for Japanese versions of some songs and I found this website.

    It’s so great! It brings back my love to Disney cartoons!

    I’m not going to request anything anyways.

    Two thumbs up for this.

    Thanks so much for the songs. :)

  217. Kitsune-hime says:

    I just want to say, from the very BOTTOM of my heart, thank you SO much. I seriously had about five or six CONSECUTIVE fits when I saw this. All of the songs I wanted were here! Thanks so much! I have ONE request and that’s Tarzan’s “Stranger’s Like Me” and “You’ll Be In My Heart”. I tried clicking on the already posted link, but I got a HYSTERICAL picture of Inuyasha being osuwaried by Kagome! Thanks so much!

  218. Yumeka says:

    @ Kitsune-hime

    You’re very welcome! I’m glad people are still interested in this post after nearly three years XD

    Here are the two Tarzan songs you requested.

  219. Ratha says:

    I just found your blog, and I’ve enjoyed hearing the Japanese versions of some of my favorite Disney songs.

    I haven’t been able to find it posted in the comments anywhere, so could you please post I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan, please? I’d really appreciate it.

  220. Nicky says:

    @ A1CmustangPilot
    Do you want some Songs in German?
    Aladdin – A Whole New World
    Anastasia – once upon in December
    Mulan – I’ll Make a Man Out of You
    The Beaty and the Beast – The beaty and the Beast
    The Legend of Camelot – I stand alone
    The Lion King – Circle of Life
    The Lion King 2 – we are one
    The Lion King 2 – He Lives in You
    The Little Mermaid – Part of Your World

    all in German

  221. Bre chan says:

    Do you have:

    (Go the Distance) Hercules “French”
    (Part of your world) The Little Mermaid “Japanese”
    (I won’t say that I’m in love) Hercules “French”

  222. Snyblind says:

    Thanks a lot for all the songs! I’d been looking for Japanese disney songs, this is perfect=)

  223. Tava-Chan says:

    Domou Arigatou Gaziamasu Yumeka-sama!!! (and everyone else who asked for all the saongs before I could bother her with my pitiful ranitng)

    I’ve been able to download almost all of these. ^.^

    I actually found the sister site first and absolutely loved everything on it.
    (The way you let us have these is so much easier – So again Domou Arigatou Gozaimasu!!-)

    I’m studying the beautiful language of Japanese and learning familiar songs is really fun!!!

    However, I couldn’t help but notice no one asked for “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Or “Nani Nande?”) – (But maybe I overlooked it)

    I’ve been trying to find it FOREVER and everyone on Limewire has it marked as spam and I can’t find it on youtube anymore…

  224. ODragon1 says:

    WOW!! This blog is awesome!! It’s got some of my favorite disney songs all in Japanese!!! I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture and any song that’s in Japanese that i love in English, I’m gonna get anyway i can!! so thank u all for this!! ^o^ WOOT!!!!

  225. Yumeka says:

    @ Tava-chan

    I’ve uploaded the Japanese version of “What’s This?” here for you. Not sure if I uploaded it before but I didn’t feel like looking =P Sorry it’s not the best quality. The person who ripped it obviously took it from a VHS or DVD.

  226. ODragon1 says:

    umm… does anyone happen to have any Japanese versions of songs from Jim Henson movies? For example: Labyrinth or any of the Muppets movies?
    Or better yet, any songs from Miyazaki-san’s movies. for example: Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle?

  227. blacktohru says:

    thanks you so much for all music >_<

  228. rosie says:

    just discovered this website~~ i feel so at home amongst so many disney and japanese fans!

    just making sure everyone knows the name ALAN MENKEN !!!

    he’s the one who composed most of the disney songs~~

  229. elnata says:

    Yumeka =-]

    just came across your blog… and i must tell you, that you MADE MY DAY!! =-]
    Anyway, I will be leeching whatever links you have uploaded for others =p and maybe ill bug you again and again for more songs… haha!!
    Enjoy the weekend Yumeka!!

  230. Tava-Chan says:

    E-Gad!! I love you so much Yumeka!!!

    Poor Quality. HA! It’s so much better than anything I could have gotten my grimy little hands on.

    Aisumimasen Gomen-nasai Yumeka-sama.

    I haven’t been able to get back online and thank you for your trouble. (I accidentally got a job that I just got fired from.)

    Arigatou Gozai-masu!

  231. Nemesis says:

    Do you happen to have Lady and the Tramp 2’s World Without Fences and Always there? Japanese version

  232. Kathleen says:

    Hi, this blog is awesome! I didn’t download all the songs, but I did take most of them, and what a great many there are! I was wondering, have you been able to get any songs from The Princess and the Frog? Also, the links you posted for Reflection and Honor to Us All don’t seem to be working. Could you repost them please? Also, I’d like the songs you put up on megaupload. I think they were Prince Ali, the Mob Song, One Jump Ahead, and one other. Sorry to be annoying, but I can’t use that site, as I’m visually impaired, and can’t fill out the Captcha required to download the files.
    Thanks, will probably be back later. Mustn’t be greedy and ask for everything at once, lol!

  233. Yumeka says:

    @ Kathleen

    I don’t have any Princess and the Frog songs but I will try to get those others uploaded for you as soon as I have the time (might be in a few days).

  234. Yumeka says:

    @ Kathleen

    Sorry for the wait. Here are the songs you requested.

  235. Feru-chan says:

    Does someone have songs from Enchanted? Specially true loves kiss. Or from a goofy movie After today?

  236. Momo says:

    Hi Yumeka, thank you so much for uploading so many of my favorite songs! I really appreciate it! Would you happen to have “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast in Japanese?

    A million thank you’s!!!!

  237. Charli says:

    Well, what can i say? This website is amazing, it means I can get disney songs off a school computer, thank you! I dont speak a lot of Japanese but i still love the language and attempt to sing to my Japanese friend :)

    Thanks ever so much :)

    Arigato :) (hope thats correct :/)

  238. エレ says:

    これは すごい!!!
    夢かさん、本当に ありがとう!!!!

  239. LilChickenWings-Chan ;) says:

    :( i’m in love with thejapanese versions of disney but i dont have winzip or am planning to get it. is there anyother format(like WMV) you could upload the songs in?
    :( i can’t find them anywhere so it would be a really big help if u had em like i sed in a diffy format. I appreciate you putting them up here all the same since i found people who like japanese disney too! XD thank you!

  240. Binni says:

    Oh wow–I’ve been looking for a bunch of Disney songs in foreign languages and I found this and just–! Miss Yumeka, you’ve made my day! Thank you so much for this!! ♥

  241. Larusso says:

    Miss Yumeka, could you do a mega pack with all japanese disney’s songs you have to download?? I really wanna all those songs, I love the japanese versions. Please. :D

  242. Bill says:

    Hi Yumeka!
    Love your blog!
    Can you tell me if the songs from “Home on the Range” were ever released in Japan? I can’t find any of them.

  243. Gwen says:

    I just wonder… Does anybody have Japanese songs from Spirit the Stallion by any chance? I know that Spirit is Dreamwork not Disney but I found a short Japanese version on Youtube and I would like to know more. Unfortunately, there is no information on the Internet. :-/

    Thanks in advance!

  244. Tesa says:

    Man, this is a really cool website!
    I absolutely love it; I got most of the songs from here, thanks a lot for posting them!

  245. Toyger says:

    Wow, thanks for all the songs! =D
    Now I have about 60 Disney songs on my iPod! Such a great help in my studies =^_^=

    If possible, I’m looking for a good version of Anastasia – Once Upon a December (found a low quality one googeling)
    And even more: Oliver – Good Company (I’ve even fandubed that one on YouTube, with the help of the movie, which of cause is cut in the middle of the song… ^^; )
    Any of the Lion King 3 would be great also =^_^=

  246. Cindy says:

    Thank you a lot ~

    i like to discover all my favourite disney’songs in Japanese :D


  247. Kestia says:

    I’ve just found this site and skimmed it for all the songs. I have to say, that’s a nice collection I’ve suddenly… acquired. XD!! Yumeka, thank you so very much for all the songs!!

    Disney + Japanese = Kestia’s version of heaven.


  248. ele-chan says:

    Thank you! I love disney and japanese too! These songs will help me with my japanese studies. I can´t thank you enough ;A;
    (Sorry for my bad english)
    Kisses *3*

  249. Christian says:

    Thanks so much I’ve been looking everywhere for these, I live in Japan and I’m still having trouble finding these lol. Occasionally I sing the Japanese version of kiss the girl for Karaoke, fun stuff. ^-^

  250. Groadr says:

    Thank you really much for all the links, think I got all I was looking for.

    I’ll love your website for the rest of my life!! XD

  251. paperskin says:

    hey, could you please help me?
    i need the whole hunchback of notre dame soundtrack.

  252. NekoPau says:

    Hi Yumeka! Nice blog here!

    I was wondering, if you knew that there is a version of “Part of your world” from “The Little Mermaid” in Japanese but is kind of..different. I heard it once and it was beautiful. It is not the QINDIVI version, but one mix between japanese and english. I can’t remember the name of the singer, and can’t find it on youtube. Would you happen to know it? I’d love to listen to it again. Thanks in advance!

  253. Kei says:

    I recently stumbled upon this blog post, and I must say, it’s the biggest find of my internet life. XD I’ve been learning Japanese since I was in high school. that’s seven – count ’em – SEVEN years, and I’m not nearly as proficient at it as I’d have liked. The Japanese culture appreciation organization I’m a member of is thinking of producing a booklet of songs that the members translated, and I’m a contributor. So aside from doing my part for this organization project, listening to these songs is a great way to test my mastery of the language, whenever I feel like it.

    Thanks again for your (and Kouji-san’s) generosity in sharing these songs by uploading them! <3

  254. Tenshi says:

    I just found your site and it’s wonderful to find the songs I love in the language I love. I’m a Mexican girl currently studying Japanese. Some of my friends in Japanese class and I are very much in love with all Disney related stuff (specially parks and songs). I have only one request from you, please can you re-upload the zips because some of them are damaged. I know it’s hard to check every one of them (silly me), in this case I request for The Little Mermaid (the very first movie I watched in a movie theatre), Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, and Aladdin songs. Thanks in advance.
    Greetings from Mexico!!!
    PS: I have some Disney songs in LA Spanish (Mexico’s edition) in case someone is interested… I just need to learn how to upload or send them (I’m not good friends with technology when it comes to upload files).

    • Saph says:

      i neeeeeeeeed spanish songs! google drive is good or just email me if anyone has any songs in ANY language pleaaaaase email me!!!!!! i am trying to start a collection. asian, european i don’t care. any movie, i would love to have whatever music anyone has! feel free to email me guys!!

  255. Anonymous says:

    I have a soft spot for ‘Tasuke wa Iranai’ by Akira Kamiya.

  256. Marty says:

    Hi! This may be years later since you posted this, and you may not see this, but do you have “I’m still here” By Johnny Rzeznki from Treasure Planet?

  257. Lin says:

    I’m sorry.
    I didn’t realised the song I was looking for was included in the ZIP file above.
    Thank you so much!!

  258. iceizenith says:

    Oh my god this is the best thing on internet!!!
    Could never THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for the zip files!! They’re *PERFECT!!!!*
    (Full of great songs and good quality!!)
    Saved my life! exactly what I’m looking for!

    (By the way that website you linked to isn’t active anymore :( but thank god there’s you here!)

    May all the best things come to you!!!

  259. Karl says:

    Hi! Stumbled upon this party way too late. I was just wondering if there’s any way of getting my hands on these MP3s – perhaps they could be uploaded as a torrent? I remember uploading to Piratebay was quite easy last time I did it. If not, perhaps I could request a care package like in the old days? I am collecting songs as a gift for my girlfriend, who is a huge Japan and Disney fan. :) Let me know!

    • Yumeka says:

      Sent you an email with a link to the mp3s :)

      • Xenphenik says:

        Hey does the link in the full post have all the mp3’s or do I still need to request for them? I have been looking for japanese disney songs for a while to practice and would really appreciate them!. よろしくお願い :)

  260. Suzan says:

    Hello there! This is by far the closest site I got for when searching JDisney songs TvT. I tend to like hearing these memorable songs in lots of languages. I wanna ask do you have any songs for Brother Bear 2?

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